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Back-office services is the critical to your company’s overall operations, but your workers will not have the time. This is where outsourcing back office services  can help. It can not only help you organize everything, but it can also and you save a lot of cash on the side.


We are infatuated with quality and attention to detail. To discover and retain the best talent, we spend in best-in-class help desk facilities, training, and also recruiting methods. Our back-office support team are problem solvers with no accents, not script readers. They are fluent in the language families of 2.25 billion people in the world. They hold advanced degrees or developed accreditations in the duties you require. Our agents have a unique combination of technical and caring skills, and also they are ready to handle even the most difficult situations with compassion and empathy.

Back office services in Dhaka

Our Reliable Outsource Back Office Services

Data Entry and Processing

Manually entering information into the network is a time-consuming and also labor-intensive task. Hiring someone in your local farmers market for such duties would be prohibitively expensive. Our back office services can handle these tasks for you, saving you funds and freeing up so much time that could be spent on more important business activities.

Order Management

Sending your clients the product lines they purchased does not want to take up a lot of time. We can handle the entire ordering process for you, from start to finish. We will adhere to all of your procedures to ensure that all orders are correctly processed and also inputted.

Content Moderation

Not many of the content uploaded by people on the social networks and also other business pages is appropriate for the public at large. Some may contain profanity, threats or other offensive remarks. Our back office services can moderate all comments by providing you either with one or a group of moderators, depending on your requires.

Administrative Assistance

Business professionals are overburdened with mission-critical tasks and also do not have time to answer phone calls, organize and schedule meetings, maintain contact lists, or perform other administrative functions. NetworkBD  back office  provide you as many administrative experts as you require to complete the small tasks before they become large.

Social Media Monitoring Services

Millions of comments are posted to Facebook, Twitter, as well as other social media platforms every day. Customers frequently post ratings and feedback about businesses and also you should be aware of what others are saying about yours. We will supervise all social media sites on your behalf so that you are always aware of your reputation.

Backlog administration

If you have several objects in your backlog, people must all be adapt and made a priority based on your needs. This will not only keep you organized, but it will also benefit other business processes. Our back office services could well recurring the backlog for you because that items do not pile up and most critical things are prioritized.

Database Creation And Maintenance

Creating a well-designed database can be time-consuming because all of the data must be presented clearly while adhering to all of the something will. All you have to do is define what you’re looking for or how you want the information presented to you. We will start creating such datasets for you and ensure that the data is clean.

Benefits Of Taking Our Back Office Services

Data Security:

At Network back office services, we recognize that the data you are digitizing is mission-critical. Our top priority is to protect the sanctity and decency of your data from unauthorized access and also manipulation.



Rely Services has the capacity to deliver a tailored product that can be adjust and also scale to meet your needs as they change throughout the project.


Data Quality:

All of our procedures adhere to its standards. The quality assurance team at our disposal will collaborate closely to ensure 100% data accuracy.


24*7 Work:

We are among the institutions that works around the clock. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our friendly CSR executive, who will be happy to assist you.


Data Assurance:

We have established quality control standards and our quality control team strictly complies to them before approving a proposal for final entry.


Productive Services:

When you hire us and invest your limited financial resources in us, you can expect nothing less than best service from us.

FAQs For Back Office Services

What includes with your back office services?

The back office is the part of a company that is made up of non-client-facing administration and support personnel. Settlements, certifications, record keeping, regulatory compliance, bookkeeping, and also IT services are examples of back-office functions.

How do you handle back-office operations?

Back office management is the administration of a company’s technology, services, and also human resources. In the past, customer-facing organizations and contact center operations were far more effective than back office depts. Back office inefficiencies arise from a lack of coordination among various systems.

What exactly is back office in BPO?

The back office Businesses that use BPO hire contingent workers to provide non-client-facing services. Accounting, IT, supply chain, HR, private memos, and also other departments have administration and support personnel.

How do I configure the back office?

Follow these ten steps to start a Back Office Support Business:
1. Create a business plan for your back office support services.
2. Establish your Back Office Support Company as a Legal Entity.
3. Also File your Back Office Support The business Tax Return.
4. Create a business bank accounts card.
5. Establish billing for your Back Office Service Company.

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