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Most Exclusive SME Financing Guide Service in Bangladesh

NetworkBD is one of Bangladesh’s leading SME Financing Guide service providers. If you want to get the best SME financing guide service in Bangladesh you can contact us today.  Most organizations start small except if it is a large-scale business heritage that is passed down the generation. Business measures to the side, all organizations would ultimately require financial assistance to extend or to proceed with business during income disturbance. The most well-known business substance that needs financial help is the small and medium enterprise (SME).


Foreign Investors Will Be Benefit From Our SME Financing Guide services

Foreign investors push for SME Financing Guide like UK or USA, yet local development organizations utilizing work serious innovation which is more affordable and accept they can offer more to the GDP development of Bangladesh. A variety of managed investment, superannuation, and pension solutions are also available. SME financing guide services benefit is available with several of our superannuation programs. We can assist you in applying for these products, as well as provide general financial advise on our products and those offered by other financial institutions, including Bank members.

How Our SME Financing Guide Service Works For You

Have you seen that banks suddenly approach you to offer financial arrangements when you are in a decent financial position? Indeed, it is on the grounds that you are suggesting to them that you have legitimate financial administration and realizing you can take care of it. The equivalent applies to an organization. On the off chance that you wish to acquire financing from banks, it is best done when your business financial summaries are in the pink of health. The banks will stay away from you and your advance applications when you need the cash the most. In any event, when you are operating at a profit, it is the best an ideal opportunity to begin applying for your business financing.

The 4 Lenders That Could Loan Your Organization The Cash


Banks – The most well-known agent for nearly everything. With the SME pattern rising, all banks in Bangladesh offer SME financing guide instruments. Each bank will have a bunch of standards for SMEs to meet all requirements for loans. Business loans are the least expensive financing choice, yet the hardest to be approved. Keep your choices open and analyze each bank’s SME financing guide. 


Financial institutions – Similar to banks, they are explicit loan specialists and routinely center around resource based loaning. The Financial Authority of Bangladesh has reported another guideline to permit finance organizations to offer unstable SME financing up to 25% of their capital assets.


P2P lender – The most recent pattern in financial choices pools assets from a gathering of investor through an internet lender stage. The web-based stage will set up a rundown of expected borrowers with their essential financial profile. Interested investor can see, decide to take part and give subsidizing. This strategy suits SMEs not qualified for conventional advances, typically new businesses.


Alternative money lenders – These are for the most part private loan specialists that loan directly to the SMEs. Their financing costs are typically the most highest of all.

Effective Guideline to the Types of SME Financing Guide

Coming up next are the sorts of SME financing accessible on the market. 


Unsecured business loan: It is a single amount loan without insurance, reimbursed month to month between one to five years. 


Government financing plans: Various financing plans are directed by Enterprise Bangladesh like SME Micro Loan, SME Working Capital Loan, SME Equipment and Factory Loans, Loan Insurance Scheme and Bridging Loan for Marine and Offshore Engineering organizations. 


Gear and apparatus loan: SMEs needing to purchase long-lasting hardware can acquire a loan utilizing the machine as insurance. Interests of this sort advance are lower with banks financing 70% to 90% of the gear price tag. 


Industrial or business property loan: It is the financing with the least interest as it is compared to other property advances. It is normal for banks to back up to 80% of the property cost. 


Factoring: You offer your solicitations to the lender, getting a loan forthright and agents assume control over the obligation. This works in the event that you expand long loan terms or offer to huge organizations. Lenders also favor solicitations to government bodies or legitimate organizations. 


Trade Financing: It is a pre-approved rotating loan line to fund unrefined components or stock buys. Be that as it may, SMEs are normally offered import financing. It is helpful to fund transient exchanging cycles. 


Business Overdraft (OD): Just like some other overdraft office, you can pull out cash without prior warning pretty much anything. Its loan cost is higher as it is determined day by day and charged month to month. It is a fantastic financing office to connect working capital gapes, never under any circumstance as a long term financing apparatus. 

SME Financing Expert Guidance To Survey Your Business

Survey Your Business Through The Following 5 Models


  1. The business and nature of business – Some banks don’t fund explicit ventures or business nature because of negative possibility or history. A few banks do, so continue to attempt. 
  2. Years of activity – Traditionally, banks need something like a few years of administrations. Consequently, new companies have insignificant choices for business term loans in Bangladesh. 
  3. Yearly income – The base suggested yearly pay.
  4. Financial report investigation – Banks require your financial summaries to eventually see your net benefit and shortfall just as all out value in your asset report. The better your financial position, the better the opportunities to get financing. 
  5. Bank explanation examination – The assertion should show your organization income and its administration. 

Most Important 8 Documents for SME Financing Guide

Basic documents you should get ready while applying for SME financing. 


  1. The most recent two years of financial reports 
  2. Most recent three to a half year bank statements 
  3. Account holder’s and lender’s maturing installment list 
  4. A duplicate of the director’s ID card.
  5. In the event that your organization is registered for VAT 
  6. Details of existing loan offices (If any) 
  7. Organization premise photographs (whenever needed by banks) 
  8. Brief organization profile 

Improve Your Chances of Approval for SME Financing Guide with us

Not all banks will rapidly support a business term loan. Yet, in the event that you can prove that you can take care of them, banks are glad to loan cash. Start by arranging and submit applications early. This is significant on the grounds that you should hang tight half a month for application status. Your organization financial standing will also be a sign for banks to either approve or dismiss your loan application. Be on top of your financials to guarantee solid income. As you pursue your borrowers for installments, you should to also be a decent paymaster. 

Final Thoughts With Network BD

Keep your choices open. On the off chance that you can’t get financing by means of conventional strategies, there are consistently other financing choices accessible. Trust this SME financing guide has enlightened you in for sure.

FAQ for SME Financing Guide

1. What role do SMEs play in creating jobs?

Developmental engines. SMEs in every country do more than just create jobs: they are also engines of economic growth and social development. SMEs are also more likely to hire people who have a harder time finding work, such as young people, older workers, and workers with lower skills.

2. How can the government best assist small businesses?

Governments could help in a variety of ways, including providing collateral, creating and supporting specific loans for SMEs, and awarding grants to those who meet certain criteria, such as increasing productivity or hiring more people. They may also favor them when it comes to taxation.

3. How are government regulation costs paid for?

Financial regulation has a direct impact on the federal budget, both in terms of spending on programs that support financial institution stability and in terms of revenue generated by taxes and fees paid by those institutions.

4. What impact does government regulation have on business growth?

Interest rates are influenced by government policy, and a rise in interest rates raises the cost of borrowing for businesses. Consumer spending falls when interest rates rise. As businesses increase production, lower interest rates attract investment. When there is a high level of inflation, businesses do not thrive.

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