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    World’s Largest & Most Trustable Leading Company Incorporation Services

    Network Bangladesh is the leading provider of organization arrangement and organization administrations for little to medium-sized private restricted organizations in Bangladesh. We join a few hundred Bangladesh organizations every year and give continuous organization administrations to them. Our full line of organization Services and organization administrations is listed below. 


    Bangladesh is the one of the main financial center points arranged at the heart of Asia. Their condition of framework, political steadiness, lively business climate, just as gifted labor force, has additionally situated Bangladesh as the economy powerhouse with in Asia. In addition, solid exchange and drop venture environment in the nation are the significant variables that make Bangladesh the springboard to enter showcases close by. Accordingly, numerous unfamiliar financial backers think that it is advantageous to arrangement their organizations in Bangladesh. 


    Incorporate your organization in Bangladesh will guarantee the extension of the worldwide impressions of your organization. In any case, the strategies of organization fuse can be upsetting – it includes a decent measure of paperwork and time. Thusly, a nearby firm that offers proficient fuse administrations will help you to arrangement your organization in an issue free way. They not exclusively will help you in arranging the consolidation method and legitimate interaction however will likewise help in setting up account, meet lawful compliances and business interview. Network Bangladesh gives a wide range of administrations, going from Business setup, Company incorporation service, Corporate secretarial, Accounting , auditing , taxation , legal administrations to business advisory, immigration, and human resource. 

    In case you are extending your business portfolio internationally, you can likewise get the help from Network Bangladesh to fortify your worldwide impressions. Additionally, Network Bangladesh is likewise the master in One-stop Cloud Solution, just as IT and design services. Get in touch with us today in case you are setting up your business in Bangladesh!

    FAQ For Services in Bangladesh

    1. What role does equity play in Bangladesh's legal system?

    The majority of equity principles are found to have statutory recognition in Bangladesh’s codified laws: (I) The Specific Relief Act of 1877, (ii) The Trust Act of 1882, (ii) The Contract Act of 1872, (iv) The Transfer of Property Act of 1882, and (v) The Code of Civil Procedure of 1908. (I) The Specific Relief Act of 1877, (ii) The Trust Act of 1882, (ii) The Contract Act of 1872, (iv) The Contract Act of 1872, and (v) The Code of Civil Procedure of 19

    2. How is the cost of human resources calculated?


    Divide the total compensation of your HR team members, or the portion of the job of the person who manages these HR duties, by the number of employees on payroll for the most accurate calculation. Small to medium-sized businesses, on average, have one HR FTE per 100–150 employees.

    3. How can a company cut costs as much as possible?

    7 tips for cutting costs in your company

    1. Make a strategy. You must assess where your company is now and where you want it to go in the future.
    2. Keep meticulous records of your expenses.
    3. Compare yourself to others in your field.
    4. Keep track of variable costs.
    5. Be ruthless with fixed costs.
    6. Put money into technology.
    7. Provide incentives to employees.

    4. How much does it cost to have a virtual office?

    Using a virtual office can cost anywhere from $40 to more than $200 per month. The more services you add on, the more money you’ll spend. Second, a virtual office can provide services such as a mailing address, phone answering, and videoconferencing.

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