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    Build Stronger Digital Capabilities With Our SMEs Go Digital Transformation

    Our SMEs Go Digital transformation program seeks to assist SMEs in adopting digital technology and developing stronger digital capabilities in order to take advantage of digital economy growth possibilities. SMEs Go Digital builds on the basis of Enhanced print by taking a more systematic and participatory approach to SMEs’ adoption of digital technology.


    Small and medium companies (SMEs) are the backbone of Bangladesh’s economy, employing two-thirds of the workforce and accounting for roughly half of the country’s GDP (GDP). As the Bangladeshi economy undergoes a digital revolution, it is critical that our SMEs take advantage of digital technologies to improve operations and earn new revenue.

    Bangladesh SMEs Go Digital Transformation

    Successful Steps Of SMEs Go Digital Transformation Programme

    1. Digital Strategy for the Industry (IDP)


    For each stage of your business’s growth, you’ll need a guide on digital solutions and training.


    2. Start with the Digital Pack


    Foundational digital solutions for new SMEs to help you get a leg up on the competition when it comes to turning digital.


    3. Grow Your Digital Business


    You can use e-commerce platforms for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) to go global.


    4. Solutions That Have Been Pre-Approved


    NetworkBD has pre-approved proven SME-friendly digital solutions to fulfill your business needs. For the implementation of these solutions, government grants, such as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), are available.


    5. Digital Solutions of the Future


    Digital solutions that are advanced and integrated to help you increase business continuity and establish long-term resilience.


    6. Services of Consultation (SME Digital Tech Hub)


    You can rely on expert assistance to help you transform your organization using digital technologies.

    Discovere New Opportunities With SMEs Go Digital Transformation

    With the rise of the digital economy and the present COVID-19 crisis, the global economy’s future will be dominated by digitalization. Blockchain, IoT, 5G, cloud computing, robots, AI, and data science, as well as the introduction of new digitalized business models, will have a significant impact on the global economy. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) constitute an important part of most countries’ economic development.


    SMEs should embrace digital technologies and support digitalization when confronted with change. They should also look for possibilities to boost their own added value in the digitalization wave by learning from successful companies in M-commerce, sharing economy, IoT, NextGen innovation, and other new business models. Small businesses must also overcome a lack of resources and knowledge in implementing new technology in order to be successful and reach a larger market. In this case, NetworkBD works for your overall improvement.


    1. Investments: There will be many opportunities to improve customer loyalty, strengthen employee satisfaction, and develop new business processes, according to her.


    2. Additions: We increased productivity by ten to fifteen percent by analyzing machine data, reducing stoppages, and planning maintenance using technology solutions

    Special Benefits Of Going Digital For SMEs

    The following are some of the key advantages that digital transformation can provide to Bangladesh SMEs working in agri-food systems:


    1. Strengthening resilience to external shocks


    According to several sources, investments in digitization can be a game-changer for SMEs in terms of building resilience to external shocks. Digitalization can help SMEs improve their forecasting abilities, streamline their operations, develop their relationships with suppliers and customers, and lower transaction costs – all of which can help SMEs adjust to external shocks and strains.

    2. Increased efficiencies and savings


    For SMEs, digital transformation streamlines and consolidates routine procedures and activities, allowing them to improve operational efficiencies and cut costs dramatically. This is especially important during COVID-19-induced limitations on people (SME employees) and commodities transit.


    3. Traceability


    Consumers all around the world are looking for more transparency and simple access to information about their food’s origin and supply chain, also known as traceability. SMEs delivering agriculture produce to local and international markets might digitally map their farmers, their certification credentials, and manage their supply chains more efficiently if they went digital.


    4. Logistics


    By digitizing their supply chains, SMEs may eliminate manual customs and trade processes while increasing efficiencies in the transportation of goods inside and across nations.


    5. Increased competitiveness, agility, and innovation


    SMEs can benefit from digital transformation by becoming more competitive, agile, and inventive. It can help them compete with larger businesses and expand.

    How NetworkBD Works For SMEs?

    With this innovative strategy, SMEs will be able to prepare for their digital transformation. They may commence the transformation implementation (on a step-by-step method) while retaining it as part of day-to-day business operations while maintaining full control of the necessary strategic and operational adjustments.


    The learning, planning, and implementation management methods and tools we provide will assist SMEs in understanding the benefits and dangers of digital transformation. They will be able to successfully manage change and increase their performance, competitiveness, and productivity by establishing and implementing a totally individual and fit-for-purpose plan.

    FAQs About  SMEs Go Digital Transformation Services

    What is digitization for SME?

     Digital conversion enables companies to digitally refine their business models You too can benefit from the digital revolution.

    What is digital in digital conversion?

     Digital transformation is the process of meeting the changing business and market needs to transform new or existing, business processes, cultures and customer experiences using digital technology. This redevelopment of business in the digital age is the digital transformation.

    What is a digital conversion strategy?

     A digital conversion strategy is a detailed plan for using digital solutions to improve the physical aspects of your business across engineering, manufacturing and services. Digital transformation is, and in itself, a broad business strategy.

    Why SMEs have to be digital?

     A digital operational ecosystem will ensure that SME owners gain better insights, streamline employee activity and, above all, retain customers with better service delivery. SMEs can also benefit from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms that were previously only designed for large enterprises.

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