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    Network BD has the best Bangladesh Taxation consulting firm to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate. This guideline will outline the steps for obtaining a TIN Certificate in Bangladesh, as well as the documents required.


    Taxation is the primary source of revenue for any country’s government. As a result, the government issues a Tax Identification Number (TIN), which is an identification number issued to an individual or a business in order to track tax payments to the government. The only authority in Bangladesh that can issue a TIN Certificate to an applicant is the National Board of Revenue (NBR). A TIN certificate can be obtained in Bangladesh by submitting an application to the National Bureau of Statistics, either manually or electronically. Join us for Bangladesh taxation services


    E-TIN refers to the process of obtaining a TIN certificate in Bangladesh via electronic means. Regardless of their annual income, every citizen with a job is required to obtain a TIN Certificate.


    Furthermore, all business entities, such as a company or a branch/liaison office, must apply to the NBR for a TIN Certificate, which is required in order to continue doing business. The current government has introduced E-TIN to improve the quality and efficiency of tax collection procedures in order to digitalize the country. When properly completed with supporting documents, the process of obtaining a tax certificate online is simple and painless. All provisions relating to tax certificates are found in the Tax Ordinance of 1984.

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    Here Are 9 Checklist Of Documents Required For Manually Obtaining TIN Certificates In Bangladesh


    1. A copy of your business license
    2. Certificate of Incorporation
    3. A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (If it is Company)
    4. A Certificate of Bank/Financial Solvency (If Company or Proprietorship)
    5. Three copies of the owner’s photograph (If Proprietorship)
    6. Three copies of the Managing Director’s photograph (If Company)
    7. Three copies of a passport-size photo (If Person)
    8. Copy of Entrepreneur’s National ID/Passport
    9. The E-Tin certificate can be obtained in as little as one day.


    The 8 Procedures For Obtaining An E-TIN Certificate In Bangladesh:


    The steps to obtain TIN certificates in Bangladesh are as follows; because the process is digitalized, it saves a great deal of time and effort:


    1. Go to to get started.
    2. Create a User ID by completing the Registration form and providing the required information.
    3. A phone number must be provided to the portal in order to obtain a User ID and password and open an account.
    4. A code is sent to the phone number, which is used to obtain the User ID/Password.
    5. Enter your User ID and Password.
    6. Fill out the TIN Registration form with the applicant’s/pertinent company’s information.
    7. Take a look at the application that has been submitted.
    8. Apply for an E-TIN certificate.

    Extraordinary Network BD’s Bangladesh Taxation Advisors:

    Obtaining E-TIN Certificates in Bangladesh is made easier with the help of Network BD.


    The following are the 5 services that Network BD can provide in order to obtain an E-TIN Certificate:


    1. Network BD has an excellent and knowledgeable team that can expedite the process of obtaining an E-Tin Certificate. To apply for an E-TIN, you must first create an account on the NBR website. Legal professionals can begin the application process by creating an account on the NBR online portal.


    2. Before beginning the online application process, Network BD requires certain information and documents from the client, such as the applicant’s address, phone number, NID/Passport copy, personal details, and so on.


    3. If it is a Company/Branch office, the Network BD legal team assists in gathering required information such as MOA/AOA/Trade License/Incorporation Certificate, VAT, and so on, and then prepares to apply for an E-TIN.


    4. Legal experts from Network BD can assist in the collection and preparation of supporting documents.


    5. The E-TIN Certificate is obtained after the application and supporting documents are submitted, and it is then shared with the client.


    If your license expires, Network BD can help you renew it by taking the necessary steps at the right time. Contact us for Bangladesh taxation services.

    FAQs For Bangladesh Taxation Consultation Service

    What is the tax return in Bangladesh?

     Income tax return means filing of income return in the form prescribed by a person whose total income in a year is more than the maximum amount of unpaid income or income of any other person. In which he is taxable under income.

    What is 10% surcharge?

     “This means the practice of keeping a note at the bottom of the menu like ’10 per cent surcharge is applicable on public holidays’ but not including a single price for the item is a violation of the law.”

    How much basic salary is taxable?

     The basic salary is fully taxable. The basic salary forms the core of the salary structure, which constitutes 40-45% of the total CTC. Other salary components such as gratuity, provident fund and ESIC are determined according to the basic salary.

    What is the general purpose of a tax?

    The main purpose of the tax is to provide revenue for the government

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