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    NetworkBD Ensure Safe & Successful Foreign Company Relocation Services

    NetworkBD is a trustworthy partner that ensures world-class foreign company relocation services in Bangladesh. Although talent knows no boundaries, transferring individuals across borders and managing a global workforce is becoming increasingly difficult. NetworkBD’s employee-owners have helped firms fulfill their global personnel management objectives on six continents with their extensive experience and global resources. All of our clients receive custom-designed foreign company relocation services, ranging from major multinational corporations with existing internal mobility programs to smaller businesses in need of boutique-style relocation support.


    NetworkBD provides a genuinely integrated relationship, assuring our clients of a successful move through clear communication and strict adherence. NetworkBD is your go-to source for reliable foreign company relocation services, assuring a safe and smooth move anywhere in the world.

    Foreign Company Relocation Services

    Our Special Activities On Corporate Relocation Services

    From your point of origin to your final destination, NetworkBD provides a full array of business relocation services, including:


    1. Organizing packing and truck transportation from the point of origin:


    Before transferring your products to the port via truck, we’ll make sure they’re all accounted for and safely packaged.


    2. Getting around the world by boat or air:


    Whether you prefer to transport your things by sea or by air, NetworkBD will provide you with the same great service.


    3. Document preparation for shipping:


    When creating your documents, our professionals will ensure that every “t” is crossed and every I is dotted, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost in the shuffle.


    4. Storage options include:


    If you need to keep something while your new site is being prepared, we can store it for you and make sure it’s safe.


    5. Services for destination delivery and unpacking:


    We’ll get everything in the door and unpack it at your final destination with our door-to-door service.

    Bangladesh Is The Most Profitable Business Hub For Foreign Company Relocation

    Its geography offers Bangladesh a distinct advantage for Foreign Company Relocation. This country is strategically located at the intersection of the main trade and shipping routes of the world, including the major sea route between India and China. It is therefore easily accessible from almost all Southeast Asian countries.


    It has a sophisticated Airport port infrastructure and our country has consistently won the ‘Best Seaport in Asia’ award (Asian Freight and Supply Chain Awards).

    Enjoy Expertise and Multilingualism of the Labor Force In Bangladesh

    It is no secret that Bangladesh attracts skilled and ambitious workers from around the world due to its business environment. Bangladesh’s fast-paced, innovative working environment, combined with a strong pool of local talent, has all put the country on the map as one of the region’s most productive and motivated workforces. According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook, this is true.


    Multiracial societies are also renowned for being both diverse and cohesive in the country. Its citizens come from diverse racial backgrounds, giving it the capability of providing workforce solutions requiring multilingual and cultural sensitivity. The people of Bangladesh are the nation’s most valuable assets.

    We Prepare Your Global Employees For Success Before They Depart

    Clients and workers of NetworkBD are well prepared for any global travel, including less developed areas, thanks to our combined expertise. NetworkBD’s global mobility services remove our clients from day-to-day program administration duties and allow them to focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining the talent they need to succeed in a competitive environment, from pre-decision to foreign home finding assistance and repatriation.


    The 360 foreign company relocation Solution enables your company to implement cutting-edge mobility programs with minimal investment of resources. Our assignment management programs, which are tailored to match the specific demands of your organization, allow you to outsource the administrative and management process.

    Infrastructure Of Bangladesh is Highly Developed For Foreign Company Relocation

    There are few countries in Asia that are as prosperous and stable as Bangladesh. Bangladesh is becoming increasingly attractive to expatriates with families because of its stable political environment, public services convenience, diverse facilities, and cosmopolitan culture. There is a great deal to do in the country, including a great selection of dining and entertainment, tropical gardens, world-class hotels, excellent infrastructure, and a host of internationally-recognised schools and universities. Bangladesh’s high quality of life has been consistently validated through various surveys, including the Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey. Bangladesh is a great place to live, work, and study because of its friendly and warm nature, combined with its active modern lifestyle. Also an exclusive place to think about Foreign Company Relocation

    Why Company Relocation In Bangladesh

    A company relocation can be time-consuming to plan, and the change can be disruptive to a company’s operations. An office transfer, on the other hand, can have a number of good effects, such as reinvigorating performance, changing the way your firm is regarded, and presenting some much-needed cost savings.

    1. Boost Employee Morale

    There’s nothing like a change of scenery to motivate your employees to perform more and feel better about the firm they work for. Staff will feel more valued as a part of the relocation if you communicate your goals for the new workplace to them.

    2. Improve Collaboration & Communication

    An office is a great place to see how your team works together and communicates with one another. Your Office Space Planning Team will design a floor layout that encourages more collaboration among employees.

    3. Improved Brand Recognition

    Your new office is a fantastic representation of your company’s brand. The type and style of building you choose, as well as the location and design of your office, are all important elements in positioning your business to send the correct messages. An office design firm will have some terrific suggestions for showcasing your brand through design features that will help you maintain and attract customers.

    Why NetworkBD For Foreign Company Relocation Services?

    We gain a thorough grasp of each client’s talent management goals as well as the goals for the project at hand. Our employee-owners have worked with short-term assignees, permanent transfers, localized expats, global nomads, and other types of assignment models, making us particularly qualified for today’s diverse assignment models. Our expert Global Assignment Counselors can give just the help you require, drawing on a comprehensive range of expat relocation services and our powerful network of destination service partners.


    Our carefully selected and qualified destination service partners are local specialists in 150+ countries as NetworkBD’s “on the ground” resource. They facilitate the settling-in process by acting as trusted advisors and confidantes, in addition to providing local expat services. And NetworkBD’s trusted partners in visa and immigration services, language training, spouse counseling, and other critical services enable us to provide a complete picture of each country’s requirements and processes.

    FAQs For Foreign Company Relocation Services

    Why is Bangladesh suitable for investment?

    Bangladesh offers a series of reforms for its large domestic market, strategic location, high profitability, demographic dividend and attractive incentive policy and good business environment which makes it one of the best investment destinations in the world.

    Why do foreigners invest in Bangladesh?

     A young and skilled workforce at a very low cost; A strategic and competitive position in the value chain of the world economy; An economic and legal environment conducive to global business; A strategic geographical location as the gateway to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

    Is Bangladesh a good destination for FDI?

     SAFA President PVS Jagan Mohan Rao said yesterday that Bangladesh is a promising economy with a large domestic market, competitive labor, low utility charges, seaports, long term tax holidays and easy access to major regional markets like India and China.

    What will Bangladesh get if foreigners invest in Bangladesh?

    If foreign investors reinvest their returnable dividends and / or retained earnings, they will be treated as new investments. Foreigners working in Bangladesh are entitled to remit up to 50% of their salary and enjoy full repatriation of their savings and retirement benefits.

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