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    Premium Company Secretary Services In Bangladesh

    To satisfy these demanding needs and legal duties, we, the highly professional team members, provide a full variety of company Secretarial support services. While you sit back and relax in your office, we complete all of your Ministerial tasks. Whether you are based in this nation or another, we can get your job done quickly and accurately using our contacts with Ministries. All you have to do is let us know what you need and submit accurate documentation.

    Although private companies are not required to have corporate secretaries, the responsibilities still exist. Company Secretary administration is seen as a necessary legal prerequisite for the operation of a business. Maintaining proper statutory records and filing documents with the Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) to ensure statutory compliance, as well as advising directors on their responsibilities under the Bangladesh Companies Act 1994 and preparing all Minutes and other documents, are just a few of the many responsibilities for which a company secretarial service is required.

    Company Secretary in Bangladesh

    Our 12 Main Secretarial Services Include:

    1. Creation of a Bangladeshi firm (domestic or international)
    2. Registration with the RJSC (Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms)
    3. Foreign firms wishing to establish a branch in Bangladesh
    4. Foreign firms wishing to establish a presence in Bangladesh
    5. Ongoing corporate secretarial services for both private and public businesses
    6. Businesses listed on the DSE and CSE are included
    7. Business registration
    8. Obtaining the appropriate business licenses and permits
    9. Assisting in the planning of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any board resolutions
    10. Drafting articles of incorporation and memorandums of association
    11. Assisting with the company’s stock offering and
    12. Keeping the company up to date on the latest listing laws and requirements

    Our Company Secretarial Services Design To Meet Your Need

    Our experts will direct you to the proper authorities and notify you of any legal requirements. Our goal is to construct a road for you so that you can make an investment in the right sector/area of the market and in the shortest amount of time feasible. Our highly skilled and experienced financial consultants would present the most up-to-date market analysis, typically attempting to demonstrate how the market is progressing and which sectors would prove to be extremely rewarding to invest in. Our highly qualified legal experts, on the other hand, would provide important insight into the legal standards and compliances that you must follow before, during, and after making the investment. As a result, it is apparent that our consulting framework covers both ends.

    The Firm Secretary's 4 Responsibilities Are as Follows:

    1. To guarantee that statutory forms are filed and submitted on time and correctly.


    2. To provide copies of decisions and agreements to the Registrar.


    3. To preserve and protect the company’s interests at all levels, including legal, statutory, administrative, arbitral, and other policy issues.

    4. Upon Board approval-


    • Timely convening of Board or Shareholder meetings
    • to affix signatures to announcements of such meetings
    • Annual and half-yearly accounts should be sent to shareholders 
    • To prepare meeting minutes in a timely and accurate manner 
    • To ensure that the required quorum is present at the meeting, and so on 


    5. Before signing, double-check that any agreements, deeds, and contracts are properly drafted and expressed.

    6. To work as a company’s public relations officer, and so on.

    Get 3 Dynamic Roles of the Company Secretary

    A Company Secretary has three primary responsibilities: to the Board, the Company, and the Shareholders. The Company Secretary’s function can be quite varied within each.

    1. Board 


    A Company Secretary must ensure that the method for appointing directors is followed correctly, as well as aid in the effective induction of Directors, which includes determining the unique training needs of directors and executive management. The secretary must also be ready to provide thorough practical support and direction to directors, both individually and collectively, with a focus on non-executive directors. He or she should also make it easier for all board and committee members to obtain information so that they may make the most of their capacity to participate in board meetings and debates.

    2. Company 


    Secretary ensures that all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements are met, as well as that due consideration is given to the company’s specific business interests; for example, a manufacturing company may require a different approach than a bank or financial services company or a charitable organization. The secretary should also help with the implementation of company strategies by ensuring that the board’s decisions and orders are followed and conveyed effectively. He or she should also be ready to give a central source of guidance and counsel on matters of business ethics and good governance inside the organization.

    3. Shareholders


    The Company Secretary must interact with the shareholders as needed and ensure that their interests are taken into account. He or she must also serve as a major point of contact for institutional and other shareholders, particularly when it comes to Corporate Governance issues.

    FAQ For Company Secretary Services

    1. What do a Company Secretary's responsibilities entail?

    A Company Secretary is in charge of the company’s efficient administration, particularly in terms of ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and ensuring that the board of directors’ decisions are carried out.

    2. What is included in secretarial services?

    The following are some of the services we provide as part of our company secretarial services:


    1. Creating minutes and resolutions for the board and its members.


    1. Revisions to the articles of incorporation.


    1. Assisting with officer appointment and removal.


    1. Changing the share capital and preparing documents for share issues and transfers.

    3. Who is eligible to work as a Company Secretary in Bangladesh?

    The corporate sector is where a Chartered Secretary makes the most impact. A Chartered Secretary certification is required to work as a Company Secretary.

    4. How much does a company secretary make on average?

    As of September 27, 2021, the average Corporate Secretary salary in the United States is $217,757, but the range typically falls between $175,352 and $272,381.

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