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    Stay Up-To-Date & Ensure Compliance With Our Credit Audit Services

    We use our years of credit restoration experience in our Credit Audit to find any material in your credit report that may be in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This includes a thorough examination of each account as well as a review of your full credit history. Our Credit Audit will also look into your credit health and measures to repair and improve your credit now and in the future.

    Our Credit Experts Dig Into The Details Of Your Report

    Personal Information checking

    1. Personal Information

    Your personal information has no bearing on your credit ratings. Having a significant number of previous residences or aliases, on the other hand, can have an impact on your creditworthiness and reputation.

    Payment Details

    2. Accounts Reporting

    We go over each negative account in-depth, looking for omissions, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies. Any problematic detail mandated by federal law is a source of contention.

    Examine Unauthorized Lines of Credit

    3. Public Records

    Even if some public records aren’t included in credit bureau reports, lenders can nevertheless look them up. We check the same records that lenders do and challenge any public data that are suspicious.

    Discover Inaccurate Hard Inquires

    4. Plan of Action

    Depending on your individual circumstances, we work closely with you to design meaningful activities you can do right now. We personalize your credit restoration experience with Healthy Credit Habits.

    In 10 Ways NetworkBD Ensures Credit Risk Management

    Credit risk management is the demonstration of assuaging disasters by understanding the adequacy of a credit’s capital and advance setback holds at some irregular time, a procedure that has for quite a while been a test for financial establishments. It is the demonstration of easing disasters by understanding the adequacy of a credit’s capital and advance hardship holds at some arbitrary time – a technique that has for quite a while been a test for financial establishments. 

    1. Credit Application

    To be convincing, we demand that each customer should complete the acknowledge application shape as these urge using these information to advance the circumstance assessment of the clients.

    2. Review Creditworthiness

    We get hands on the client’s information through credit application, the following stage we use these information and diverse other evaluation gadgets to know if the cutoff requested are commendable. These ways we understand our client significantly more intently.

    3. Setting Reasonable Credit Limit & Its Terms

    We manage terms that are customary to the business to setup strong portions through our customers. We do that through customer’s reliability, offsetting danger with ahead of time portion and by the use of the letter of credit or setting more limited portion due dates.

    4. Clarify Worded Contract

    The sensible worded contract goes probably as a mind blowing assurance bargain contract for regulating credit. With recognizing verification of the responsibility of each get-together will over the long haul limit the risk of discussion.

    5. Continuously Pursue and Set up Obligation Gathering Approaches

    We enough improve the procedure of separating the obligations among the business staff and credit creditor to avoid any dispute. We should reliably keep up careful records including purchase solicitations, sales and correspondence. 


    Credit Audit is made arrangements for ensuring post approve consistence of the put down rules. Appropriately concurred with Risk Centered Inward Review, it surveys the default probability, perceives chances and proposes chance control measures. The central matter of Credit Audit is at the record level concerning consistence of post agreements. Credit Audit covers survey of post-support consistence of post agreements. 

    6. Personal Information Checking

    Regardless of whether the name spelled precisely using a credit report? Regardless of whether area 100% careful? Are prior addresses right, moreover? Regardless of whether date of birth uncovered truly? Is any fundamental data missing? For sure, even the littlest error can unleash ruin using a credit score. So we give this in a particularly powerful way.

    7. Discard Old, Negative Accounts

    Does it have an important record it didn’t regulate well? If these are showing up using a credit card report following seven years, we have the advantage to request removal!

    8. Watch Out For Payment Details

    While looking over portion information, look for the more diminutive nuances against each open and shut record. Is the total excellent right? Are the portions made to the record exceptional? Are any portions missing or hailing as late? A late portion, making it more shocking for a creditor to underwrite the next credit application. We watch so that all portion nuances have been recorded fittingly.

    9. Analyze Unauthorized Lines of Credit

    It should be an admonition if finds a credit expansion for not understanding. Maybe one has dreadful memory or it’s a commitment offered to another association. Regardless, research anything don’t speedily see. Whether or not it’s a little or broad total, guarantee that the report is definitively reflecting what to do and don’t have.

    10. Discover Inaccurate Hard Inquires

    While introducing a development application, a credit creditor or credit requests a credit report check to conclude whether to give the development.

    Balance Risks, Enhance Financial Reporting With Our Credit Audit


    Our highly qualified team of specialist credit union auditors works with over 350 credit unions, from the simplest to the most complicated, to help them overcome risks and best position themselves for the future by implementing audit best practices during our engagements. 


    We will bring a cross-functional team of credit union auditors, lending specialists, and information technology auditors to your credit union audit engagement to provide insight into how various aspects of your business are affecting its risk profile and overall financial health.


    NetworkBD takes it a step further by employing a multi-stage quality control procedure to guarantee that reports and disclosures meet professional standards, ensuring honesty, objectivity, and independence on every engagement. All wallpapers and reports are subjected to a shareholder-level assessment by an auditor who is not involved in the engagement.

    FAQs For  Credit Audit Services in Bangladesh

    How Credit Audit Work For Me?

    We recognize that the regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex, and credit unions are being scrutinized more than ever to ensure that they are meeting the growing number of accounting, regulatory, and compliance obligations. A staff dedicated to your success can make all the difference in today’s multifaceted, dynamic environment. Our audit staff is on hand, ready to respond to any compliance requirements.

    What does a credit audit include?

    We examine your credit report in depth, looking for any suspicious items that could be impacting your credit ratings. These could be apparent problems, such as past- due accounts and collections, or seemingly unimportant details, such as inaccurate last-activity dates. According to the RJSC, there are dozens of elements and pieces of information that must be 100% accurate and verified. We examine each of these to verify that you receive the credit to which you are legally entitled.

    Will the plans have a negative impact on audit quality?

    The independence, professional skepticism, and technical proficiency that characterize audit quality. The suggested improvements will improve all of these areas, resulting in an overall improvement in audit quality.

    How much will an audit cost?

    That’s a challenging question to answer because not only will each firm have various hourly rates, but the time it takes to analyze how transactions have been accounted for will also vary based on the nature and complexity of the transactions.
    They will also examine that certain disclosures have been made in compliance with business law and accounting rules if you are drafting financial statements.

    Get a Comprehensive Professional Credit Audit To Understand Your Credit