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    A Leading Bangladesh Personal Income Tax Guide For You

    Personal income tax guide and liability is determined by the amount of tax residency and taxable income. Some of the key steps of Bangladesh Income Tax for individuals include:
    1. Bangladesh’s progressive tax rate starts at 0% and ends at 10% above 300,000 Taka.
    2. No capital gain or inheritance tax has been levied in Bangladesh.
    3. All income generated in Bangladesh is taxable and persons working abroad are exempted from it.
    4. Tax rules may be different for each person based on the tax residency.
    5. The due date for filing tax for individuals is 15th April of each year where income tax is assessed on the basis of the previous year.
    Bangladesh Personal Income Tax Guide

    Bangladesh Personal Income Tax Guide Made Easy For Everyone

    Income tax rate
    Bangladesh follows a progressive Bangladesh tax rate that starts at 0% and ends at 40%. In Bangladesh, it is mandatory for every person earning 300,000 or more to file a tax return every year. Otherwise, he or she will not have to pay tax if his or her annual income is less than Rs 300,000.
    Who are the tax residents?
    You can be a tax resident if you
    1. Become a Bangladeshi; Or
    2. Become a permanent resident of Bangladesh with a permanent residential address in Bangladesh
    3. Your income is more than 3,00,000 Taka

    Get Fastest Results In Personal Tax for Bangladesh Non-Residents

    Who is a non-resident?
    A foreigner who lives or works in Bangladesh for less than 183 days a year will be considered a non-resident.
    What will be taxed and what will be exempted?
    1. If you live in Bangladesh for less than 60 days a year Your employment will be exempt from income tax. However, this does not apply to the directors of any company; In addition to public entertainment, professionals include foreign experts, foreign speakers, consultants, trainers, coaches, etc.
    2. If you stay in Bangladesh for 61-182 days in a year then all income earned from Bangladesh is taxable. You can claim expenses and grants to save taxes in addition to personal relief.
    4. Employment income is taxed at 15% or a progressive residential rate, which increases the amount of higher taxes.
    5. Director fees and remuneration, consultant fees and all other income are taxed in the range of 15% to 22%.

    We Guide You On How To File Bangladesh Personal Income Tax Return

    1. You can submit your return online or by mail
    2. Income Tax website will send you the appropriate paper tax form on request and the online form will be available every year.
    3. Tax forms at a glance:
    A) Taxes are for residents
    B) For self-employed
    C) For non-residents
    4. You will receive your assessment notice or tax bill from May to September after you submit your return.
    5. The amount of tax you have to pay will be indicated in the tax bill. In the event of an objection, you must notify the tax department within 30 days (from the date of your tax bill) and state your reasons.
    6. You must pay the full amount of tax within 30 days of receiving your assessment notice, regardless of whether you have notified the tax authorities of your objection.
    7. Late submission (or non-submission) will be penalized in any case. Please keep in mind that legal action can be taken against the person for not filing a tax return or not paying taxes.

    Most Strategic Tax Treatment For Employer Benefits

    In general, all of the profits you receive in the case of your employment are taxable and the profit or profit includes all benefits.
    Here are some examples of taxable benefits:
    1. Housing and accommodation allowance
    2. Car and car related facilities
    3. Specific monthly allowance for transportation food
    4. Compensation for medical and dental treatment for you and dependents
    5. Overtime payment
    6. Allowance per day

    FAQ For Bangladesh Personal Income Tax Guide

    Which part of the income is taxable?

    Taxable income includes wages, salaries, bonuses and tips, as well as investment income and various types of earned income.

    Do I need an accountant or tax advisor?

     Whether you should hire a financial advisor or an accountant depends on your specific situation and the goals and issues you are trying to address. If you need help filing a tax return, NetworkBD will give you an accountant who will sort everything out for you.

    How to get my expenses taxed?

     Your employer may provide you with benefits or costs or reimburse them, but these costs and benefits are not always taxable. NetworkBD helps you pay taxes.

    Who is the income tax person?

    Personal income tax (or personal income tax) is a tax levied on wages, salaries, dividends, interest and other income by an individual throughout the year. Taxes are usually levied by the state in which the income is made.

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