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    Leading Wholesale Trade Industry Digital Plan Services

    We are living in an unprecedented period of market transformation and true corporate innovation. Industry lines are blurring, presenting new opportunities while also introducing new competition. Companies in the distribution industry must innovate and adapt or risk losing market share. Some of these trends have been fueled by and enabled by breakthrough technology. We at Network BD provide digital plan services to help you grow your business using smart technology. If you want to expand your wholesale trade abroad, contact us for the best wholesale trade industry plan services in the wholesale trade business.

    Wholesale Trade Industry

    The Future of Bangladesh’s Digital Wholesale Trade Industry

    Wholesale trade is one of Bangladesh’s most important and diverse sectors. Due to Bangladesh’s robust trade infrastructure, a rapidly developing consumer market in Asia, and the rise of digital marketplaces made possible by digital technology, this is an industry with significant growth potential.


    Before 2020, the wholesale trade industry distribution  was evolving at its own pace. However, the pandemic situation has prompted a lot of rethinking and restructuring of the business model to make it more efficient and resistant to pandemics. Many wholesale trade industry distributors are interested in learning more about distribution disruption and the forces that are influencing the sector. Some companies in the wholesale trade industry distribution market have already begun to implement innovative concepts and are reaping the benefits.


    Wholesalers are recognizing the value of going digital and quickly adopting digital technologies. They’ve also begun to offer value-added services such as credit financing and Distributor-managed Inventory. Several modern trends are reflected in the shifting status quo.

    5 Digital Ways Of Wholesale Trade Industry

    1. Creating a set of business processes that are all the same


    The wholesale trade industry is being stabilized by establishing basic business standards, which will allow them to develop on a solid, digital foundation.

    2. Hiring staff who are tech-savvy


    In the wholesale trade industry, a substantial number of people are retiring. The industry as a whole is looking for younger employees who are forward-thinking and interested in building customer-facing solutions.

    3. Paying attention to both the platform and the product


    Amazon and other industry leaders understand that the platform’s experience is just as crucial as the products being sold. People demand a straightforward, straightforward buying experience. In the wholesale distribution market, new e-commerce and omnichannel technologies are gaining traction, helping to improve the customer experience.

    4. Improving sales reps’ remote technologies


    Hundreds of sales reps from wholesale wholesalers frequently deal with customers from remote locations. It’s crucial to be able to complete transactions on a mobile device like an iPad. Sales reps, regardless of location, may change their talking points as they receive real-time data and information when speaking with consumers. Contact us for wholesale trade industry planning services.

    5. Internet of Things (IoT) applications


    For wholesale distributors, data acquired through sensors and used to deliver insight to customers via the Internet of Things might be game-changing. While the current focus is on mobility and the customer experience, IoT applications are expected to be developed in the near future.

    5 Best Digital Trends For Make Your Wholesale Trade Industry Successful

    1. Hyper Connectivity


    We are witnessing an explosion of connections at the company, human and machine-level in a digital economy. And the numbers are still increasing at a rapid pace. Across the whole value chain, this allows fresh insights and dynamic business processes.

    2. Supercomputing


    The boundaries of computational capability in the twentieth century have vanished. True real-time business is enabled by in-memory computing, which eliminates the need for transactional and analytical applications to be separated. Contextual data is accessible to assist in making educated judgments. You have the ability to recognize problems and address them before they become an issue. You can achieve all of this while improving business operations and offering exceptional customer service.

    3. Cloud Computing


    Wholesalers must be able to adapt to new technology and drive business innovation at breakneck speed in a highly competitive industry. Cloud computing and hybrid deployment approaches will reduce time to value, increase the adoption of new technologies and enable real-time value chain connectivity. Our wholesale trade industry services also include cloud computing services.

    4. A More Intelligent World


    Smarter robots, smarter printing, artificial intelligence and smarter products will rearrange value chains, create new business models and in the end, change the world. Smart vending machines, for example, at a customer location not only create a new channel but also boost consumer loyalty. Drones provide completely new service and maintenance models, as well as a new delivery mechanism.

    5. Cybersecurity


    Following many high-profile, large data breaches in recent months, CIOs have made securing consumer and financial data a key concern. Hackers, contrary to popular belief, are not the principal perpetrators in the majority of security issues. Frequently, the threat arises from within the organization. For all data, relationships, identities, and business partners, technology and effective governance are necessary any weakness could result in disaster.

    3 Special Benefits Of Our Digital Plan Services

    1. Inventory-management efficiency:


    Manual product tracking causes time limits and errors, which our wholesale trade industry digitization plan avoids. Businesses may track incoming and exiting stock using RFID tags and sensors on products. This data is fed into an ERP system, which allows them to keep their inventory replenished.


    2. Transparency in logistics:


    You can track a product’s progress through the supply chain with our aid, from the time it leaves the manufacturer’s production line until the time it reaches the client. IoT delivers real-time customer delivery information and warns businesses to detain goods.


    3. Deeper customer relationships: 


    More data is gathered as part of our process, allowing us to better understand client habits and demands. This knowledge may be used to improve the consumer experience at all points of contact, from pre-sale shopping and purchases through post-sale conversations. Customers can be notified when a business’s inventory is running short, when their product warranty is about to expire. When a product they use frequently is on sale. Customers value the individualized attention and efficiency that these updates provide. We can help for wholesale trade industry planning.

    What Makes Us Best in Wholesale Trade Industry Services

    Network BD helps businesses design and deploy platform-based business models by using the power of platforms. Our Modern Distribution is a feature-rich digital supply chain platform that brings together all elements to promote growth through new channels of engagement, ensure channel loyalty and provide best-in-class margin management.


    The platform facilitates digital commerce between customers and suppliers, improves overall supply chain performance and facilitates digital engagements between channel partners and end customers. Contact us for wholesale trade industry planning services.

    FAQs For Wholesale Trade Industry Digital Plan Services

    Can Wholesalers Help in the Supply Chain?

    Wholesalers aid retailers in their entire integrated market planning by assisting them with pricing and marketing. Wholesalers act as an extension of the company’s labor since they enter into distribution contracts with manufacturers and can sell varied quantities of the product to distributors.

    Why is it helpful to customers to use technology in distribution?

    Product distribution flexibility and timeliness are enhanced by technological and technical solutions, which also reduce waste. Before automated systems and modern technology, warehouse workers used to waste a lot of time traveling throughout the warehouse to transfer merchandise.

    Is it possible for technology to have an impact on business pricing?

    Manufacturing processes, inventory control, and automation can all benefit from technological advancements. You can decide appropriate pricing for the product based on the actual manufacturing cost by evaluating the savings and costs of these technological developments.

    Is there a way wholesalers can do good?

    Wholesalers can sell their items at a lesser price since they buy in bulk, which cuts down on handling time and costs. They normally deliver big amounts of items, although they can also accept smaller orders.

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