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Secure A Lifelong Bond With Your Child With Paternity Leave

Paternity leave can make working easier for women in Bangladesh. However, as we stepped into the modern world, our society is advancing towards paternity leave. As a result, we started seeing more women in the work field. You may be eligible for Paternity Leave if your spouse is pregnant, adopting a kid, or having a baby through a surrogate mother. You might be eligible for Statutory Paternity leave.


Despite this, no matter how successful a woman is, she is still responsible for full child care. Our patriarchal society does not believe in equally spreading child-care obligations between father and mother. However, fathers who are actively involved in parenting can have a positive and permanent effect on their children’s lives. Therefore, paternity leave is also important.


A female worker is entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave under Section 46 of the Bangladesh Labor Act 2006. Moreover, female government employees are given six months under Rule 197(1). Therefore, if a female employee becomes pregnant while working, she has the right to maternity leave. However, a father had no right to paternity leave in Bangladesh till now.

Organizations are still failing to provide adequate maternity benefits. However, this should not be used as an excuse for the delay in enacting the benefits that the other half of the population is entitled to.


Naturally, a woman is entitled to more benefits than a father due to breastfeeding and post-pregnancy physical status. However, rather than enforcing social standards through legislation, the father’s right to paternity leave should be protected in order to ensure good care and upbringing for the child.

The Perfect Paternity Leave Strategies In Bangladesh

Get Pluses Of Paternity Leave In Bangladesh With NetworkBD's Expert Advisory

1. Strengthening Partnerships At Home As Well As In Workplace


Studies have also shown that a father’s increased involvement in newborn care can help to reduce the severity of maternal postpartum depression. Lack of father engagement was found to be a major predictor of the severity of depressive symptoms in a study investigating how paternity leave affects maternal postpartum depression. It’s worth noting that women’s postpartum outcomes were improved not just because of the father’s presence, but also because of his involvement in the baby’s care.


2. Our Paternity Leave In Bangladesh Will Help You Secure A Lifelong Bond With Your Child


Over time, paternity leave can aid in the development of very strong bonds with children. According to our responders, spending time at home with their children helped fathers to form a “unique” link with their children that would continue for years. In a society where nearly half of fathers are unhappy with the amount of time they spend with their children, paternity leave ensures that men have the same opportunity to be present.


3. Feeling Energized As An Employee With Paternity Leave In Bangladesh


Men who spend time with their children report higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, which may extend to their professional lives. In a 2018 poll, 60% of males said childcare hours were “extremely meaningful,” about double the number of men who said the same about the paid jobs. Simultaneously, many new fathers develop a renewed respect for their employers.

Keep Your Employee Happy With Paternity Leave

Fathers who take time off benefit their families, their partners, and themselves. Companies should pay attention in this era of employee mental health issues. More than one out of every four women is considering downshifting or quitting their jobs entirely. This is an emergency for corporate Bangladesh.


What if more new fathers took on caregiving chores in the home to help minimize burnout among working mothers? What if they started by taking paternity leave to demonstrate their commitment? And what if taking that time enhanced men’s home lives and work-life balance, as well as their feelings about their own professions and employers?


In recent interviews with 130 new fathers and their partners from ten nations, we looked at these and other topics surrounding extended paternity leave. Despite the fact that our survey size was small, the individuals unanimously agreed that their experience had been positive.


As more governments and businesses give paternity leave to new fathers, the cultural environment surrounding the benefit is shifting. 90 out of 187 nations provide statutory paid paternity leave, with over four out of ten businesses (38 percent) giving paid leave in excess of the legislative minimum.


Moreover, men’s usage of parental leave is on the rise in OECD countries, despite the fact that the number of days used is still small. Despite this significant shift in cultural and employer support for fathers, only about half of them use all of the leave benefits available to them.


“Our goal is to establish paternity leave without disrupting your day-to-day business operations. Count on our specialists to keep your employees happy with paternity leave.”

Top 5 Ways To Make Leave More Attractive

1. Give fathers the same benefits as mothers with our paternity leave in Bangladesh.


2. Create a culture that embraces paternity leave and makes your employees happy.


3. Highlight the impact of paternity leave in Bangladesh on someone’s career.


4. Establish family-friendly policies for fathers on paternity leave in Bangladesh.


5. Help fathers reintegrate into the workplace after a leave, use their energy.



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FAQs For Paternity Leave in Bangladesh

Who is entitled to paternity leave?

On the birth/adoption of a child, a relevant parent is entitled to paternity leave.

How much does your service cost?

We offer a flat rate on our services for client comfort. However, the prices can be altered if required. Therefore, contact us for a detailed discussion.

In which locations do you offer your services?

We offer our services both locally and internationally. However, you can use our services from any country in the world as we are certified to operate internationally.

Will my leave be paid?

An applicant has to fill out a form and submit it to the concerned department  six weeks prior to the start of leave.

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