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    Grow Your Food Business With Our Industry Digital Plan

    The Food Services Industry Digital Plan (IDP) was implemented as part of the government’s strategic measures to assist SMEs in adopting more digital technologies and accelerating their digital transformation. We, at NetworkBD, provide digital plan services to the food service industry in Bangladesh. Your items must meet the requirements of your target market in order to acquire full market access. Identifying and fulfilling such needs is a difficult task. Whatever your business, our consulting services can help you understand and satisfy market expectations anywhere in the world.

    Food Services Industry Digital Plan

    We Provide Digital Roadmap For Food Service Industries

    Every IDP includes a Digital Roadmap, which includes a step-by-step explanation to help SMEs learn more about digital solutions and improve themselves:


    The first stage is in the Food Services industry to employ ready-to-use digital solutions to automate repetitive, manual procedures and improve operations while improving the customer experience.


    Some solutions are as followed:


    1. Food ordering over the internet
    2. Payment over the internet
    3. Reservations that are made automatically
    4. Customer relationship management/e-loyalty
    5. Self-collection through wireless

    Our Assistances in Converting Technologies For Better Food Services

    Technology is becoming more prevalent in all businesses and in this digital age, with so many new eateries launching, the restaurant industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Restaurant operations can be made more efficient by automating them, which can improve your restaurant’s service.

    Reservations For Restaurants Via the Internet


    If your restaurant has limited seating, it will be more profitable if guests can reserve tables in advance online. If the procedure of online table reservations can be digitalized, the restaurant’s customer base can grow. Restaurants may now examine all of the guest information utilizing a single interface thanks to reservation management. For both walk-in clients and those who have booked prior reservations, the restaurants can provide realistic wait times.

    Ordering System for Tablets 

    A tablet ordering system can help customers have a better dining experience by:


    1. The instructions are more precise and there are fewer risks of human error.
    2. Your restaurant’s speed and efficiency improve, which contributes to a better overall customer experience.
    3. Higher table turnovers result from better service speed and efficiency, allowing your restaurants to serve more customers.
    4. More word-of-mouth recommendations will result if your consumers are happy and satisfied.
    Management of Customer Relationships


    CRM technology has evolved into a significant tool for increasing consumer involvement in your restaurant through loyalty programs and other initiatives. Customer data like contact information, frequency of visits, preferences, and average spending per visit can all be collected using a centralized restaurant CRM system.

    Management of Customer Feedback


    As previously said, getting input from customers is crucial to enhancing your restaurant’s service and you may use technology to better gather and analyze client feedback. Instead of using a standard feedback form, you may utilize a Feedback Management App that asks consumers for detailed feedback on the item they ordered, the environment, and the restaurant service. This itemized-level data also assists you in determining the performance of the menu items. The Feedback App updates customer information in the CRM instantly, reducing the need for human data entry and the risk of errors. Our food services are very suitable.

    Ensure Your Business Scale With Our Food Industry Digital Plans

    In order to scale up the business and incorporate digital technology for better administration of the entire business value chain, we provide increasingly advanced digital solutions. For further optimization and to uncover new potential for improvement, data analytics will be used at this point.


    The following are some examples of digital solutions:


    1. e-Marketplace/e-Procurement for B2B
    2. Central kitchen management with Internet of Things (IoT)
    3. A platform for data analysis

    Our Skills and Training for Digital Roadmap of Food Industry

    As the food services industry becomes more digital, the demand for digital skills will rise as well. Employees will need to be upskilled through suitable digital training in order for businesses to be ready.


    We provide basic and advanced users with two types of digital training courses:


    Courses for Beginners


    These are necessary for all users since they lay the groundwork for bettering digital literacy and awareness. The following are some examples of such courses for the food service industry:


    1. An Overview of Analytics
    2. Accepting and Embracing the Digital Workplace
    3. Cooking Robots: An Overview


    Advanced Training


    These are recommended for those who desire to gain a high level of digital expertise. The following are some examples of such courses for the food services industry:


    1. Automation & Digitalisation in Food Manufacturing
    2. Automation of Robotic Processes
    3. Networks on the Blockchain

    Take Our Special Support

    Through SME Centers and SME Digital Tech Hubs, NetworkBD additionally provides further assistance in the form of basic advising or specialized consultant services. Self-assessment checklists for digital preparedness, consultation to provide digital advisory or project management information, and more are among the resources accessible. Contact us for food services in Bangladesh.

    FAQs For Food Services Industry Digital Plan

    How can fast food customer service be improved?

    To provide excellent customer service, value your staff, teach them customer service skills, provide problem-solving training, encourage client contact, and solicit customer feedback.

    How can I provide the greatest service in my restaurant?

    Tips for Providing Excellent Restaurant Customer Service


    1. Employees should be educated. A restaurant’s entire crew is responsible for providing excellent customer service.
    2. Consider what your customers have to say.
    3. Workflow that is driven by technology.
    4. Ensure that your consumers are entertained.
    5. Make an effort to interact with your customers.
    6. Participate in social media.

    How can a restaurant increase customer satisfaction?

    Make sure they’re happy by engaging with them on a frequent basis and ensuring their satisfaction. Inquire if there is anything that could be modified in the restaurant to improve customer pleasure or make the kitchen run more smoothly. Make them feel like they’re a vital part of your team.

    Why is customer satisfaction important in a restaurant?

    The happier guests are, the more likely they are to spend more, return frequently, share their great experiences, and promote restaurants to friends, relatives, and strangers on social media. It’s critical not to annoy customers at a restaurant’s convenience.

    Better Customer Service With Food Services Industry Digital Plan