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    Our Role In The Education Industry Of Bangladesh

    The key to achieving high rates of Education In Bangladesh is to ensure that the benefits of prosperity are shared evenly throughout the population. As a result, Bangladesh’s government has prioritized education since the country’s independence. And we’re here to help you organize your cash for any activity that has anything to do with Bangladeshi education.

    Role In The Education Industry Of Bangladesh

    Our Leading Advisory Service Focuses On 3 Co-Existing Education Streams

    1. The national education system is a vernacular-based secular education system that dates back to the colonial era.
    2. The religious course of education is known as alim education, and the schools are known as madrasa.
    3. In this line, English is the medium of teaching, and the curriculum is the same as in the United Kingdom.

    Get 8 Key Opportunities In Bangladesh Education Industry

    In the field of skill development and capacity building, significant progress is required. Moreover, international cooperation in the field of Bangladesh education system and industry is also required.


    1. A sector-wide evaluation is required to identify gaps and mismatches in government and stakeholder policies, strategies, and initiatives. Following the determination of potential solutions.
    2. Support for piloting effective decentralization models in a few Bangladeshi districts, including the establishment of district education administrations and the efficient operation of upazila and school level planning and management.
    3. Support capacity development by developing and establishing a system and institutions for training and deploying professional managers.
    4. IT education, as well as middle-level skill development for kids in post-primary and secondary school, is a promising sector. Moreover, a related field to the systematic and comprehensive use of information technology to improve education quality at various levels is also promising.
    5. A key area of cooperation would be support for research, related to policy development, implementation, and evaluation.
    6. Teacher education – There is a serious shortage of qualified teachers who should conduct vocational skills training. It’s worth noting that many employers refuse to provide vocational training for fear of their employees being stolen by competitors after they’ve been trained.
    7. Bangladesh education system needs excellent examples of non-profit vocational training centers. Not to mention, t here are also excellent potential for UK institutions to assist in the establishment of vocational training centers and modules.
    8. Other non-institutional modes of gaining professional credentials, such as a development program, can be augmented and complemented by formal university based programs.

    6 Educational Benefits Of Collaborating With A Leading Advisory Agency

    1. Assurance of high quality.
    2. Faculty development.
    3. Joint degree programs are available.
    4. Online education.
    5. Program of joint research.
    6. Student Exchange Program.

    Step Into The Thriving Education Market Of Bangladesh With Expert Advice

    Aided scholarship initiatives and a few government-funded projects (a small number) can be a good way to break into the Bangladesh education sector. Moreover, using brokers to find students or collaborating with local education providers/universities/FE colleges are two other options for getting into the market.


    The Policy on Cross-Border Higher Education is expected to be approved in the near future. Foreign universities/colleges and other education providers can open campuses in Bangladesh after the policy is approved, and they can also collaborate/partner with local educational institutions.


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    Starting around 1990, the development business has shown a powerful development in expanding the GDP of Bangladesh. which brought about empowering both local and foreign investor to put resources into this area. Intrigued investor who wishes to start business in this field, should as of initial step choose to frame a substance. How to go with regards to it? They have the choice either to join a private limited organization, branch office, sole proprietorship or even an association as an element, every one of them clarified briefly below:

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    FAQ About Bangladesh Education Industry

    What is the Bangladesh education system like?

    There are three stages of education in Bangladesh. That is, primary, secondary, and higher education.

    How can we improve education system and industry in Bangladesh?

    By limiting the usage of exam guidebooks, it’s possible to eliminate memorization tactics. Additionally, by raising teacher-student interaction hours to international standards. Moreover, by making technological, mathematical, and scientific education a priority.

    What are the main problems of education industry in Bangladesh?

    For marginalised and excluded children, who are particularly vulnerable to low learning and dropout rates at both primary and secondary levels, major challenges to accessing education continue to exist.

    How long do we take to establish a financial plan for your project?

    It largely depends on the project size. However, for a better idea of the timeline, contact us anytime.

    The Ultimate Guide To Making An Impact In The Education Industry