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    Bangladesh personal Individual Income Tax Rate

    Bangladesh is not only a top financial hub in the region governed by NBR taxes which attracts foreign investors but is also an ideal place to work. Bangladesh’s personal income tax rate, Bangladesh’s tax and Bangladesh’s tax rate are among the lowest in the world. This guide provides information on income tax in Bangladesh for foreigners and locals.The percentage of a person’s taxable income which is owed to the government is called personal income tax, which is named as individual tax rate as well. Taxation in Bangladesh is not simple even for the case of individual and personal income tax, where the applicable rates are definite. There’s a lot to know about the personal or Individual income tax rate in Bangladesh.

    Bangladesh personal Individual Income Tax Rate

    Learn The Eligibility For Personal Income Tax Rate With Our Experts

    Anyone who earns, earns or receives income in Bangladesh has to pay Bangladesh income tax every year, unless specifically exempted under the Income Tax Act or with administrative exemption. A person’s Bangladesh income tax liability is determined by the amount of tax residency, taxable income and then the progressive tax rate applies. Annual income 3 lakh or more is mandatory for each of them to submit their personal income along with NBR tax.
    An individual’s tax liability depends on an individual’s tax residency status and Bangladesh tax rate. He will be treated as a tax resident for a certain year assessment.
    An individual, who stays in Bangladesh for more than 182 days or more in any income year, or has previously resided in the country for more than 365 days during the preceding 4 years then 90 days residence in an income year, is treated as a resident of the country and their income is subject to taxation. Also, that person has to be a male under 65 years old, and have an income exceeding 3 lacs to be eligible for paying

    Everything You Need To Know About Citizens of Bangladesh

    Permanent residents of Bangladesh who live in Bangladesh with a permanent home; Or
    Foreigners who have lived / worked in Bangladesh for 183 days or more in the previous year before YA. Personal Individual Income Tax is mandatory for them
     income taxes in Bangladesh.


    Individual Income tax is levied on an individual’s wage, salary or any type of income. National Board of Revenue (NBR) offers individuals with different tax deductions to reduce the tax liabilities while a tax credit offers to reduce income tax by giving an individual a larger refund of withholding. 


    Tax rates for individuals vary with variation of their income. As NBR states that the tax rate for individuals will remain unchanged in the current fiscal year. The rates are as follows:

    1. For income upto 3 lacs no income tax is imposed
    2. For income upto 4 lacs imposed income tax is 5%
    3. On the next 3 lacs it will be 10%
    4. On next 4 lacs it’s settled to be 15%
    5. For next 5 lacs it’s 20%
    6. For whatever the rest amount of income is, it’s set to be 25%

    Why Choose NetworkBD for Filing Your Income Tax

    Bangladesh imposes one of the highest rates of taxes in every possible source, and also in a very complex manner which is confusing for its people and also discourages them from paying taxes. networkBD simplifies the tax system to its clients. Since there are also a lot of aspects through which taxes can be deducted or some rebate can be imposed upon the individuals and reduce tax payables. Since it is a system that is not clear to the people of the country, if a person does it by themselves, they might end up overpaying or their confusions might lead to penalties. NetworkBD prevents these by clarifying taxation with the help of their expert tax accountant’s team. 

    FAQ For Bangladesh personal Individual Income Tax Rate

    How is the taxable income calculated in NetworkBD?

    To calculate income tax, include income from all sources. Includes: Income from salary (salary paid by your employer) Income from home property (add any rental income, or include home loan interest) Income from capital gains (income from the purchase or sale of shares or houses).

    What benefits are not taxable?

    You do not have to pay income tax on the most common state benefits: attendance allowance. Mourning support payment.

    Doesn't include taxable income?

    Whether you write it on your tax return or not, invalid income will not be taxed. The following items are deemed invalid by NetworkBD: Inheritance, Gift and Will. Cash discounts on items you purchase from retailers, manufacturers or dealers.

    Can I claim the cost of the car if I get a car allowance?

    Car allowance , That’s perfectly fine. If you receive a car allowance from NetworkBD, it should be shown in the summary of your payments, as the allowances are treated as taxable income. Getting a car allowance does not mean that you cannot claim relevant costs from NetworkBD.

    Personal Individual Income Tax For The Most Efficient Outcomes