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    Simplified Personal Tax Reliefs in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, personal tax reliefs and exemptions are given to individuals in recognition of their efforts. This is an alternative to compensating these taxpayers, where they are given relief and discounts instead.
    In Bangladesh, tax exemptions and exemptions are used to support retirees or those employed in the national service to encourage financial integrity, family building and even some skill development.
    Personal Tax Reliefs in Bangladesh

    Types of Personal Tax Reliefs and Rebates in Bangladesh in Effect

    The following Personal Tax Reliefs and rebates have been in effect in Bangladesh since the beginning of the financial year:
    Earned Income Relief –
    The purpose of this relief is to provide people with hard earned money with recognition. Earned income relief applies:
    1. Those under the age of 55
    2. Those aged 55-59 years
    3. 60 years and over.
    Disabled Parents and Siblings Relief –
    Recognizes people in Bangladesh who are caring for their disabled parents and / or siblings.
    Grandparents Caregiver Relief –
    In recognition of grandparents who can help working mothers take care of their children.
    Provident fund contributions and relief for life insurance premiums –

    to help those who are saving for their retirement. Relief for CPF contributions by self-employed persons – Encouraging individuals to save for their retirement

    Why Choose For NetworkBD For Personal Tax Relief


    NetworkBD works as a specialist tax advisor. With the complicated system of taxation in Bangladesh, the payable taxes is itself a complicated process for an individual to operate through. It is required to have expert advice about this matter. NetworkBD has got a specialised and skilled team to do so. With proper analytical abilities and informed overviews, NetworkBD can be your first hand option to work with regarding your personal income tax, so that you can be tension free about the necessary steps to be taken to get applicable relief on your income.

    FAQ For Personal Tax Reliefs in Bangladesh

    What are the permitted costs for tax relief?

    Costs You can claim as authorized costs Office expenses, such as stationery or phone bills. Travel costs, such as fuel, parking, train or bus fares. Cost of clothing, such as uniforms. Staff costs, such as salaries or subcontractor costs.

    How can a single person save tax?

    NetworkBD advises you to reduce your taxes or Personal Tax Reliefs
    1. Contribute to a retirement account.
    2. Open a health savings account.
    3. Use your side hostel to claim business deduction.
    4. Claim Home Office Deduction.
    5. Write down the cost of business travel even while on vacation.
    6. Cut your self-employment tax in half.
    7. Get a credit for higher education.

    How can I legally stop paying taxes?

    If you want to avoid paying taxes or need Personal Tax Reliefs , you need to deduct tax equal to or more than your income.

    How can NetworkBD reduce personal taxable income?

    How we help reduce taxable income:

    1. Contributing significantly to retirement savings plans.

    2. By participating in employer-sponsored savings accounts for child care and health care. 3. Paying attention to tax credit like child tax credit and retirement savings contribution credit

    4. Tax-loss invests in crops

    Individual Tax Reliefs For Highest Profitability