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    There are many examples around us where the fantasy about turning into an entrepreneur is broken because of lack of capital regardless of the grateful of great thoughts. That is why the idea of start-up government grants came up.


    While the main world nations have every one of the chances and backing to launch a startup. Bangladesh doesn’t have a good condition to start a startup. However, still start-up government grants some energetic personalities who made their stride and became successful. 


    To speed up their drive, government-claimed Venture Capital Company Startup Bangladesh Limited began their journey. 


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    The cabinet has supported a state-claimed investment organization called Startup Bangladesh Limited in August 2019. As per the public authority’s Information and Communication Technology Divisions (ICT), the Prime Minister gave strategy endorsement to the organization at a standard gathering. When the organization is set up, it will actually want to put a limit of Tk1 crore in the seed stage and a limit of Tk5 crores in the development directed startup round as far as startup valuation. 


    As per a composed statement from the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Startup Bangladesh Limited will assume a vital part in making a maintainable startup biological system in Bangladesh as the primary state-claimed investment organization and will take the public authority’s vision-2021 above and beyond. 


    The point of the organization is to support unfamiliar direct interest in the nation by changing the inventive thoughts of new companies in Bangladesh into business, just as to take out joblessness, make work and financial development for the nation in general. ICT Minister Zunaid Ahmed Polok referenced in the cabinet meeting that the organization should be shaped to give subsidizing, tutoring, collaborating space, legal guide, and so on, to new companies. In the 2019-2020 spending plan, the public authority had apportioned Tk100 crore for the startup area. 


    The journey began with the capital of Tk500 crore. This year, startup Bangladesh Limited will give Tk100 crore to 50 business people. The supports will be spent on making youthful business people, enhancing advances, progresses, new work environments, and financial change. 


    The declaration came at the consenting to function of an arrangement to commend the 50th commemoration of autonomy just as the principal series of new businesses to put resources into Bangladesh. With this, the new mission named ‘Shoto Borshe Shoto Asha’ of Startup Bangladesh Limited officially began its journey on March 31, 2021. The mission was officially declared by ICT serve Zunaid Ahmed Palak. 


    The organization gave Tk15 crores to 7 Bangladeshi new companies this year. The seven organizations are Pathao Limited, Sheba XYZ,, Intelligence Machine, Dhaka Cast, Eduhive, and Moner Bondhu. This asset will empower them to work on the nature of their items or administrations, increment productivity, advertise and further develop store supply-chain management. 


    This time Startup Bangladesh Limited is putting just in set up and effective ventures. In any case, the organization will likewise put resources into the new participants as well, particularly the understudies. Understudies should be acquainted with such new companies where start-up government grants facilities; then, at that point, they will actually want to accomplish something all alone without running the work. 

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    Government-owned funding will definitely open the entryway for entrepreneurs. In any case, the association is right now working with a set up organization and has target to work with new organizations in the future. 


    In addition, Startup Bangladesh Limited has been filling in as a component of the execution of the Economic Liberation and Digital Bangladesh Framework by giving capital as a part of facilities start-up government grants, financial and functional direction to youngsters for innovation-based developments and drives at a beginning phase. Furthermore, considering the social and financial effect of these innovation based undertakings, Startup Bangladesh Limited will put resources into Seed and Growth Stage organizations.

    FAQ for Start-Up Government Grants

    Is it easy to incorporate?

    It is generally best to work with an experienced lawyer to set up a legal entity, then file with the state where you plan to operate. There are also several other tools and websites you can find in our Startup Tools & Resources section.

    What is the best way to protect my idea?

    Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are all available. If you have something unique about your business, you should consider filing for a patent to temporarily protect it while it is starting up

    What is the best way to know if my idea is good?

    You should talk to your customers. Are they buying from you? Would they say your offerings are valuable to them? This relates to Traction and Validation. Your idea may have legs if you have a validated concept and are building traction.

    Would it be wise to raise funds?

    It depends. If you are aware that you need capital to take your idea forward, then you might want to consider raising money. If you are looking to raise capital to pay the founders or hire a salesperson, then probably not.

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