Compilation of Financial Statement Services in Bangladesh

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    NetworkBD’s Finance and Accounts Department plays out an essential role inside the association in further developing project productivity, improving administration dynamic capacities, and advancing straightforwardness and responsibility. This division deals with the assortment and capacity of financial information accumulated from exchanges led by applicable cost centers. The information is ordered for the executives use, empowering a powerful administrative structure and the complete observing of NetworkBD’s assorted projects. 

    Compilation of Financial Statement Services in Bangladesh

    Over the years, NetworkBD has realized a tough financial and procurement strategy. This accomplishment depends on the issue of fastidiously reported principles and guidelines relating to account the board. For each venture at NetworkBD, spending plans are kept up with to be completely straightforward and available. The Head Office at long last accumulates different undertaking reports to foster the association’s yearly spending plan. NetworkBD’s Finance and Accounts Department has four explicit capacities, which are additionally regularly between related. These capacities are:  

    Rental Audit Services

    Accounting Financial Transactions:

    Guaranteeing that the association has precise accounts of its incomes, costs, resources, liabilities and capital; 

    Statutory Audit Services

    Strategic Management Accounting:

    Giving information to help administrators and other inward clients in their dynamic, execution estimation, arranging and control exercises, just as pricing; 

    Workers Profit Participation Fund Audit Services

    Financial Reporting:

    Giving data about the association to outer clients that is helpful to them in settling on financial choices and for evaluating stewardship of the association’s administration; and 

    Rental Audit Services

    Treasury Management:

    Dealing with the assets of the association, specifically money and working capital things, in addition to short and long haul ventures, present moment and long haul obligation and overseeing financial risk. 

    The Finance and Accounts Department plans NetworkBD’s financial statements as per global announcing and accounting standards. NetworkBD makes progress toward greatness and straightforwardness in its financial reporting. NetworkBD has gotten various public and global honors in acknowledgment for its achievements in the planning, disclosure and support of an estimable in its compilation financial statement reporting stage. NetworkBD has regularly get awards and reorganization from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) and the South Asian Federation of Accountants. NetworkBD has also been granted a prize by the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Practitioners Innovation Facility for its obligation to upgrading the worth of practitioners and for partaking in the ILO Practitioners Learning Group (PLG) on Improving Client Value.

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    Most private limited companies in Bangladesh are as of now not needed to have their accounts inspected in the event that they fulfill as a little organization or has a place with a group which qualifies as a small group. 


    Absolved privately owned businesses — which have no corporate investors and close to 20 individual investors — with turnover of fewer than million for the accounting year can document unaudited reports. Dormant exempt companies are additionally excluded from submitting audited reports.


    Any remaining companies are needed to delegate an evaluator inside 90 days of fuse and be ready to submit examined reports to BIDA. The accounts should be inspected every year.


    NetworkBD gives full account services, drafting of unaudited financial reports for excluded companies and offering review administration through our related review firms. Our partner’s review services incorporate inspecting of financial statements which conform to BIDA’s and RJSC’s legal necessities.

    FAQ For  Compilation Financial Statement Services in Bangladesh

    1. What are our procedures for preparing compilation financial statement and reports?

    We take the following steps:

    1. Close the profit and loss accounts. Make a single journal entry debiting all of the revenue accounts.
    2. Expense accounts must be closed. Make a single journal entry to credit all of the expense accounts.
    3. Make a capital account out of the income summary balance.
    4. Put an end to the drawing account.

    2. How do your Compilation financial statement respond to various questions?

    These are the kinds of questions that can be answered by looking at your financial statements. Information about a company’s financial situation, operational success, and upper management policies and strategies.

    3. What is included in your financial statements that have been compiled?

    Income, expenses, cash flow, assets, and liabilities are all included in a compiled financial statement. Because an audit has been performed, you can generally trust a certified statement as an investor.

    4. What are your treasury management service's responsibilities?

    Our treasury management service’s main goal is to plan, organize, and control cash assets in order to meet the organization’s financial goals. The goal could be to maximize the return on available cash, lower interest costs, or free up as much cash as possible for corporate ventures.

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