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We Offer An Effective Approach To Obtain Visa & Work Pass In Bangladesh

We can tailor the correct blend of services to keep you on the right road, enabling you to effectively live and work in any place in the world, whether you’re looking to live and work in a new country or assisting a loved one to migrate to your home country. Our visa experts can assist you in successfully obtaining a visa & work pass. To be successful in the application process, you must already have a job and an employer willing to sponsor you (there may be a fee involved) so that you can meet the necessary travel criteria.


The government of Bangladesh requires foreigners who are planning on working in Bangladesh to obtain a Visa & Work Pass. You must ensure that foreign workers have a valid work permit if they are employed in Bangladesh. Find out which pass is suitable, whether they are eligible, and how to apply.

Bangladesh Is Most Flexible For Visa & Work Pass

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. Some companies are considering Bangladesh as a potential location for global expansion efforts because the country’s health and education have improved significantly in recent years. Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated countries. Recent improvements in Bangladesh’s education and health have encouraged some companies to consider the country as a potential expansion location. It’s imperative that your company hires skilled team members in Bangladesh – whether you relocate team members from your country of origin or hire new ones. The Government of Bangladesh issues visa & work pass to foreign nationals so that they can live and work legally in the country.

Visa and Work Pass [Recovered]

Get 9 Types Of Visa & Work Pass Easily With Us

Bangladesh offers many types of visa & work pass for visitors, including:

1. Visas for government delegates 4. Visitor visas  7. Student visas
2. Visas for business 5. Visas/employability 8. Visa for journalists
3. Investing visas 6. Research visas 9. The missionary visa


Each type of visa & work pass has its own requirements. If your company plans to expand into Bangladesh, your employees will need visas.


An individual who plans to enter and exit the country multiple times throughout the duration of their visa & work pass may be issued a single entry, a double-entry, or a multiple entry work visa. There is a price difference between categories of visas.

Legal Requirements For Getting A Visa & Work Pass

The following documents should be provided to employees applying for visa & work pass in Bangladesh:


  1. An application for a visa & work pass must be completed
  2. Bangladeshi employer’s letter of appointment
  3. An original, six-month-valid passport
  4. Photocopy of a recent passport
  5. A receipt showing that the visa fee has been paid to the appropriate embassy
  6. Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and Bangladesh Board of Investment (BOI) recommendation letter


If the employee wishes to have their passport returned by postal mail, they must also provide a self-addressed, prepaid envelope.

We Assist You With The Long Process of Obtaining A Visa & Work Pass

Bangladesh has a relatively simple process for obtaining a visa & work pass. You can access the application form online at the Department of Immigration & Passports website in Bangladesh.


When applying for a visa online, an application form must be printed after it is filled out and submitted.


The applicant should then visit the Bangladeshi embassy or consulate in their country, bringing the completed visa application form and all the required documents listed in the previous section. The visa application fee will vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin.


Bangladeshi visa applications usually take about two weeks to process, so applicants should plan accordingly in order to receive their visa & work pass in time for travel arrangements and to begin employment.

Additional Features Of Visa & Work Permit


If you are planning to relocate existing members of your team to Bangladesh, some of your employees may wish to bring their families with them. Spouses and dependent children must also submit the same documents as for an employment visa & work pass (aside from the letter of appointment from the employer and the BOI recommendation letter). Additionally, they will need to provide necessary letters or certifications proving their relationship to the employee, such as a marriage license or birth certificate.

How NetworkBD Can Help You?


Please contact us today if you plan to expand your business into Bangladesh. Learn more about how our solution can help your company hire talented team members with visa & work pass all over the world.

FAQs For Visa & Work Pass

Does work passes have to be renewed?

Authorities will issue a Renewal Notice to the Employer’s registered address approximately 3 months before the Employment Pass expires. An approval letter will be sent to the employer once the renewal application has been granted. As long as you are still employed with the company and have not violated any conditions, there should be no problems with the renewal.

Can I apply for work pass if I'm a shareholder of a company?

If you own more than 30% of a company, the authorities may ask you to apply for an Entrepreneur Pass rather than an Employment Pass (EP). It is still possible to apply for the EP if you choose.

How long does it take to process work pass?

In most circumstances, receiving the outcome notification from authorities for a visa & work pass application lodged online can take up to three weeks. It may take longer at busy hours or when extra data from multiple economic authorities is required.

Is a medical exam required to apply for visa & work pass?

Yes, officials in Singapore may compel you to take a medical exam if your work visa or permanent residence application is accepted. You will receive a mail indicating whether or not you are required to complete the memorandum.

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