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We Offer Everything About Bangladeshi Taka Exchange

The Bangladeshi Taka Exchange with the currency of Bangladesh, and its abbreviation or sign is BDT. Moreover, the Bangladesh taka is made up of 100 Poysha and is frequently denoted by the letter Tk.


The Bangladeshi Taka Exchange is done with the official currency of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Its symbol is BDT. Tk is the official symbol, along with taka in Bengali. The most popular way to Bangladeshi Taka Exchange BDT is for US dollars (USD).

Bangladeshi Taka Exchange

Learn The History Of Bangladeshi Currency (Taka) With Us

The Pakistani rupee used the term taka on official notes and coins after the partition of Bengal in 1947. However, the Bangladeshi Taka Exchange has existed independently since 1972, a year after the country’s independence. BDT is most often exchanged for US dollars (USD).



Bangladesh Bank is in charge of issuing bank notes of Tk 100 and up, whereas the government of Bangladesh’s ministry of finance is in charge of issuing bank notes worth Tk 2 and Tk 5. Not to mention, Bangladesh has released more than 9 series of bank notes since 1972.

Why Should You Consult Advisory Service For Taka Transfer

You’ll need to change your currency to the Bangladeshi taka whether you’re traveling to Bangladesh or sending money there. When making remittances, you may also be concerned about fees, currency rates, and how to receive the most taka for your money.


Therefore, it is critical to select the appropriate transfer mechanism. In addition, it’s also beneficial to have a broader grasp of the various factors to consider when transferring money to Bangladesh. As a result, you should seek advice from professionals in the field.

Get 4 Benefits Of Consultancy For Currency Transfer

  1. Approach market with confidence.
  2. Take your business growth above and beyond.
  3. Learn about and take advantage of new opportunities.
  4. Ensure a secure transaction with full compliance.

Know How Bangladeshi Currency (Taka) Works For You In 4 Key Points

1. The Bangladesh taka’s currency sign is BDT, which is used in foreign exchange markets (forex) to convert taka for units of other currencies, for example, US dollars. The rate of exchange between these two currencies is usually stated as a ratio (USD/BDT).


2. When obtaining rates for the taka’s exchange rate against any other currency, BDT is included in the quoted ratio. The advertised rate for exchanging taka to euros, for example, is EUR/BDT. The exchange rate of BDT to major currencies, on the other hand, had historically displayed a downward tendency, showing the currency’s weakening.


3. Furthermore, between 2010 and 2020, the trend steadied at a rate of 74 to 84 BDT to 1 USD and 83 to 108 BDT to 1 EUR. These range’s predictability has undoubtedly aided the country’s chances of attracting international investment. As a result, the country’s textile and pharmaceutical industries have seen a significant improvement in productivity.


4. These industries employ a vast number of people, accounting for 82 percent of males and 36 percent of women in the workforce. For the most of the decade, the GDP increased at a rate of 5 to 8% per year, exceeding local inflation and improving local purchasing power.

Hire The Best To Securely Transfer Your Taka

 NetworkBD will help you get the most out of your currency exchange


Are you getting ready to exchange your dollars, euros, pounds, or another money for Bangladeshi takas? You have two choices, go through your bank or use a specialized money transfer business.


To begin with, going through a bank can be a bother because banks sometimes put restrictions on the amount of currency exchange. As a result, in order to transfer your desired amount, you will have to go through a tough and lengthy process. Furthermore, banks impose exorbitant service fees and exchange rates.


Specialist financial service providers, on the other hand, will take care of it in no time. They can do the project in a quick period of time because they have a larger network. Furthermore, the specialists and experts are well-versed in their field. As a result, they will be able to perform the task more quickly and efficiently.


Furthermore, because professionals require less time, they may provide a low-cost solution. We offer a comprehensive range of financial services. Our cost-effective expert financial solutions are setting the standard for customer service in the country. Contact one of our professionals for a step-by-step walkthrough of the currency conversion process, and you’ll be stress-free in no time.

FAQ For Bangladeshi Taka Exchange

Why is taka conversion so high?

Because of Bangladesh’s high inflation, interest rates, government debt, and economic unpredictability, it takes a lot of taka to buy a single dollar or pound. However, Bangladesh’s economy is now considered to be in good shape, with a solid GDP that has recently exceeded India’s.


It’s crucial to note that exchange rates are influenced by a variety of factors at any one time. As a result, rather than waiting for a better exchange rate, you’re more likely to save money on overseas transfers with cheaper costs.

How to exchange taka outside of bangladesh?

Many people’s first instinct is to go to a currency exchange counter. For centuries, they’ve been the go-to way to get cash – especially for travelers in airports and train stations – and they provide a speedy service that doesn’t require much planning ahead of time.


Banks, too, provide a useful service. However, it should be highlighted that these alternatives are unlikely to be the most cost-effective. While it may be tempting to simply insert your Bangladeshi bank card into local ATMs when you need cash, processing costs can quickly add up.

How to find USD to BDT rates?

If we use a hypothetical exchange rate of 1 USD = 86.25 BDT, the following is the calculation for 100 dollars:

8,625 BDT = 100 USD × 86.25 BDT

How much money can be taken out bangladesh at once?

During a calendar year, an adult traveller can withdraw up to US$ 12,000 for global private travel. Travel to SAARC member countries and Myanmar is eligible for up to US$ 5,000 or similar, and travel to other countries is eligible for up to US$ 7,000 or equivalent.


The appropriate quota for youngsters (under the age of 12) will be half of the amount allowed for adults. Foreign exchange in the form of cash (taken out of Bangladesh) must not exceed US$ 5,000 per person per trip.

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