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    Your Global Outsourcing Hub of Choice - NetworkBD

    We’ve witnessed an increase in the trend toward remote working in recent months as a result of social distancing measures taken by many countries, and as a result, outsourcing of company services. Outsourcing’s viability and benefits are obvious:


    1. Increased profit margins by reducing the need to rent or buy huge office space, as well as the associated maintenance expenditures.
    2. Improved access to a talent pool with the best cost and capabilities offering, as well as a better understanding of how to use it.
    3. Allows you to concentrate more on your core business.


    The relevance of outsourcing professional services for business continuity planning and crisis management has risen in recent years. Beyond evaluating areas of the capability to match your company’s demands, it’s also crucial to examine the country in where your outsourcing partner for professional services is located.


    It’s critical to find an outsourcing operating environment that has a high level of integrity while also having the internet connectivity and infrastructure to enable uninterrupted service delivery for company continuity and seamless operations. And Bangladesh has plenty of it!

    Bangladesh-Your Global Outsourcing Hub of Choice

    Boost Your Productivity In Bangladesh With Data Driven Outsourced Services

    Bangladesh is gaining traction in the outsourcing world, particularly when it comes to data-driven outsourced services that can boost productivity. The following are some of the 4 factors that contribute to Bangladesh’s appeal as an offshore destination:


    1. At BPO businesses prepared to invest in the workplace environment, attrition rates are extremely low (around 10%). This is largely due to the fact that the industry has luckily avoided the factory-like ethos associated with outsourcing in other nations.


    2. The government is assisting IT exports by providing subsidized resources and tax breaks, as well as assisting with business ease whenever possible.


    3. Over the last five years, IT infrastructure has improved substantially, to the point where organizations have eliminated internet and power disruptions through meticulous process planning. Business continuity was still difficult to secure seven years ago due to infrastructural challenges, but by 2019, the standards had risen dramatically.


    4. The rise of internet companies in urban areas has piqued the interest of local residents, who are eager to work in the IT industry. There is a huge number of young university graduates who speak excellent English and can engage directly with clients. Young professionals in Bangladesh are not only hardworking, but they also want to be a part of success stories that will help uplift Bangladesh on the global stage.


    Bangladesh is home to Quantanite, and we continue to believe it is the most appealing site for data processing-focused BPO firms today. We’ve put a lot of money into expanding our business in Dhaka, and we continue to expect the country to provide a highly favorable operating climate for enterprises like ours.

    Influence Your Outsourcing Decision With NetworkBD

    The 2 most common reasons I’ve seen firms choose to outsource are:

    1. In order to cut costs and
    2. To be able to focus on core business in order to effectively work with future goals and planning.


    There are also some other 6 factors that may influence their outsourcing decision, such as:


    1. Resolving capacity constraints
    2. Risk sharing and distribution
    3. Having access to world-class resources
    4. Increasing the quality of service
    5. Changing the world for the better
    6. Increasing the efficiency of a company environment, and so forth.


    A recent study, however, has revealed a shift in the industry thought. Now, firms consider outsourcing for reasons other than cost savings. Rather, it’s being viewed as an important tool for innovation and a potential source of future prosperity.

    We Support Our Clients Throughout Bangladesh

    We just held a virtual launch for our Bangladesh office, which will open in 2020. Due to our investment in technology and a highly qualified team, we were able to do so in a timely manner despite continuous travel restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our employees were dispatched to Bangladesh to provide remote support to our international clients, much like an outsourcing partner would. We are able to provide seamless service to our clients because of our constant efforts and investments in technology, digitization, and automation. We’ve gotten a lot of good comments, with a lot of praise for our English language skills, our great numeracy skills, and our professional abilities to give high-quality services.


    Speak with us to learn more about how we may be your professional services outsourcing partner of choice.

    FAQs For Business Outsourcing Hub

    1. How does Bangladesh fare in terms of outsourcing?

    Bangladesh has been named the world’s 26th best destination for IT outsourcing by a US firm. Bangladesh has been included in AT Kearney’s Top 50 Global Services Location Index for the first time. AT Kearney is a leading management consulting firm with offices in over 40 countries.

    2. What are my options for outsourcing in Bangladesh?

    Available. The most popular online outsourcing jobs in Bangladesh are IT-related tasks such as data entry, graphics design, software design and development, web design, multimedia, and search engine optimization (SEO).


    3. What are the advantages of outsourcing internationally?

    Offshore outsourcing of specific business tasks and processes has a number of benefits.

    Cost savings of up to 80% are possible.

    • Optimised sourcing that is reliable.
    • Operational excellence that is laser-focused.
    • Integration of a customized operating model.
    • Measurable improvements in sales and service.

    4. Why did you decide to outsource to Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh’s emergence as an outsourcing competitor to established countries such as India and China is aided by three factors: Demographics by age group (skews heavily under 35) Workforce with a low cost of living. Incentives for the IT service sector from the government.

    5. How much money does Bangladesh make from outsourcing?

    Bangladesh has nearly a million freelancers who are outsourcing jobs all over the world, contributing to Bangladesh’s online revenue, and helping to reduce unemployment through extensive records. Bangladesh’s daily online earnings from various outsourcing marketplaces total around one crore BDT.

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