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    Ensure Your Business Credibility with Our Company Chop Service

    We at NetworkBD can assist you in ensuring the security of your company’s assets. We can ensure that the chops are physically safeguarded with defined policies in the event of the custodian’s absence, as well as a dedicated maintenance record containing information on each usage, such as the date/time, user’s name, signature, and purpose of use, through our Company Chop Services. We may also assist with the development of clear written policies that identify the context and/or purpose for the usage of each chop, as well as the authorized custodian for each chop and the custodian’s responsibilities.


    Companies in Bangladesh use a stamp, known as a chop, to conduct legal business. Company chops are needed when certain tasks or decisions are being carried out. Businesses are required to have a chop in order to operate in other countries. There are often multiple company chops within a company, but every company has a specific purpose for each chop.

    Company Chop or Stamp Services In Bangladesh

    Use Your Company Chop Services To Get Legally Authorized Documentation

    Bangladeshi companies often require a company Stamp to ratify documents as legally binding. Therefore, a company that wants to do business with other companies in these countries or outside their country must have the legal authority to execute documents, make decisions, and transact with them. You must know where to look and how to approach companies if you want your business to succeed.

    We Ensure 6 Main Types Of Company Chop Services Affordably

    1. Authentic Company Stamp

    Company stamp is a stamp that every company must obtain when signing any document that requires legal authority. The company may change its name, scope of business, open financial accounts, and take other large-scale actions as part of its business program.


    The official company stamp of a company can be used a variety of times and holds the highest level of authority in the company. The company stamp will be stamped on all official correspondence, contracts, and law documents unless a secondary specific stamp is used.

    2. The Financial Stamp

    The use of a financial stamp is to allow for the setting up of financial accounts and disbursement of funds by a company.

    3. Invoice Stamp

    An electronic contract stamp is useful when signing and validating contracts with other parties. The contract stamp has less authority than the company’s main stamp, but it still allows for individuals to contract on behalf of the company.

    4. Stamps Used On Bills

    It is common for invoices and tax receipts to be issued using an invoice stamp. It serves as an expense statement for business purchases.

    5. Stamps Electronically

    Electronic stamps are a newer version of company stamps. They are used for online transactions.

    6. Tax Stamp

    If your company conducts imports and exports, you may need to operate cross-border business with a registered customs stamp.

    Get Unique and Specialized Company Stamp Without Ease

    The right paperwork for a company stamp will be provided by a specialist in that country, and in some instances, a stamp will be required before a company can be registered.


    Obtaining a stamp requires business information and documentation from a stamp maker. The stamp maker will make a company stamp that is unique and specialized to your company. The company’s legal advisor or head decision maker will need to keep the company’s stamps safe. 

    Protect Your Business From Fraud With NetworkBD

    Although a firm seal stamp is a unique and non-transferable asset, it is subject to unauthorized usage by non-accredited individuals or organizations, as well as being reproduced and manipulated by an impostor, which can be costly to a corporation. While one individual can theoretically hold all of a company’s chops, we recommend creating a separation of roles or entrusting the chops to a reputable chop services provider.


    NetworkBD can help you achieve this separation and safeguard your firm from fraud, unauthorized bank accounts, unlawful chopping of legally binding agreements, and other threats by providing company chop services.

    FAQs For Company Chop Services

    Do I need a company chop?

     An official company chop is required when an important document is signed and can provide legal authority when opening a bank account or changing company name or business opportunities. There is a wide range of uses in all official company chop seals and it symbolizes the rights of legal persons.

    Is a company stamp a legal requirement?

     There is no legal requirement for what you put on the stamp. In general, it depends on the choice of the company. You can include company names, mailing addresses, registration numbers and other details that you think are important.

    What should be included in the company chop?

     According to the said amendment, whether it is a private limited company, public company or a foreign company registered in this country, they should include their respective company numbers after the company name in the general seals, official letters, accounts, invoices of the company.

    What does it mean to cut a document?

     A company’s chop is an official seal or stamp that replaces the use of a signature in Bangladesh. A company’s chop is used to legitimize documents instead of using a signature. Managers and administrators typically use company chops.

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