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How Much Startup Capital is Needed to Open a Business in Bangladesh? Know With NetworkBD

Do you want to start a business in Bangladesh but are concerned about Startup Capital? Don’t be concerned if you’re unsure about how much startup capital is needed to open a business in Bangladesh. NetworkBD is a prominent incorporating firm in Bangladesh with a qualified team that can assist you with all of your startup requirements.


When you are ready to start a new business in Bangladesh, you may be wondering how much startup capital you need. Money is the main issue when starting a small business anywhere in the world. You can have the best business idea of all time even if your cash register doesn’t dole out angel wings on the first day.


A new business should also be able to work out its kinks and learn from its mistakes as it grows. Time equals money, so if you want to make money from a business, you must have money. The key to any new company is to estimate its income and cost. You’ll have the same experience whether you’re an entrepreneur or considering quitting your job.

How Much Start Up Capital is Needed to Open a Business in Bangladesh

We Help To Keep Your Budget On Track When Starting

When starting a small business in Bangladesh, or even anywhere else, startup capital is vital. Running out of cash will harm your operations even if your goal is to realize your business vision. Starting a business is a thrilling experience. If you get a chance to channel your talents and your ingenuity, you can build an organization that you truly believe in.  


This is easy to say, but the process isn’t as simple as we think. It requires time and dedication, as well as money. You might not know where to start with your finances if you’re planning to launch a new business. You can keep your startup capital on track when you’re organized and thorough.


If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to establish a small business in Bangladesh, you should have a rough notion of how much startup capital you’ll need to get started. Now we’ll look at how much startup capital you’ll need to get started in various Bangladeshi businesses. We’ll calculate out how much startup capital you’ll need for various types of enterprises in this section.

Different Types Of Businesses Require Different Startup Capital

There are a number of business types in Bangladesh that you can find when you search for them. We will learn about them, and this will also help you figure out how much money you need to start. Bangladesh has the following types of businesses:


  1. Company Limited by Liability (LLC)
  2. Company Limited by Shares (PLC)
  3. Branches in Bangladesh
  4. Representation of Bangladesh

1. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

US$1 is the minimum amount that must be paid.
The total cost of establishing a business in Bangladesh is $13, 710.


The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is among the most popular legal entities chosen by entrepreneurs setting up businesses in Bangladesh. This type of business requires at least two shareholders and two directors, who can be either individuals or legal entities. The directors and shareholders may be of any nationality and do not have to be residents of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Income Tax Authority is the authority responsible for auditing your LLC.

2. Public Limited Company (PLC)

US$1 is the minimum amount that must be paid.
The total cost of establishing a business in Bangladesh is US$16,620.


It requires a minimum of seven shareholders, including three directors, who are not required to be Bangladeshi residents. Bangladeshi securities can be publicly traded if they are registered with the Dhaka Stock Exchange. Bangladesh Income Tax Authority is the authority to which you must submit an audit report each year.

3. Branch of Bangladesh

Minimum Amount Paid: $50,000
The total cost of establishing a business in Bangladesh is $15, 590 USD.


The Bangladesh Companies Act allows foreign entities doing business in Bangladesh to set up a branch office there. Once they register with the Bangladesh Board of Investment, they must comply with its regulations. Your annual audit reports must be submitted to the BOI Authority along with your statutory auditor.

4. Representative Office of Bangladesh

Minimum Amount Paid: $50,000
The total cost of establishing a business in Bangladesh is US$18,380.


In regard to the Bangladesh Representative Office, it is neither considered a legal entity nor allowed to conduct any commercial activities in Bangladesh.


The representative office is responsible for conducting market research and promoting the products and services of the parent company in Bangladesh. This type of business requires registration with the following authorities:


  1. Board of Inquiry
  2. Bank of Bangladesh 
  3. Companies and Firms Registrar

3 Factors Can Affect Your Startup Capital

The information above shows how much money you will need to open a business in Bangladesh. These are not the only factors that will affect your cost. The following are some examples:


1. Expenditures on capital


A reputable supplier will have experience working with companies like yours and can be an ally to your startup.


Prepare to make multiple calls since you will need to ask a lot of questions. The vendor must be able to assist you in understanding the equipment you need.


If you’re among the majority of entrepreneurs watching every dollar, you’ll need to consider if gently used machinery, fixtures, furniture, or other equipment will serve your needs as well as new ones.


2. Operational Expenses


You can finance the supplies you need if your sales increase. It is often more helpful to make a pragmatist plan for worst-case scenarios at the outset. If this is the case, you must consider how you are going to survive a few months or weeks without sales.


3. Provide professional services


There are many hats that small business owners wear, from bookkeeper to sales rep to marketing manager to designer to CEO to janitor. The benefit of obtaining professional help has to be weighed against the boost it may provide to your business if you realize you need it.


Your company can turn a profit faster if you hire a professional to help with marketing. You can also face some other costs when setting up a business in Bangladesh. These include personal finances, perseverance, etc. These factors together make sense of how much money you need to start a business.

How NetworkBD Helps Your Business?

The cost of renting a shop or office, paying for utilities, leasing equipment, and other overhead expenses are likely to dominate your business expenses each month.


You can expect to spend between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands per month, depending on the size and location of your space, how many employees you have, and the type of business you have.


NetworkBD helps you to get an accurate budget when starting a new business in Bangladesh. We have many years of experience on how much startup capital is needed to open a business in Bangladesh. So if you decide to open your business in Bangladesh feel free to contact us to get the right idea of how much money do you need to start.

FAQs For Startup Capital In Bangladesh

What are the advantages of doing business in Bangladesh?

Yes, it’s definitely true. As mentioned above, Bangladesh is highly competitive, transparent, and has a low corruption rate. It takes only a few days to start a company, and taxes are relatively low. The number of tech startups in Bangladesh, for example, is significantly higher than that of Hong Kong.

Is it possible for foreigners to register as sole proprietors in Bangladesh?

It is possible to register a sole proprietorship as a foreigner. You must, however, appoint an authorized representative if you reside outside Bangladesh. Authorized residents may be PRs, Bangladesh citizens, or EntrePass holders.

Which company in Bangladesh is the largest?

The following are the biggest companies in the world: 


  2. ACI GROUP  

How should I dress for a business meeting in Bangladesh?

A long sleeved shirt, preferably with a tie, is required for men, even if it’s not mandatory. Coats can also be worn for formal meetings. Females dress formally and a dress works well. There is no formal dress code for women.

What is a director's fee considered?

No. According to the IRS, the fees are considered self-employment income. It is separate from the employee’s salary.

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