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    Ensure A Wealthy Future With A Good Investment In Commercial Property

    A well-thought-out commercial property investment can result in long-term wealth as well as significant profit.

    The office of NetworkBD is located in a prime location of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  It is located in Bashundhara, a residential and commercial district of Dhaka.

    In order to register an office in Bangladesh, a company must have a physical address. This address will, more often than not, become an operational office, When it comes to running a business. Therefore having a physical store or office provides the most credibility.

    Customers are still more confident when dealing with companies that have a physical office. Regardless, that most of us today prefer online offices to physical interactions.

    However, despite modern technology, it is reassuring that any business has a physical address. Moreover, using commercial property services rather than trying to find commercial property on your own will yield better results.

    commercial property support

    Find Your Dream Commercial Property With Expert Advisory

    Expert Advisory

    It is prudent for businesses, whether they are start-ups or medium-sized enterprises, to obtain office space. Therefore, the most common type of property to set up shop is a commercial property.

    For instance, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, and retail buildings are examples of commercial properties. Moreover, you may want to buy a commercial property as an entrepreneur because you are thinking long-term.

    However, the initial investment may be too high, and you will have to rent a space in the meantime. Whether you buy or rent, both options are considered investments in a commercial property.

    Hidden Benefits Of Commercial Property Consultancy


    Most importantly, investing in commercial real estate pays off handsomely. Because your tenants are most likely to operate during office hours if you own a commercial property. As a result, any calls from tenants about property issues will occur during these hours.

    Moreover, your tenants will do their own renovations if you own a commercial property with the potential to lease. Also, your only concern would be to make certain that the fundamentals are in place and in good working order.

    However, if you think that owning a property is the only way to make money, think again. Because commercial properties can also be rented for a profit. Therefore, if you’re starting from scratch, a portion of your budget may be allocated to marketing.

    Moreover, renting an office in a high-traffic area is a good place to start. Because more people will notice your company or trade services. However, the rental may be more expensive. But, if it means a good start for your business, it might as well be a long-term investment.

    If cost is a concern, renting a commercial property that caters to your target audience may be a better option. As a result, your niche audience may spread the word. Resulting in more potential customers stopping by your store.

    Get The Best Investment Returns With Our Leading Advisory

    Leading Advisory

    For example, commercial properties are constructed to be valuable. And, the amount of value it adds is determined by the combination of retail, offices, and services available in one location.

    Moreover, the higher the footfall in a commercial building, the more valuable the businesses is. Also, a commercial property can sometimes be a historical structure that has been converted into a retail office building.

    In addition, the authenticity of a building’s aesthetics becomes an attraction in and of itself. Furthermore, commercial properties is a good mix of different eateries, common public spaces, all within walking distance of one another.

    How NetworkBD Helps You?

    To find and understand your commercial Properties needs, NetworkBD takes a thorough approach to each assignment. We combine experience and skill with a thorough understanding of the local market. Honesty, dependability, and integrity are our basic values. We seek to build long-term relationships.


    1. Brokerage & Leasing

    We focus on developing a strategy and identifying an action plan for each project.


    2. Management of Real Estate

    We put your property first. At Bradford, we believe in providing our clients with the highest-quality management.


    3. Services for Investments

    To assist our customers with commercial real estate investments, we use a centralized investing concept.


    4. Advisory to Tenants

    Bradford can maximize flexibility for your future growth, whether it’s structuring a new lease or renewing an existing one.


    5. Management of the construction process

    Our Construction Team provides total tenant improvement services while keeping costs low for a wide range of needs.

    Most importantly, if you sit down and connect with commercial property services, that dream office space or retail shop will be available exclusively for you.

    Furthermore, our affiliated business partner will assist you with whatever you need. Specially, in terms of smart and profitable property investments or commercial property rental transactions. Therefore, please contact us right away.

    FAQs For Commercial Property Service

    What is our primary service?

    We offer complete Computer and Networking Solutions including design, installation, administration, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

    Additionally, we have more than 14 years experience of commercial computer servicing, and other IT support platform. Moreover, we can handle a wide spectrum of technology based services that can aid your office functionalities.

    For example, some firms rent commercial space without seeking legal assistance. Especially, when negotiating a flexible property license with a respected landlord, such as a local government.

    However, you must be aware about the commitments and potential liabilities you are accepting. If the home is sold, for example, you may find yourself accountable for costly repairs. Even, caught in a rigid agreement, or renting from a less friendly landlord.

    Nonetheless, it is inexpensive to have a lawyer review a simple rental agreement. But, getting it wrong can be fatal. As a result, seeking professional counsel is always a good idea.

    Do we have to find commercial properties on our own?

    No. Most importantly, our job is to provide you with professional consulting service regarding commercial properties and it’s finances. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything since we will do the hard work of finding and setting up a commercial property for you.

    Is VAT charged on property rentals?

    Property Rental

    Primarily, whether or not you are charged VAT on rental payments is determined on the property. Moreover, rental payments are liable to VAT if the landlord has ‘elected to tax’ for VAT purposes. Otherwise, rental payments are VAT-free.

    In addition, if your firm is VAT-registered, your costs will not generally be greater. Furthermore, any VAT you paid can be reclaimed in the same manner that you can for other company purchases.

    Also, any VAT applied on rental payments, however, will increase your costs. Specially, if your business is not VAT-registered or if you produce VAT-exempt supplies.

    Who is responsible for maintaining the leased commercial property?

    Most importantly, your responsibilities are determined by the terms of your lease.

    For example, for a short-term rental, you may only be responsible for indoor decoration. However, the landlord is liable for all other upkeep and repairs.

    Moreover, your responsibilities under a normal commercial property lease can be far more broad. However, you are normally liable for internal, external, and structural repairs and upkeep.

    Even so, you are normally liable for internal, external, and structural repairs and upkeep. Alternatively, you might solely be in charge of internal repairs and maintenance while the landlord looks after the structure.

    Kickstart Your Profitable Future With An Easy Commercial Property Investment