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    If your organization plans to engage international workers and managers, you should be aware that their rights are protected under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA). The terms of the act will be explained in this article, as well as your basic responsibilities as an employer under the act. Any foreign worker with a work permit issued by the Ministry of Manpower is covered by the EFMA (MOM). An Employment Pass, often known as a Work Permit, is one type of work pass. Despite the fact that the EFMA is in sync with the Singapore Employment Act, foreign domestic workers (FDW) are solely covered by the EFMA.


    Bangladesh’s Employment of Foreign Manpower Act prescribes the responsibilities and obligations of employers of foreign employees.

    Regulations and enforcement are covered for:

    1. Passing the work
    2. Infractions
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    Implement The Most Importance Laws Of The Employment Of Foreign Manpower Act

    EFMA is essential for supporting migrant workers in Bangladesh. The act regulates and protects the well-being of foreign workers and lays out the responsibilities of employers and intermediaries. Employment agencies are regulated by EFMA, which includes a set of laws and licensing requirements.


    The MOM coordinates with Bangladeshi agencies such as those related to housing, urban planning, and the environment, labor movement, NGOs, and embassies through the EFMA.


    In collaboration with civil society groups, the EFMA is also instrumental in promoting the rights of foreign workers. EFMA was amended in 2012 to add a clause for weekly rest days for domestic workers.

    Key Provisions of The Employment Of Foreign Manpower Act

    The EFMA details the employer’s obligations regarding the application and cancellation of work passes, medical insurance, levy, employment cancellation, and repatriation.

    1. Work Passes:


    One of the crucial components of regulating international employment is the issuing of work permits. Work permits are divided into three categories:

    1. For qualified managers and executives earning a minimum of $4,500 per month, there is the Employment Pass (EP).
    2. S Passes are available to employees earning $1,000 or more per month who have passed the assessment test and are mid-level skilled
    3. A Work Permit (WP) is required for FDWs and semi-skilled workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, or services industries.

    2. Infractions


    The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA), the Immigration Act, and the Employment Agencies Act (EA) govern the employment of foreign workers in Bangladesh.

    A foreign employee’s entry and exit are legal under the Immigration Act. If an immigration offender is found at a workplace, he or she could face heavy fines and/or imprisonment. Employers must also ensure the authenticity or accuracy of their foreign employees’ passes.

    Employers are also in violation if they hire unlicensed agencies. Licenses can be revoked if licensed agencies recruit for unlicensed agencies. According to the MOM, the most common EFMA offenses and penalties are as follows:

    Some Strategies You Can Apply To Ensure Compliance With Employment Of Foreign Manpower Act

    If you are planning to hire foreign employees or executives, there are some strategies you can apply to ensure compliance with EFMA.


    A contract should be in place


    You and your foreign employee are both protected with contracts and templates. A knowledgeable local HR manager should also review the contract to ensure that clauses comply with EFMA’s provisions regarding work passes, levy, medical insurance, severance, repatriation, and others covered by the Employment Act.


    Hire a trusted firm like NetworkBD to handle your hiring needs

    It is also possible to outsource the entire process of hiring foreign employees to a reliable partner. You can also benefit from outsourcing by freeing your in-house resources from the burdens of hiring tasks. They can then focus more on what they do best.

    5 Key Responsibilities Of Employment of Foreign Manpower Act


    Work passes are governed by the EFMA, which outlines responsibilities such as applications, cancellations, medical insurance, levy, and cancellation. Please refer to the individual work passes for specific requirements.


    A foreign employee who is covered by the Employment Act has the following rights:

    1. Pay
    2. Working hours, overtime, and rest days
    3. The public holiday
    4. Leave of absence
    5. Leave of absence

    We recommend that you have a written employment contract with your foreign employees that covers these areas.

    Foreign domestic workers (FDWs) are covered by the EFMA in terms of their well-being and entitlements. For guidelines on the well-being of FDWs, read Rest days and well-being for FDWs.

    How NetworkBD Helps?


    Some talent shortages can only be filled by hiring foreign workers. If your organization is considering hiring from abroad, it’s critical to make sure your hiring procedure complies with Bangladesh’s Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. When you collaborate with Acclime, we can assist you to analyze your hiring methods, reviewing employment contracts, and ensuring that your international employees have the proper work permits.


    What exactly is EFMA?

    The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act establishes the duties and responsibilities of employers who hire foreign workers.

    How much does your EFMA service cost?

    For the convenience of our clients, we provide a flat charge for our personnel outsourcing services. The prices, however, can be changed if necessary. As a result, please contact us for a more in-depth conversation.

    Who does the EFMA cover?

    The EFMA applies to anybody who has been awarded a work permit by the Ministry of Manpower. Employment Passes, S Passes, and Work Permits are examples of work passes.

    Do you only provide EFMA services for local companies?

    No. Our services are available both locally and abroad. Furthermore, with the assistance of branch representatives, we deliver our services outside national borders.

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