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NetworkBD Offers Affordable Renting Serviced Offices In The Heart Of Capital

Most importantly, NetworkBD renting serviced offices advisory is located in a prime location in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Moreover, it is situated in a Residential and Commercial area of Dhaka.

However, we are transforming the concept of working as a Premium renting serviced offices provider. In addition, we are also creating office spaces to fuel future growth.

Furthermore, we understand our customers’ needs and adapt to the changing demands. Also, we expect a surge in innovation and technology that will not only benefit the renting serviced offices industry but also help it compete with international standards. We Meet 4 Criteria For Being The Best Renting Of Service Offices

  1. In the heart of the capital city, Dhaka.
  2. Nearer to public transportation.
  3. Just off the highway.
  4. Within or close to a residential area.

Meet Customers At An Attractive Area with NetworkBD's Renting Service Office

Primarily, associate lives are made easier by renting serviced offices that are easily accessible. Also, it allows members to meet with customers at a time and place that is convenient for them.

In addition, when those visitors check-in, they’ll notice that their upcoming partner appears to be in good shape. Moreover, a prominent location gives the impression that you are successful and establishes a foundation of trust.

Also, the respectable location is near a number of restaurants, cafes, and other retail establishments. As a result, allows co-working members to hold business meetings over lunch or coffee without having to get in the car. Moreover, it’s a fun place to go for a walk in the open air when they need a break.

Our Renting Serviced Office Fit For All Sized Business

1. Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Firstly, renting serviced offices is ideal for businesses looking for office space without the need to sign long-term leases.

2. Growing Businesses

Secondly, for businesses looking to expand into new regions and require short-term rental access around the world.

3. Businesses Enhancing

 Moreover, we assist clients in locating conventional leased space, as well as, temporary space for employees or teams.

4. Project-Based Groups

Lastly, groups that require a fully equipped workspace in a specific location for a limited time in order to complete a contract.

In 4 Special Reasons Client Appreciated Our Renting Services


Short Time Leases 


For example, renting serviced offices are flexible. And, many spaces offer one-month leases. Therefore, this type of service is encouraged at our firm.

More importantly, this is ideal for companies that want to remain flexible and productive. And, expand on short notice to meet their needs.


Low-Cost, No Downtime


Mostly, in renting serviced offices, businesses only pay for the space they need. Plus, most are equipped and pre-cabled, giving them access to high-quality equipment.

Moreover, this means there will be no downtime while moving in. And, you will be able to free up cash for other business needs.


Access To Necessities


Most importantly, fully staffed reception desks, kitchens, dining or coffee areas, cleaning and maintenance services, meeting rooms, and networking spaces are all standard features in service offices.

Additionally, renting serviced offices is needed by businesses. Moreover, no hidden costs, making budgeting a breeze.


Expand Into New Market


Primarily, renting serviced offices, executive offices, and serviced offices can be found in a variety of locations around the world. As a result, giving users a wide range of options for establishing a base.

Therefore, allowing to set up shop at a location that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. As well as, gain access to business resources.

FAQs For Renting Serviced Offices

What is our primary focus for renting service offices?

NetworkBD provides a comprehensive service office rental solution. We have over 14 years of experience in networking, commercial services, and other support platforms.

As a result we can manage a wide range of technology-based services to help your office run more efficiently.

How does renting service offices work?

Your office hunt has just gotten a whole lot easier! And, it’s as simple as giving us a call or sending us an email to find your ideal office solution.

After that, we’ll take care of the rest if you tell us where you need space, when you need it, and for how many people. We’ll provide you rates and information about office spaces that match your criteria.

Also, we will schedule your viewings, assist you in tailoring a solution to your specific needs. Furthermore, walk you through the negotiations into your new workspace.

Alternatively, you can look through our listings and inquire about the office spaces that appeal to you. After that, we’ll next check for availability.

In addition, you can request the most up-to-date prices. And we can even suggest additional properties that could be of interest for renting service offices.

Where can I find out more about prices for renting service offices?

Firstly, when you add properties to your list and submit us an inquiry, we’ll compile the necessary information. After that, seek the most current prices on your behalf.

Moreover, the flex office operator will then contact you directly. Or, one of our advisers will contact you with offers from variety of operators so you can evaluate pricing and contract terms for renting service offices.

Why Should I Trust NetworkBD

When you choose NetworkBD as your office space partner, you’re partnering with a team of specialists. Primarily, who are dedicated to knowing your company’s specific needs and offering a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Moreover, we have built our status as top office consultancy and renting service offices. Especially, by leasing over workstations globally and negotiating on behalf of our flex office partners.

Furthermore, our team of specialist consultants has served as a vital link between office space occupiers and property landlords. As a result, providing us with a 360-degree view of the fast changing office market. And, allowing us to make informed decisions.

Start Right Away By Utilizing Our High-Speed WiFi, Quality Furniture, & On-Site Support