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    Trustworthy Corporate Compliance Requirement Services

    We NetworkBD, offer a full range of Corporate Compliance Requirement services to help organizations enter the market, start a business, and maintain continuous compliance with numerous statutory agencies. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from NetworkBD’s high-quality compliance services. Our team is well-versed in compliance rules and regulations, and we offer tailored help to keep you up to date on all regulatory needs. Our Corporate compliance requirement services in Bangladesh are an important aspect of any company’s operations, regardless of its industry. Internal regulations and rules, as well as national and international legislation, are covered by compliance. Embedding Corporate Compliance Requirement service in business policy can help a company avoid fines and lawsuits in the long run by preventing and detecting rule infractions.

    Enter Your New Markets With Our Corporate Compliance Services

    You can count on NetworkBD for comprehensive cognition and in-depth expertise to assist you in making the appropriate strategic decisions when entering new markets and reviewing the competitive or regulatory situation. Your corporate compliance Requirement program needs to be integrated with all enterprise-wide compliance efforts, from managing external regulations and internal policy to comprehensive employee training.In addition to other businesses, NetworkBD focuses on financial institutions (FIs) market entry and expansion in Bangladesh.

    Our Successful Ongoing Compliance Process

    Clients can rely on NetworkBD to verify that they are in compliance with local corporate regulatory corporate compliance requirements. Among our most important services are:


    1. Being selected as the secretary of your company
    2. Preparation and upkeep of the company’s memorandum and articles of incorporation ( Company Constitution)
    3. Keeping Statutory Books and Registers up to date
    4. Preparation and filing of ongoing resolutions
    5. Meetings with the company
    6. Statutory reporting and annual filings
    7. Services for Nominees
    8. Address of the Registered Office
    9. Reporting on Other Regulatory and Statutory Matters

    The Most Important Aspects of Compliance Management

    Compliance management is usually broken down into three parts:


    1. Finance & Audit:

    Where finance- and internal-audit-related regulations are managed.


    2. Information Technology:

    Where all information technology and communication obligations, as well as corporate objectives, are monitored and controlled.


    3. Legal:

    With the support of the legal department and the chief compliance officer, this essentially links the three parts together.

    Some Successful Process Of Our Corporate Compliance Requirements Services

    1. ANNUAL STATEMENT OR REPORT – Many governments throughout the world require firms to produce annual reports in order to maintain accurate records.


    1. TAX ON FRANCHISE -Some governments require businesses to pay a fee to operate within their borders.


    1. THE FAIR LABOUR STANDARDS ACT – The Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) requires all businesses to adhere to minimum wage, overtime pay, and record-keeping requirements for full- and part-time employees.

    Our Others Speciality In Corporate Compliance Requirement

    There is an increasingly onerous regulatory environment affecting many areas of business, in addition to the Companies Act laws and regulations. This necessitates tight managerial compliance, which is unique to the nature of the firm. Employment, health and safety, and data protection are just a few of the concerns that business owners frequently require assistance with.


    Our team can help with the formalities related to these concerns, either directly or through our extensive network of specialists with whom we maintain close links.

    Why Trust Us For Corporate Compliance Regulatory Services?


    Our services include a wide range of critical issues and necessitate in-depth compliance assessments. A corporation can find itself in legal trouble if it fails to follow even one human resource policy. To maintain compliance, human resources policies and processes must be reviewed on a regular basis. In addition, management must stay current on issues such as workplace communication, equality and benefits, and workplace harassment and discrimination prevention.



    Our Corporate Compliance Requirement services reduce the danger of fines, penalties, work stoppages, lawsuits, and even business closure. As a result, employing a compliance expert is the best way for a company to guarantee that it is adhering to all legal and other requirements. A compliance officer is a person whose job entails ensuring that the organization follows all external regulatory obligations as well as internal standards.



    Adherence to laws and regulations can benefit the business. It will, for example, avoid occurrences of discrimination and harassment, as well as provide a better working atmosphere that fosters higher productivity.



    Regular safety checks, fire drills, and inspections by the appropriate governmental agencies will ensure workplace safety. Employees should also be instructed to follow operating requirements.

    FAQ For Corporate Compliance Requirement

    What is our advantage if we are compliant?

    A clean compliance record supports sustained business and profitability, which is essential for a long-term firm.
    A strong compliance program builds trust among our customers, (future) employees, and other stakeholders. It may be a powerful marketing tool for both investors and governments.

    Who is responsible for compliance?

    Everyone who works for us is responsible for adhering to all applicable national and international laws and regulations, as well as our own internal rules, guidelines, and processes, such as the Code of Conduct. Living up to our company principle of “integrity” also entails speaking up when you hear or see something that concerns you.

    Supervisors have a greater obligation to ensure that their areas of responsibility are compliant and that their staff receive sufficient guidance.

    Whom can I contact if I have a complain?

    If you have a Compliance-related question or suggestion, are unsure how to act in a particular situation, or want to report a well-founded concern about serious noncompliance behavior or a criminal offense, please contact our supervisor, Human Resources representative. Compliance Officer, or Legal department as soon as possible so that we can pro-actively minimize any risk through proper investigation and action.

    What are the risks of non-compliant behavior?

    Non-compliant behavior exposes you to significant dangers. Exclusion from tenders or requests for proposals, as well as damage claims from consumers, are all possible sanctions.

    Furthermore, competition, government penalties, and lawyer fees connected with defending against such sanctions can all result in multi-million dollar payouts. Furthermore, you may be prevented from participating in some government programs, which could result in lower annual sales and, eventually, jeopardize your company’s existence.

    Furthermore, your brand’s reputation may be harmed. In other words, even a single noncompliance action on a local level can have a substantial and worldwide consequence on you.

    What if I face Retaliation?

    Any retaliation against someone who reports a concern is absolutely prohibited. Whether or not the underlying facts prove to be correct or result in any corrective action, reports submitted in good faith will not subject you to any consequences. If you believe you have been subjected to any form of retribution, please report it so that we can look into it. However, in the event of malicious claims, reserves the right to take action.

    How will you investigate a report I make?

    The Compliance Officer receives the information you supply through the Compliance Helpline automatically. We determine if an inquiry is essential and feasible based on this information. If this is the case, internal and/or external resources are employer. Your report’s contents are shared with the appropriate members of the investigating team.
    Authorities may be involved following a decision by General Management. All steps are taken in accordance with an internal Integrity and Compliance Policy. You will receive a report at the conclusion of your phone call or web-based report.
    key, and you’ll be asked to make a password. You can check the status and make changes using these credentials.

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