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    The process for obtaining or renewing a business license varies by state and city. All of them are familiar to NetworkBD. We become a partner to your firm and an extension of your compliance department with our business licensing services. You’ll work with a professional, knowledgeable business license account manager who will keep your portfolio up to date. You’ll also have access to our secure Business License Portfolio Management portal, which allows you to keep track of your complete business license portfolio.


    Bangladesh is one of the world’s developing countries. Many people go into business to make a living. In Bangladesh, obtaining a license is required for any type of business. The legal permission to do business in Bangladesh is provided through a license. Unless you are operating your firm as a sole proprietorship, you must first register as a Partnership or Company in order to get these licenses, approvals, permits, and certificates.

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    We Ensure 3 Types Of Business Licenses In Bangladesh Legally

    In Bangladesh, there are a few different sorts of trade licenses. The categories of trade licenses accessible in Bangladesh are listed below:


    1. A General Business License


    This is the form of trade license that can be used for almost any type of business, with the exception of commercial and manufacturing firms.


    2. Permit for Commercial Trade


    An individual or a separate legal business entity that desires to undertake commercial activities, such as retail outlets, must obtain this trade license.


    3. Trade License for Manufacturing


    Manufacturing trade licenses are required for companies that work in the manufacturing industry. Typically, such businesses have factories or industries.

    Legal Procedure for Obtaining a Business License for Any Business Entity

    The process of getting a trade license for enterprises operating within the Dhaka City Corporation zone is outlined below. Many local governments have comparable regulations.


    Step 1: Go to the City Corporation/ Municipal Corporation/ Union Parishad’s office and obtain the specified Application Form.


    Step 2: Submit the completed Application Form along with any supporting documentation to the appropriate area.


    Step 3: The Licensing Supervisor inspects the application.


    Step 4: Pay the required fees at the appropriate office.


    Step 5: Get a trade license from the City Corporation, Municipal Corporation, or Union Parishad.

    The needed documentation must be submitted with the completed trade license application form.

    Required Documents For Trade License

    1. Form of Application
    2. Entrepreneurial National ID Card
    3. Keeping a receipt for a tax payment
    4. Photograph of the Entrepreneur in a Recent Passport Size
    5. Non-judicial declaration of intent to follow the norms and regulations of the City Corporation and Municipal Corporation
    6. A certified copy of the articles of incorporation and memorandum of association
    7. a copy of the incorporation certificate
    8. Partnership Agreement
    9. Certificate of Tax Identification Number
    10. a copy of the registered office’s lease agreement
    11. Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Work Permit
    12. Bank Solvency Statement

    How Can We Help You Get a Trade License in Bangladesh?

    We can help you obtain a trade license in Bangladesh by providing the following services:


    We have a strong and capable team that can expedite the process of acquiring a Trade License. Our legal experts can help customers apply for a Trade License by holding consultations and meetings with them and requesting that they supply the appropriate papers, such as their NID, incorporation certificate, photos, MOA/AOA, and so forth. Depending on the type of organization or establishment, documents are collected for application.


    Because the procedures for acquiring a trade license for commercial and manufacturing business entities vary slightly, our legal team can assist the client by completing a trade license application with the appropriate supporting documents in the appropriate office.


    Our legal professionals can prepare, collect, and draft the necessary paperwork for obtaining a Trade License. After that, the documents are shared with the clients for implementation. Clients sign the documents, which are subsequently returned to us along with the other relevant paperwork.


    The application is then completed by our submitting the application form together with all supporting papers. We also pay the required government fees to the appropriate authority and work with them to receive a certified copy of the Trade License.


    Our legal professionals have a solid working relationship with government institutions such as BIDA and RJSC, making any certificate easy to obtain.


    If your license expires, we can help you renew it by executing the necessary actions at the proper time.

    The Bottom Line

    A trade license is required to legally start a business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, a limited liability corporation, or a partnership. To obtain a trade license, you must go to the Chairman’s Office or the City Corporation Office, depending on the location of your firm. Furthermore, because the business year runs from June to July, you should renew it every year in June.


    As a result of the above knowledge, you now know How To Get A Trade License In Bangladesh. It was difficult to obtain a trading license in the beginning. However, thanks to the internet, any entrepreneur can now learn everything there is to know about a trade license in a matter of minutes.

    FAQ For Business License In Bangladesh

    1. What is the cost of a trade license in Bangladesh?

    Inside the municipal area, the license fee is 3000 BDT, while outside the municipal area, the fee is 1500 BDT.

    2. What are the requirements for obtaining a trade license in Bangladesh?

    The documents needed to obtain a trade license are as follows: A copy of the entrepreneur’s National Identification Card (NID). Three (3) passport-size photographs are required. Passport photocopy (in case of Foreigner) Information required to complete the form

    3. What is the procedure for obtaining an ecommerce license in Bangladesh?

    If you live in a city corporation area, you should pick up an application form for an e-commerce trade license at your local city corporation office.

    4. What permits are required in Bangladesh to open a restaurant?

    In Bangladesh, only a few documents are required to open a restaurant.

    • Certificate of Incorporation (for a limited company)
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association ( for limited company)
    • Trade license
    • Partnership Certificate (for Partnership Firm)
    • NID (National Identification) card copy
    • TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number)
    • VAT (Value Added Tax) Certificate
    • No Objection Certificate
    • Health Certificate
    • Fire License
    • Photograph of the owner (Proprietor, Managing Director or authorized person of the business.)

    When restaurants serve foreign foods to customers, an Import Registration Certificate (IRC) is required for importing the foreign foods of loyal customers.

    5. What is the difference between a trade and a commercial license?

    A commercial license is given to a business that engages in any type of commercial trade. Commercial licenses are available for both general and specialized traders to operate in the region. For trading companies, a commercial trade license serves as both regulation and protection

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