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    Premium and Exclusive XBRL Financial Report Services!

    XBRL is being created by a global non-benefit consortium of more than 600 significant organizations, associations, and government offices. It is an open norm, liberated from permit expenses. It is as of now being put to down to earth use in various nations and executions of XBRL are developing quickly all throughout the world.  Contact us for XBRL financial report solutions.


    The thought behind XBRL, eXtensible Business Reporting Language, is basic. Rather than regarding financial data as a square of text – as in a standard web page or a printed report – it gives a distinguishing tag to every individual thing of information. This is PC comprehensible. For instance, organization net benefit has its own extraordinary tag. 


    The presentation of XBRL labels empowers robotized preparing of business data by PC programming, removing arduous and exorbitant cycles of manual reemergence and examination. PCs can treat XBRL information “insightfully”: they can perceive the data in an XBRL financial report, select it, examine it, store it, trade it with different PCs and present it consequently in an assortment of ways for clients. XBRL enormously speeds up the treatment of financial information, diminishes the shot at blunder, and allows automatic checking of information.

    Premium and Exclusive XBRL Financial Report Services!

    Get 10 Reliable & Professional XBRL Financial Report Services:

    1. What do we have to plan XBRL?

    We need just the scan copy and word duplicate of the full set financial reports to set up the XBRL.

    2. What is the XBRL procedure?

    XBRL represents extensible Business Reporting Language, a language utilized in PCs to introduce financial statements with the end goal that they can be recovered from online records and moved straightforwardly to clients like reviewers, controllers and financial experts for different purposes. Bangladesh International Development Authority (BIDA) executed another filling prerequisite for Bangladesh joined organizations to record their financial statements (FS) in XBRL financial report design.

    3. Which organizations are excluded from XBRL filling?

    To record Financial Statements (“FS”) in XBRL design and the extent of XBRL filling shifts dependent on the organization’s tendency and size of operations.

    4. Who is affected by the changed XBRL filling?

    All Bangladesh incorporated organizations which are either limitless or restricted by shares needed to document their XBRL financial reports with BIDA will be needed to record a full arrangement of budget statements in XBRL design, as indicated by a Minimum Requirement List inside the new BIDA Taxonomy.

    5. Who is responsible for the right representation and accuracy of data?

    Directors of the organizations will keep on being answerable for the rightness and exactness of FS in XBRL financial report design documented with BIDA. They are consequently encouraged to check the data to be documented prior to approving their organization or people to present the data for the benefit of the organization to BIDA.

    6. Why the requirement for XBRL?

    Most organizations as of now record their FS in PDF design. BIDA accepts that the utilization of XBRL will accomplish the targets of working with the direct of business in Bangladesh, offering more benefit added financial data and upgrading the administrative climate with further developed straightforwardness and ideal spread of applicable financial data. 

    XBRL empowers source information to be labeled electronically, making the information machine-discernible. In this manner, the client’s framework can consequently separate the data without the requirement for duplicate sticking or entering in. XBRL financial report empowers labeling of numbers, quantitative information and text based data. The advantages of XBRL go past consistence since any information resemblance cycle can be smoothed out utilizing electronic labels. 

    7.What are the benefits of outsourcing if I can do it without anyone's help?

    Since directors are answerable for the right representation and accuracy of the data recorded for XBRL financial reports, this undertaking isn’t something that directors or proprietors of organizations regularly leave for their subordinates to do. However, the recording system can be time-consuming and daunting for directors. 

    Outsourcing the filling to an expert bookkeeping administration firm will give you genuine feelings of serenity in gathering your organization’s consistent needs. For a little speculation of the XBRL financial report, you are probably going to save a ton of time which can be dedicated to accomplishing more business, rather than going through the hassles of figuring out how to use the systems, extracting what to disclose, keying in, and checking it.

    8. How might I get ready?

    You can by either: 


    1. DIY: download the apparatus at BIDA site, go through every one of the strategies and set up the XBRL financial reports yourself, OR 
    2. Free yourself of the issue by connecting with an expert firm like NetworkBD to help you in the arrangement of the XBRL financial reports.  

    9. What are the upsides of setting up the XBRL voluntary?

    Free information investigation will be made accessible at BIDA’s new one-stop financials filling gateway. Organization directors and officials can sign into a Portal to create the free examination within 30 days in the wake of recording their AR structure with a full arrangement of budget reports in XBRL financial report design. This examination is just accessible once per year upon the filing of the AR by the organization and organizations can use this information to: 


    1. Benchmark themselves against peers 
    2. Compare their exhibition against competitors
    3. Gain a strategic advantage with improved examination 
    4. Understand industry patterns and settle on fitting choices for the XBRL financial report. 
    5. Achieve cost investment funds inside your organization with better business bits of knowledge and speedier and more exact dynamic 
    6. Compare, share and communicate information with related auxiliaries and distinctive organization divisions regardless of whether diverse accounting systems are being utilized. 

    10. Appropriate financial periods

    The reconsidered XBRL filling necessities will be material for organizations in case they are recording financial statements with periods finish. Organizations recording financial reports identifying with financial periods finished and will keep on filling their budget statements in PDF design and their financial features in regard of the budget reports in their Annual Return (AR). XBRL financial report is very necessary for your business expands.

    FAQs For  XBRL Financial Report Services In Bangladesh

    1. How long does it take to create and complete a ``typical`` detailed XBRL financial report?

    It is determined by the complexity of your financials and notes to financials.

    For XBRL, there is no silver bullet. Until people can teach computers to think and reason, the human factor in reviewing and interacting with files will always exist. There is no such thing as a software program that can “do it for you.”

    XBRL financial Report is changing the way businesses file documents, and it takes longer than the current systems. Creating and tagging documents in-house necessitates a significant financial investment, as well as employee time, training, and upkeep.

    2. Can I make changes to my financial statements after uploading them in XBRL format ?

    Yes, you can still make adjustments. Please keep in mind that the financial statements in XBRL format should be prepared using the financial statements tabled at the AGM and/or circulated to members, and that if the financial statements were tabled before the AGM and/or circulated to members, you should not make any changes unless they are unrelated to financial data. Before making any changes to the financial statements, consult the board of directors or your professional advisers.

    3. Does XBRL of XBRL Financial Report improve the accuracy of reporting?

    XBRL, also known as “bar codes for reporting,” improves the accuracy and efficiency of reporting. It allows people publishing reports to do so with confidence that the information contained in them can be consumed and analyzed accurately because it allows unique tags to be associated with reported facts.

    4. Is XBRL only used in the financial sector?

    Bank regulators have used XBRL to determine the capital adequacy and solvency of financial institutions, in addition to financial reporting.

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