Bookkeeping Services in Bangladesh

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    Simplified Bookkeeping Services For You in Bangladesh

    NetworkBD offers an exhaustive scope of bookkeeping and bookkeeping services in Bangladesh for your recently settled organization. Our bookkeepers can accumulate your yearly records data for accommodation to BIDA and RJSC. We represent considerable authority in keeping an ideal bookkeeping framework that permits you to deal with your records cost-effectively. 

    All companies registered in Bangladesh should keep legal books of records as specified by the Bangladesh Companies Act. Great bookkeeping not just works with everyday record upkeep and drafting of financial summaries for the accommodation of yearly returns, yet in addition gives understanding to sound business dynamic just as proficient financial services. 

    NetworkBD gives the full range of bookkeeping service for companies that wish to outsource their bookkeeping capacity. 

    Bookkeeping Services in Bangladesh

    Accurately Classified 21 Data Required For Quotation Purposes

    For bookkeeping services, we should know the detail of your business to give you final and reasonable quotation.

    1. The Company name

    2. Business nature

    3. Financial year end

    4. Any timetable is ready to screen the deals made by the Company

    5. Any timetable is ready to screen the buys caused by the Company

    6. Any private utilization of the financial balance

    7. What number pages of the bank statement each month

    8. Expected month to month income and number of deals exchanges.

    9. Expected number of exchanges for costs and buys brought about during the financial year

    10. VAT Registered or not

    11. Any other extraordinary thing like recruit buy, advance is gotten

    12. Any speculation made during the financial period

    13. Currency associated with deals and buy (Type of foreign currency)

    14. Number of financial balances

    15. Number of indebted individuals

    16. Number of lenders

    17. Frequency of readiness of records – Monthly premise, Quarterly premise, Half yearly premise, or Annual premise

    18. Do you expect the Company has huge stock equilibrium as at year end and any checking is needed for the stock development during the financial year

    19. Does your Company has any inward bookkeeping programming and do you need our bookkeeper to perform nearby

    20. Does the record should be examined?

    21. Total number of staffs.

    Extra 8 Datas For Existing Organization

    1. Last year financial summary with detail income articulation 

    2. Latest services account (Balance sheet and income statement) 

    3. Last arrangement of bank compromise 

    4. VAT Return Filed 

    5. Bookkeeping Fee Paid 

    6. Audit Fee 

    7. Tax Fee 

    8. Last year Corporate Secretarial Fee 

    How Exclusively Our Bookkeeping Services Work For You!

    At the point when you engage in NetworkBD’s Bookkeeping Services in Bangladesh, you will be allocated a bookkeeper who will work with you actually on your business bookkeeping needs. 


    In view of the financial reports you submit to us on an intermittent premise, your bookkeeper will survey and put together the data to make and keep up with your records record. The bookkeeper can likewise assist you with drafting budget summaries as per the Financial Reporting Standards (FSR) for legal entries. 

    The Accompanying 12 Data is Needed For Bookkeeping Purposes: 


    1. Deals orders 
    2. Buy orders 
    3. Cost notes 
    4. Bank explanations 
    5. Installment vouchers 
    6. Journal vouchers 
    7. Payroll Summary
    8. Tenancy understanding 
    9. Fixed asset register 
    10. Stock posting 
    11. Statement of getting 
    12. Plan for observing income created and cost of deals/costs paid during the year 
    13. Debt holder and creditor control and etc

    Our Bookkeeping Service Includes 10 Following Bookkeeping Capacities:


    1. General Ledger Maintenance
    2. Records Income able Ledger Maintenance
    3. Records Receivable Maintenance
    4. Bank Reconciliation
    5. Fixed Assets Ledger Maintenance
    6. Income/Budgeting
    7. Budget summaries and Reports Monthly, Quarterly, Year-End Review
    8. Books Cleanup
    9. Management Reporting
    10. Financial Analysis

    Your dedicated bookkeeper will also assist with observing legal consistence issues and work with you to guarantee you see every one of the accounts and reports. 

    Kindly reach us to talk about for the details should you required all the more impromptu services like issuance of really look at installment to your providers, issue of month to month statement of record to your clients, deposit of cheque payment, and other administrative work.

    FAQ For  Bookkeeping Services

    1. What is the best way for me to get my documents to you?

    Dropbox is our preferred method of communication; however, we also use Odrive, Google Drive, OneDrive, email, and snail mail. We are willing to follow any procedure that makes our clients’ lives easier.

    2. How much does it set you back?

    The base price rises as the frequency of services performed, the level of activity, and the complexity of the account rise. Cleaning services can be quoted on a flat or hourly basis. More pricing information can be found in a section of our online quote form.

    3. What is the turnaround time and how is budget decided ?

    We provide an average 7 working days for turnaround of jobs from the time we receive the last piece of information from you. At premium rates we can also turnaround jobs in as little as 2 and 4 working days. However, it may vary according to the volume of work related to the job. For monthly and ongoing bookkeeping the turnaround time will be lesser than the actual

    5. Is it possible that my information will remain secure?

    We prioritize security and confidentiality because we deal with sensitive client data. The following are some of the steps taken:

    1) Internet access is restricted;

    2) data access is restricted; and

    3) USB ports are disabled.

    4) Network Security

    5) Ongoing surveillance

    6) Password-protected systems and other similar systems

    Also, when accessing a client’s remote server for input, we make sure that the data is only accessed and kept on client servers, ensuring that data security and custody are always with you.

    Ensure Your Performance with High-Quality Bookkeeping Services