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    Expert Advisory For NBR Document Identification Number (DIN)

    Briefly referred to as NBR Document Identification Number, the NBR creates this unique number for the purpose of identifying each income tax return that is issued. A company’s DIN will be available for a specified YA (year of evaluation) period.
    A company’s DIN is unique and under no circumstances should this number be used by another company, or for another YA period of the same company. A DIN will be required when a company only downloads a copy and when they submit paper documentation to the NBR. A DIN can be obtained from the NBR website under the View DIN e-Service option.

    Get Your NBR Document Identification Number With Us

    Companies must have a NBR Document Identification Number to file a paper downloaded from the NBR website or through their designated tax agent software. A company needs to quote their DIN number for easy reference.

    Learn About Form SPICe In NBR DIN With Network BD

    The application for DIN allocation to the first directors proposed for the new company will be made in SPICe form only.
    The e-file version of Form SPICe is readily available on the NRB’s website and companies will find this option very convenient due to the following features:
    1. It provides an immediate estimate of the tax payable
    2. The iHelp section provides step-by-step instructions for completing the process
    3. Automatic calculation errors in some fields are available to minimize
    3. Companies get an additional 15 days to do their e-filing

    Where Would I Get a NBR Document Identification Number From?

    Companies can easily get DIN through the e-service view DIN option on NBR’s website. This service is easily accessible and no prior registration is required to be able to access this service.

    We Identify Your Limitations To Receive NBR DIN

    Is there an example where a company may not be able to get its NBR Document Identification Number?
    Yes, there are times when it can happen. Some examples of this situation include:
    A company is newly incorporated and still within the first two years of its incorporation. In this case, NBR will issue Form SPICe e-filing notification only after the expiry of two years. The two-year period starts from the year of incorporation of the company.
    The company in question has been given a waiver to file their income tax return.
    The company has already filed its Form SPICe for that YA period Companies should check the status of their corporate tax returns to be sure.

    FAQ For NBR Document Identification Number

    What is a document identification number?

     A Document Identification Number (DIN) is a unique 20-digit identification code attached to every contact issued by a government office for taxpayers. With this number, the taxpayer can digitally verify the authenticity of the communication received from the government.

    How to create DIN?

    You can do DIN through NetworkBD. Currently DIN is only required for documents issued by the department. The taxpayer has to submit the answer / comply manually.

    What is DIN number customs?

    Document identification number DIN stands for Document Identification Number. It is a unique 20-digit number that is digitally generated in an alphanumeric code.

    What documents can I use to prove my identity?

    1. Valid form of ID 2. Valid driving license. 3. Birth certificate. 4. Identification card issued by the state. 5. Student Identity Card. 6. Social Security Card. 7. Military identification card. 8. Passport or passport card

    NBR Document Identification Number Solution Is Always Available