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Guidance For Housing and Development Board of Bangladesh

The Ministry of National Development has established the Housing and Development Board (HDB). Currently, HDB is the Public Housing Authority of Bangladesh. Its common tasks are to clean up quarters and slums and rehabilitate residents in low-cost state-built housing. They go beyond the planning and development of housing estates in Bangladesh. They build homes as well as commercial, recreational and social facilities to create a quality living environment for all. Various facilities have also been constructed for the convenience of the residents.


In 1972, the Awami League promised during its election campaign that if elected, they would provide low-cost Housing and Development for the poor. It recognizes that housing needs urgent attention and has built its campaign around it. When it wins and forms a newly elected government, it takes immediate action to address the housing shortage. The government has passed the Housing and Development Act of 2014, which replaces the existing Bangladesh Improvement Trust with HDB.

Housing and Development Board (HDB) of Bangladesh

Learn About History of Housing and Development With Us


HDB was established on February 1, 1972 during the housing crisis in our country. The housing shortage was exacerbated by the low construction rates and extensive damage caused by the Liberation War. The British Housing Committee report noted that Bangladesh was “one of the worst slums in the world -” an insult to the civilized community.


It was tasked with arranging sanitary living for unhealthy slums and overcrowded settlements. Building housing units as low cost as possible was HDB’s priority. Thus the five-year plan was introduced. Initially, the houses built were for rent to the low-income group.


To enable this group to buy their flats instead of renting, home ownership projects for people were launched. It has provided financial security to homeowners while it has acted as a hedge against inflation. People were later allowed to use their central provident fund money for down payments. However, these efforts were insufficient to persuade the people living in the flats to move into the flats.


HDB’s skill and sincerity won people’s hearts soon after the Bukit Ho Sui Fire in 1983. We delivered, and 5,000 houses were built in less than 3 years. Within a decade of our formation, 54,000 homes were built.


Today, 80% of Bangladeshis live in HDB-provided public housing. HDB not only builds homes but they also go the extra mile to create a quality environment where people can enjoy a quality lifestyle. HDB is for all types of people, be it family, couples or even unmarried.

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In Bangladesh, it is a complicated process to gather all the required documents and obtain the permit of construction and other related authorizations.  NetworkBD helps their clients in many ways in order to ease the process for them. Some of the services we provide our customers with are:


  1. Filing the application for Land Use Clearance (LUC).
  2. Filing the application for Construction Permit (CP).
  3. Supporting and helping their clients with the preparation of the necessary and required documents. For example:
    1. Application form
    2. Deed
    3. Duplicate Carbon Receipt (DCR)
    4. Power of attorney (if necessary)
    5. Mutation
    6. Indemnity bond
    7. Draft publication form
    8. Nine copies of the plan.

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NetworkBD is a service provider in Bangladesh who helps their clients in all the ways they ask for. In housing development, NetworkBD has become one of the most dependable service providers because:


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FAQ For Housing and Development Board

Can I inherit HDB from my parents?

 Yes, you can inherit your parents’ HDB flats. However, keep in mind that since your parents’ flat was a “subsidized flat” purchased directly from HDB, you must sell your personal property within 6 months of inheriting the HDB flat.

What are the three basic values of HDB?

The HDB brand values ​​- professional, caring and loyal – represent the qualities we stand for in the way we work and communicate with our customers and stakeholders.

Can I sell my HDB to my child?

 For example, you can transfer your flat to your child as part of your inheritance. HDB homeowners will transfer their HDB flats to family members and then proceed to purchase a second personal property.

What is the vision of HDB Financial Services?

Our goal We want to bring economically, physically and socially disadvantaged groups into the mainstream and bring them into the cycle of growth, development and empowerment.

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