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Our Offshore Staff Leasing Service For Lessened The Operational Risk

Particularly during the epidemic, many businesses considered outsourcing their services. Businesses went to offshore nations to outsource their tasks due to a lack of resources and limitations on employing personnel.

Offshore staff leasing is one of the current most used forms of outsourcing. Businesses may hire employees more flexibly, with the majority of basic data entry and graphic design jobs being performed by up to one remote worker.

Offshore staff leasing offers advantages beyond efficiency and cost reduction. Lower operational risks are one of the most significant advantages of employee leasing to businesses. With their service provider, they may split operational and employment risks.

Offshore Staff Leasing Outsourcing

We Help To Manage Offshore Staff Leasing For Your Company


Businesses still have control over their everyday operating procedures even when they have some of their services and personnel outsourced. This enables them to adapt their workplace culture and interact with their staff members more effectively to inspire them.

The co-managing aspect of their firm is still maintained by clients today who “engage with [their] team in distinctive ways.” The range of offshore staff leasing can be used as another factor. A “wider set of responsibilities and activities” are possible with offshore staff leasing as opposed to outsourcing only one task.

Here, they may assign their staff a variety of tasks and responsibilities, such as bookkeeping, marketing, and graphic design.

Get 5 Core Benefits With Our Offshore Staff Leasing Services

Our offshore staff leasing service is an important aspect of the overall business strategy.  Even though there are innumerable examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of offshore staff leasing services, some people are still worried that cultural hurdles would make the transition to offshore personnel unsuccessful or negatively impact their brand or overall customer experience.


1. Significant cost efficiencies

All of these extras will be incorporated into a high-quality offshore employee leasing procedure. Simply pay a set monthly charge and rate, and they’ll take care of the rest for a savings of between 50% and 70%. The quality and cost of offshore workforce services vary, and a greater price does not automatically imply higher quality.

2. Access To A Global Talent Pool

Global talent sourcing and recruiting are made possible by offshore staff leasing. If you decide to hire an offshore team member to fill your job opening, you will get the top caliber individuals because the position will be highly sought after. You have access to a wealth of talent that you may use to start working for your company.

3.  Higher Scalable Flexibility

You will be able to employ on short notice and grow quickly in accordance with your company demands if you collaborate with the correct offshore staffing provider and have strong commercial terms in your agreement. Offshore employment solutions can help you whether you are starting a new business line or conducting a campaign.

4. Allows You To Focus On High-Value Tasks

When evaluating the value proposition of offshore staff leasing, this is a significant point that is sometimes ignored. Their work satisfaction is probably going to rise dramatically as well if you offshore the low-value jobs that your top achievers are now doing. A workforce that is more steady and has lower attrition rates.

5. Utilize The Benefits Of Cultural Variety

You can also benefit from the experience your offshore crew has working with various multinational organizations. Visiting your offshore team in the pre-COVID era was a delight for the workforce as well as the owners, executives, and onshore team members who had the opportunity to go.

How To Succeed In Offshore Staff Leasing

You would be able to choose how many people to recruit, so consider your company’s needs as well as the general shape of your offshore staff leasing plan. You can decide to scale up or down your team as needed.

For staff-organization fit assurance, you may also need to handpick the resource you recruit. The majority of the time, offshore staff leasing services follow a process from hiring to actual operations. For example, in the case of recruiting, the service provider examines your preferences and then immediately begins sourcing for the profile you might require. Even choosing to take exams and do interviews would be up to you. Once the necessary commercial infrastructure and workstation needs have been established as part of the staff leasing process, the offshore crew is ready to relocate.

It is obvious from the above that offshore staff leasing has several advantageous aspects. But in order to choose the best service provider in your area that can meet your demands, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of what you need.

How Offshore Staff Leasing Works For Your Business

Through a Professional Employer Organization, businesses can outsource personnel using the business concept of staff leasing (PEO). The PEO may help your company with procedures or job skills ranging from HR, accounting, and highly technical abilities like network engineers and developers to administrative and staff responsibilities.

The management reporting structure is the primary distinction between conventional outsourcing and personnel leasing. The internal management staff of the outsourcing firm oversees outsourced personnel. In a staff leasing solution, the customer assumes overall management of the offshore team through the assignment of a designated team leader to collaborate with the associates. In terms of managing their leased personnel, the customer establishes their own internal KPIs and business regulations.

We Are Expert On Leasing Offshore Staff For You

Staff leasing, often referred to as staff leasing, is a popular strategy for hiring personnel that lowers expenses for payroll, office space, and employee benefits. Employers might use the assistance of specialized employer associations to discover and hire skilled workers.

We serve as a provider of offshore personnel leasing services. We control hiring and payroll expenses so that HR employees may concentrate on their main responsibilities. Additionally, the customer may choose from a pool of available applicants at these firms because they frequently have people who can start right away.

Our Offshore Staff Leasing Process 

1. Initial Consultation Request

We first determine whether staff leasing is truly a good fit for your company. Analyze the advantages of personnel leasing for your company. You may then find out more about the roles and job descriptions that match your criteria.

2. Examine the Offer

We carefully studied the proposal. Pay attention to whether it explains the essential details you want. You will find it simpler to comprehend the breadth and objectives of our PEO’s proposal because it is thorough.

3. Execute the Agreement

You may now sign on the dotted line once you’ve made your choice and everything is approved. This is the beginning of your company’s exposure to the advantages of leasing offshore personnel from our organization.

4. Recruit New Staffs

Staff leasing’s hiring procedure does not involve a random selection. When given certain responsibilities in your company, these workers will perform admirably since they meet the job description. It’s a detailed procedure that evaluates both employment history and personal background.

5. Choose the Qualified Staffs

The eligible applicants will be given to you after passing a written exam and a thorough interview procedure. Now is your time to interview the finalists and hire the new team members.

FAQs For Staff Leasing Services In Bangladesh

Would your company allow to train the staffs after hiring?

NetworkBD allows you to train the staff after doing the staff leasing part. We do not interfere making the staff compatible for the position of your company.

Will my data be safe from any kind of viruses or even electrical disruption?

We recommend Customer support, cost efficiency, reliability, and market development all depend on building and keeping strong vendor relationships. We ensure the total security of your data from any sorts of viruses or even electrical disruption when you are connecting with us for the staff leasing purpose.

What do you do to keep secured my company's sensitive information?

Every staff you hire through us has to sign the nondisclosure agreement to make the staff and our clients ensured that no data would be disclosed under any circumstances.

How do you ensure the urgency of the cuistomers?

Our customer care service is always there for you. We are available 24/7 for handling any types of issues faced by you or your organization.

Why should I go for your staff leasing service?

We understand your demand and we give you the option of choosing staff by shortlisting them according to the way you want. Thus there are more benefits we can give you through our services that will undoubtedly be proved as beneficial for your company. So you should consider taking our staff leasing service.

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