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    Network BD Delivering A Winning Productivity Solutions Grant

    The PSG is a government Productivity Solutions Grant that supports local SMEs who intend to utilize IT to improve their business operations. The company offers IT solutions for many different industries such as retail, construction, food, and also offers solutions for business management, processes, and systems, such as customer management, inventory management, and financial management.


    We Offer 3 Must Required Eligibility For The Productivity Solutions Grant


    The following criteria must be met by SMEs to qualify for PSG:


    1. The company is registered and operates in Bangladesh
    2. Minimum 30% local ownership
    3. Interested in Bangladesh-based IT solutions

    Our eCommerce website development is perfect for SME registered in Bangladesh with a minimum of 30% local shareholding and looking for IT solutions. We offer the PSG.

    The 6 Documents Required For Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

    For a successful PSG application, the following supporting documents are required:


    1. An acceptance of a quotation/contract or a purchase order

    2. Itemized invoice

    3. Including screenshots of the company name and e-commerce platform name

    4. Report of one-month usage of software licences

    5. Payment receipt or copy of the cheque

    6. Payment statement from the bank

    Top 3 Business Eligibility For Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)


    You can apply for the PSG if you meet these eligibility requirements:


    1. Business must be registered and operating in Bangladesh 
    2. The IT solutions or equipment must be purchased or subscribed to in Bangladesh
    3. At least 30% local ownership (for selected solutions only)

    Most Effective Productivity Solutions Grant For Financial Services


    The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) assists businesses in adopting solutions that improve productivity. The Grants Management Office at the Ministry of Trade and Industry coordinates the program, which is administered by the sector-leading agencies.

    Cover Below Offerings Successfully By Productivity Solutions Grant

    It offers up to 70% of funding assistance as an incentive to help companies implement technological solutions. The high funding support enables companies to make long-term investments in technology.

    It covers retail, food and logistics solutions, to name a few. Additionally, PSG supports IT solutions for customer management, data analytics, financial management, inventory tracking, and e-commerce.

    FAQ For Productivity Solutions Grant

    1. Do you support unlisted IT solutions and vendors who have not been pre-approved?

    Companies can only be supported by pre-approved vendors with pre-scored packages. There is no pre-approved vendor for equipment, but it must at least meet the specifications provided.

    2. Are the equipment and IT solutions adopted cost-effective?

    Support is available only for the actual purchase/lease/hire costs of pre-approved equipment or pre-approved IT solution packages.

    3. The Business Grants Portal offers what types of grants? You may apply for:

    1. Assist with Market Readiness 
    2. Business Development Grants 
    3. Investment Fund for Business Improvement 
    4. Development Fund for Aviation 
    5. Grants for Productivity Solutions
    6. Fund for Agriculture and Food Cluster Transformation 
    7. Grants for Electric Vehicle Common Chargers 

    4. Is it possible for a company to submit concurrent applications?

    Yes, that is possible. Contact our representatives for a detailed discussion.

    5. What will be the company's notification of claims disbursement?

    You will receive an email to confirm the transaction at the email address you have provided on the BGP.

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