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    Be Successful With Our Hotel Industry Digital Plan

    Are you looking to improve your hotel industry digital plan successful? Great! You are in the right place. This is Network BD and we have a dedicated professional skilled team who are ready to boost your hotel industry digital plan successful in Bangladesh. The Hotel Industry Digital Plan (IDP) was launched as part of the government’s continued efforts to assist SMEs in adopting more digital technologies and promoting digital transformation. From the homes we live into the way our cities are run, smart technology is transforming everything. It’s no different in the hospitality sector. In many ways, the hotel sector is at the forefront of smart business technology adoption. We at Network BD are always ready to assist you in making your digital business strategy a success. And in this guide, we’ll show you how to boost your hotel’s digital strategy in Bangladesh.

    Hotel Industry Digital Plan

    Our Dynamic Strategies to Build Your Hotel Industry

    To be successful, a hotel requires not just meticulous study and management, but also financial planning. That is why, if you are considering opening your own hotel, you should keep all of these factors in mind. Furthermore, we will supply you with an in-depth hotel business handbook on how to roadmap a plan for the hotel industry digital plan. This advice was created after extensive research and analysis so that you might achieve success by following it.


    We can assist you with the following 13 aspects of your hotel marketing strategy:


    1. Summary of the Report
    2. Statements of Vision and Mission
    3. Market Research
    4. Strategy for Pricing
    5. SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses
    6. Data from the Past
    7. Profile of the Guests
    8. Segmentation of the Market
    9. Objectives in Marketing
    10. Channels of Distribution
    11. S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Marketing Metrics
    12. Marketing Techniques Sorted by Channel
    13. Budget for Marketing

    We Discovered 8 Ways Of Digital Hotels Industry Plan


    UVC Light Is Used To Sterilize Surfaces


    UVC light and virus-killing robots have been used in hospitals for disinfection and the Westin Houston Medical Center is the first hotel to do so. Some of these virus-killing robots feature arms that allow them to open doors and move objects, enhancing their disinfection abilities. If you want to disinfect crowded public spaces or clean areas while people are present, you should try this method. This technology might be used to sterilize parcels and room keys before they are given to visitors. It might also be used to replace traditional lighting in public locations to ensure that the environment is kept clean at all times. Our hotel industry services provide the solution.


    Voice Control For In-room Features


    For in-room functions, we recommend using voice control. Voice commands can be used to control the temperature, draperies, television and lights, among other things. They can also inquire about the weather or current events. This allows the guest to personalize their stay while reducing the amount of time they spend touching things.


    Branded Apps


    Hotel industry have their own branded mobile apps for check-in, rewards, and room keys even before COVID-19. Now is the ideal time to put them to work and upgrade their capabilities. Apps can protect your guests and employees by eliminating face-to-face encounters, in addition to automating tasks.


    Robotic Butlers


    When people think about smart hotel industry, one of the first things that comes to mind is hotel robots. Extra towels or toothbrushes can be delivered to visitors using a robotic butler.


    Digital Concierges


    Digital concierges are an excellent approach to eliminate guest touch while still giving support. Chatbots and virtual robots can handle simple queries and offer basic information, allowing your employees to focus on more complex tasks.


    Contactless Payment Methods


    Because cash and debit cards transmit germs, contactless payments are predicted to grow more popular. The majority of consumers stated they had used contactless payments at least four times in the previous month and over 70% thought it was more convenient than cash. Contactless payment and access control systems can reduce the need to touch high-touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons and room keys, in addition to lowering touchpoints. Join us for hotel industry services.


    Technology For Contact Tracing and Crowd Control


    As travel picks up and in-person events begin, participants and planners will likely prefer smart hotel industry’s with contact tracking and other technology to reduce virus transmission, ensuring that meetings and events are safe for all parties involved.


    Sensors That Measure Temperature


    Temperature scanning in public settings, according to public health specialists, will become as widespread as metal detectors. The Wynn Las Vegas has installed thermal cameras to screen everyone who enters the property since its relaunch. Anyone who registers a temperature of more than 100 degrees is brought aside for a second test, and if the result is still too high, they are turned away.

    We Provide Digital Skills And Training Roadmap For Hotel Industry

    As the hotel industry grows and evolves, so are the digital skills needed to keep up.


    To stay up with digitization, job positions will need to be up-skilled, which can be accomplished by giving suitable training to employees.


    IDPs define two types of training for beginners and advanced users:

    Courses for Beginners


    These are necessary for all users since they address crucial digital literacy and awareness principles. The following are some examples of such courses for the hotel industry:


    1. Analytics for the Hospitality Industry
    2. Business Transformation Enabled by Technology
    3. Hotel Innovation Technology: An Overview
    4. Chatbot for Customer Relationship Management
    Advanced Training


    These are suggested for advanced users who desire to improve their digital skills. The following are some examples of such courses for the hotel industry:


    1. Hospitality Digital Marketing
    2. Certified Data Analyst by Wiley
    3. Python as a Tool for AI Foundations
    4. Developing an Internet of Things (IoT) Initiative

    Why Choose Us?

    We are the best business consulting provider company in Bangladesh. Our hotel industry services provide the best business solution in Bangladesh. If you work with us you will benefits from many ways:

    1. With the correct procedure, we can help you lay a solid foundation for your goal.
    2. We’ll show you how to get through COVID-19 in 2021.
    3. We make it a priority for you to stay on top of industry and marketing trends.
    4. We ensure that you are utilizing the appropriate digital channels and techniques.
    5. We assist in determining the appropriate KPIs for success.

    FAQs For Hotel Industry Digital Plan Services

    Why are smart hotels important?

    IoT-connected gadgets are used in smart hotels to provide a better visitor experience and a more efficient hotel management system for staff and administration. Guests gain from enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and visitor happiness, while hotel owners and operators benefit from higher efficiency, cost savings, and guest satisfaction.

    How Can Hotel Operations Be Simplified On A Day-to-Day Basis?

    The first step in a hotel’s technology transformation is to alter how rooms are booked, as well as to improve and streamline front-desk operations. Room service and billing are simplified thanks to the usage of technology. When a hotel management system is automated, the technology used plays a crucial part in providing a consistent and happy client experience.

    How do Robotics Benefit Hotels?

    Robotics is another wonderful component of hotel automation and technology use. Robotics, as an aspect of technological advancement, is increasingly being applied in the hospitality business. Robotics can be used in the hotel concierge and housekeeping services. With open arms, the hospitality industry has welcomed the employment of robots to do otherwise repetitive hotel chores with high efficiency. When we look at the in-room automation system, we can see that it is being driven by occupancy sensors, which can detect when people enter the room.

    Why is technology so crucial in the hotel industry?

    Technology is vital in the hotel sector since it makes the job easier and more efficient. The technology delivers information on the hotels to the guests. It assists guests in making decisions and provides online booking services.

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