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Meet The New Standards In Global HR Immigration

It has never been so simple to leave everything behind and seek your fortune elsewhere. This is because finding a job, a home and at least some semblance of stability before embarking on this voyage was never simple. Furthermore, organizations nowadays function on a global basis, which is why international mergers and acquisitions are more popular than ever. Human resource immigration play important role in business.


In this case, your company’s management will find themselves in the unexpected position of having to manage a group of people who are nationals of a different country. Consider the case where an overseas employee requests to be transferred to the parent business. In this instance, it would be required to manage all of these immigration difficulties. In fact, it would be far better if you could delegate the task to human resource immigration experts or specialist departments.

Creating The Perfect Strategy With Our Specialists

The majority of organizations understand that having a multicultural workforce gives them a strategic advantage. However, valuing diversity is not the same as having a strong human resource immigration plan.


Firstly, companies can utilize technology to build an effective and transparent procedure that provides overseas staff with the information they need. As a result, they can stay on top of regulatory deadlines and visa renewal dates.


Moreover, regardless of nationality,  immigrant employees will depart for better opportunities when they can. However, when foreign nationals are given the support, encouragement, and mentoring they require to succeed in the workplace, both the individual and the company benefit.

The Top 6 Benefits Of Our Human Resources Immegration Service

1. Global Recognition: NetworkBD has relationships with regional law firms in each of the nations where we do business in order to offer you the best service and protection available.


2.  Affordable Pricing: No matter where you hire us, we charge the same low price. We do not charge any additional costs. Moreover, our flat fee-based pricing system is designed for customer benefit.


3. Self-Serve Platform: Both employers and employees enjoy self-served platforms more. As a result, our platform is designed to be more user-friendly for our customers from around the world.


4. Superior Employee Experience: From onboarding to offboarding your employees will get the best care and experience. Not to mention, they will get what they deserve with our services.


5. Property Protection: A part of our service and job is to ensure, you always have the full ownership of your inventions. Moreover, we focus on protecting our client’s rights, which is all included in our service.


6. Unlimited Employee Contracts: When you take our human resource immigration services, we will make as many hires as you want. Moreover, we will maintain proper security and strategy.

NetworkBD Offers Human Resource Immigration Solutions In 4 Ways

  1. Onboarding Platform: Onboard your overseas staff without ever leaving your browser, with proper compensation simulations, data collection, and digital contracts.
  2. Local Compliance: Our in-country labor legal experts can help you mitigate the dangers of recruiting overseas employees and contractors.
  3. Payroll Benefits: Our software allows you to manage payroll approvals, employee documentation, and benefits management all in one place.
  4. Simple Invoice: For all of your remote employees, legal and operational complications are simplified to a single straightforward invoice.

A Global Platform For Human Resources Immigration Services

NetworkBD Makes It Easy With World Class Human Resource Immigration Services


Generally our job is to help you welcome all international employees in your community more efficiently. Furthermore, we are ready to assist immigrants in starting or continuing their career here. Also, we are committed to delivering comprehensive recruitment, hiring, and employee retention information and services to your immigrant workforce. Not to mention, our devotion covers all aspects of employment, both domestic and international.

Sponsoring Work Visas For Better Client Satisfaction

One of human resource immigration’s most important responsibilities is to assist with your company’s hiring process. This is why you must involve us as soon as possible in the hiring process for potential foreign staff. You won’t have to read evaluations and sit through interviews like you would at your own nationals.


Moreover, you’ll almost certainly have to sponsor work permits, which may be more effort and responsibility than you anticipated. However , you must first obtain approval from us before proceeding. After all, we will be responsible for the majority of the job.

FAQs For Human Resource Immigration

How much does your human resource immigration advisory service cost?

We usually charge a flat fee. However, you can customize our service and pay accordingly. We will not charge you any extra fee. Expect to rely on us completely, we will make it cost effective for you. Give us the opportunity to help you save money.

How quickly can a foreign national start working for my company?

It depends on the foreign person, his or her visa status, and the sort of petition or application made on their behalf. For further information, please contact us.

Who should I contact if one of my employees is having an immigration-related emergency?

If a foreign employee is experiencing difficulties during regular business hours, they should contact us immediately.

How do you make employee immigration faster?

Generally, you can request expedite processing. However, we will deal with it completely so you don’t have to. The length of the entire process, including all three applications, can range from 2 to 6 months or more depending on the employer or employee’s time-frame.

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