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    Maximize Chance Of Success With Our Startup Consulting Services

    Our Bangladesh startup and early-stage business consulting services are centered on practical, cost-effective solutions that work. We understand the challenges that startups and early-stage business owners face on a daily basis: a plethora of ideas, enormous potential, and restricted budgets, and limited resources.


    Our Bangladesh Startup consulting firm provides a wide range of support services to new businesses. From advising to design and development, marketing campaigns, and sales tactics, we’ve got you covered. We provide services to help entrepreneurs and investors get started, succeed, and grow. We provide a comprehensive set of services for startups as a full-service agency. Work with a firm that has experience launching businesses in a variety of industries. To launch your new business, work with expert business consultants.

    Is There A Future For Bangladesh Startups?

    From startups to scale-ups, NetworkBD provides a variety of Bangladesh startup business consulting services to assist tech founders in growing their businesses and innovating meaningfully: solving real-world challenges for real people. We collaborate with hundreds of companies across the country to convert ground-breaking ideas into global-impacting goods and services.


    Bangladesh is a potential market in and of itself. Bangladesh also has a lot of potential as a labor-intensive manufacturing base. When asked to name the most appealing features of Bangladesh, both the corporate and public sectors cite low-cost labor as the most important consideration. Bangladesh, in addition to its enormous population and low-cost labor, has significant natural resource reserves, particularly natural gas.


    Bangladesh is a democratic country that is moderate, secular and liberal, with enormous potential. It has a global reputation for poverty alleviation, primary school enrollment, women’s empowerment, family planning, newborn, under-five, and maternal mortality rate reductions, as well as the reduction of infectious diseases and child immunization rates.


    Bangladesh is transitioning from a primarily agrarian economy to an industrial and service-based economy. The private sector is becoming increasingly involved in the country’s economic life, while the state sector focuses on physical and social infrastructure. Bangladesh’s objectives are lofty and the country’s energy, agriculture, transportation and environmental sectors abound with potential for the best domestic and foreign businesses. Join  us for Bangladesh startup advisory services.

    3 Special Reasons You Startup Your Company In Bangladesh

    1. Supporting Government


    Bangladesh’s government has taken a number of efforts to help the country become a startup-friendly environment. The government developed appealing business policies, including favorable tax regimes and assistance programs, to enable new pilot enterprises to get off to a successful start. Aside from that, Bangladesh is noted for its highly skilled workforce, fair legal system and simple business rules. More entrepreneurs, both locals and foreigners, prefer Bangladesh to launch their businesses since they don’t have to comply with onerous legislation and have such strong government assistance. Bangladesh startup area increasing day by day.

    2. Expert Workforce

    Bangladesh’s excellent educational levels have improved the nation’s human capital quality over time. Bangladesh offers a large pool of competent and knowledgeable workers, which makes the hiring process considerably easier for businesses. Bangladesh startups benefit from a valuable staff combined with a low cost of hiring because they do not have to invest a lot of money at the start.

    3. Startup-Friendly Environment

    Bangladesh continues to foster an effective atmosphere for businesses to develop, despite being dubbed the world’s freest economy. Their efforts to make startup resources widely accessible are an example of how they achieve this. Many investors, business mentors, service suppliers and other business catalysts are available in Bangladesh to assist expanding businesses. Countless businesses have surely benefited from this healthy, productive environment. In 2017, the country established Bangladesh startup to foster collaboration and cooperation within the startup community, as well as to assist newcomers in expanding their contacts in the community.

    So, if you’re still debating whether or not you should launch your business in Bangladesh, the answer is yes.


    Legal Registration Procedure of Startup in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh startup process is partially computerized. The process of forming a business in Bangladesh is divided into three steps: a) Name clearance; b) establishing a bank account and bringing the paid-up capital into Bangladesh; and c) company registration Step b is only relevant if the proposed firm has any foreign shareholders.

    Step 1: Name Clearance

    Obtaining name authorization for the proposed company name is the first step in founding a Bangladesh corporation. To obtain a name clearance, go to, create a username, and then submit an application. You will receive a bank payment slip after submitting an application for name clearance, with which you must deposit Tk. 600 at an authorized bank. Following payment, the name clearance can be received from the RJSC website. For Bangladesh startups everything will be easy by us.

    Step 2: Open a Bank Account and Deposit The Paid-Up Capital

    If the proposed company has a foreign shareholding, this stage is solely applicable.


    Any scheduled bank in Bangladesh will need to open a bank account in the proposed company’s name. Money equal to the shares to be owned by foreign shareholders from outside of Bangladesh must be remitted into the account after it is opened. The Bank will provide an Encashment Certificate, which the RJSC will need in order to incorporate.

    Step 3: The Company's Registration

    The final step is to fill out the RJSC’s website with all of the essential information. Following submission, you will receive a bank payment slip to pay the registration costs and stamp duty.


    The Bangladesh startup for the registration process is completed once the payment has been made in the bank. In order to receive the Certificate of Incorporation, RJSC must be followed up on a regular basis. Officials from the RJSC will examine the documents and information. They will issue the Certificate of Incorporation if they are satisfied.

    Begin Right Now With NetworkBD

    Your idea, no matter how excellent or promising you to believe it is, will remain just that: an idea. Now is a better moment than ever to begin your entrepreneurial career. It will undoubtedly be a difficult path to travel, but if done correctly, it will be rewarding. The business world is harsh, not only in Bangladesh but throughout the world, which is why it is critical to conduct extensive research and understand the market before jumping in. So, on your way to becoming a successful company in Bangladesh, remember to buckle up and stay strong in the face of adversity! Contact us today to know more about the Bangladesh startup process.

    Why Startup With NetworkBD?


    1. Research into the market


    Clients collaborate with business startup consultants to do in-depth research about the market, industry, rivals, offers, incentives, and other pertinent details. Early-stage research and due diligence are assisted by startup consultants.


    2. Assistance with Planning


    Clients benefit from startup consultants’ assistance with planning. Developing a strategy for developing an offering, such as products, services, or solutions. How to promote them, reach out to new clients, and expand the company. Planning aids in defining the path’s appearance.


    3. Execution of the Task


    Getting things done entails completing tasks. Startup consulting services assist you in completing the necessary procedures and duties to get your business off the ground. To give quality results, services are managed and suppliers are provided. Early on, action-oriented support is beneficial.


    4. Business Development


    Consultants assist startups in growing their businesses. Creating effective marketing campaigns and sales strategies to earn profits. With consulting services, you can increase your market share and consumer base.

    FAQs For Bangladesh Startup

    Who is eligible to invest?

    The company would like to invest in registered startups and enterprises in Bangladesh with high growth potential and / or significant social impact. Investors will be seed, early stage and growth stage startup and impact enterprise.

    How can I grow my startup?

     Here are seven steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. 1. Stay true to the original purpose. 2. Develop a new mission. 3. Pick up too with new opportunities. 4. Focus on door cash. 5. Get your priority directly. 6. Get everyone behind your eyes. 7. Rent, train (and fire) is your vision.

    What are the key considerations for successfully running a startup?

     Here are six things to keep in mind when starting a new business. 1. Market evaluation. 2. Do your homework about the market demand and how these demands are met today 3. Business plan. 4. Your team. 5. Capital assets. 6. Personal problems and self-assessment.

    How do you increase sales?

    Increased sales Launch new products or services. Provide a wide range of products or services to your clients. 1. New 2. Expand to domestic markets 3. Improve your sales channel. 4. Marketing activities. 5. Change your price. 6. Be aware of the competition. 7. Improve communal relations. 8. Do not neglect customer service.

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