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    Get Secure Affordable & Trustworthy Funds Audit Services in Bangladesh

    Our partners and personnel at NetworkBD have extensive funds audit experience, serving a wide range of fund structures, strategies, and sizes. We are experts in international auditing and accounting standards, and we take pride in offering a quick response time. We offer an appealing service to funds audit directors wanting to appoint auditors who can assist them in delivering audited financial statements that not only conform with relevant accounting standards but also fulfill their statutory filing dates.


    We go above and above to provide prompt service for funds audit. Some of our recent offshore fund audit appointments required a catch-up activity after previous filing deadlines were missed; we are up to the task.

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    Achieve The Highest Level Of Assurance To Investors With Our Fund Audit Services

    NetworkBD provides funds audit services that are tailored to the alternative investment industry’s unique compliance requirements. We create and implement an audit plan specifically for your fund, taking into account the needs and concerns of fund managers and investors. We ensure that your  engagement is completed on time, and we provide a full report of our findings that includes our professional opinion on the financial statements. Our fund audit services provide transparency and provide you peace of mind that your accounting methods and financial records are up to date and accurate.


    The level of examination our funds audit service provide is determined by the GAAP principles as well as the specific needs of our clients. We go above and beyond conventional auditing principles and best practices to conduct a rigorous fiscal examination or that identifies operational risks and controls that can be tightened. If you have any queries about the audit process, please contact us. We’ll show you how our processes deliver the high-quality, comprehensive audit services you need to give investors the highest level of assurance while reducing risk.

    How Our Fund Audit Services Make Benefited You?

    NetworkBD has a lot of experience with the unusual aspects of auditing private value and investment reserves. Our partner-driven, industry-focused, and risk-focused methodology ensures that our customers stay ahead of the compliance curve and gain more value from yearly funds audit and other affirmation-related commitments.


    To ensure funds audit we can successfully serve the storage needs of our private value and investment customers, each commitment is staffed with a multi-disciplinary group of in-house specialists, each of whom has a strong understanding of the venture finance industry’s financial, operational, and administrative requirements. From expense, money-related detailing, interior controls, and portfolio valuation to exchange warning administrations and speculation saving money, our specialized expertise covers it all about the fund audits. This breadth of experience, combined with our coordinated group strategy, enables us to construct and communicate a commitment centered on a crucial, advertise-based point of view, enabling our customers to better appreciate their financial execution and main zones of risk.

    Our Expertise On Audit Services

    The following funds audit services are commonly available:


    1. Audit of the Provident Fund
    2. Funds Audit of the Gratuity Fund
    3. Audit of the Workers Profit Participation Fund (WPPF)


    In their accounting and auditing branch for financial funds audit, NetworkBD offers the following services:


    1. Checks the accuracy of financial statements.
    2. Examines financial statements for legal and regulatory compliance.
    3. Calculates and prepares tax returns.
    4. Ensure that for funds audit taxes are paid correctly and on schedule.
    5. Examines the efficiency of accounting books and systems.
    6. Maintains and organizes financial records for fund audits.

    Why Trust NetworkBD


    1. We go above and above to provide prompt service. Some of our recent offshore funds audit appointments required a catch-up activity after previous filing deadlines were missed; we are up to the task.


    2. Our senior management team in NetworkBD can effectively leverage a specialized audit team in our Bangladesh office for our offshore funds audit, effectively covering both time zones and leading the audit from start to end with a proactive approach. As a result, our strength is timely completion, and additional re-issue sign-off costs are avoided.


    3. We are normally in charge of year-end project management for the production of audited financial statements for offshore funds, coordinating with the funds audit administrator, directors, investment manager, and valuation agency (if applicable), and pushing the year-end deadline ahead.

    FAQ For  Funds Audit Services in Bangladesh

    How can I prepare for an audit?

    You should request a schedule of information from your auditor for funds audit so that you may prepare ahead of time for their major funds audit task. They’ll need proof to back up the transactions and balances in the financial statements, such as a bank statement or a supplier statement at the year’s end.

    How are NetworkBD Fund Services teams organized?

    Our funds audit services teams are made up of qualified professionals with prior financial and legal experience in (fund) accounting and funds audit, mergers and acquisitions, (fund) structuring, and taxation. Each client has a specialized team for their convenience and company continuity. This group usually consists of:

    Client Director and Fund Accountant/Reporting Expert
    Specialist in on-boarding and investor relations
    Other members of our professional team will, of course, be involved in your case and can be contacted as needed.

    Will the plans have a detrimental effect on the quality of the audits?

    Funds audit quality is defined by independence, professional skepticism, and technical proficiency. All of these areas will be improved as a result of the suggested changes, resulting in an overall improvement in audit quality.

    How do you decide what areas should be audited?

    Fundsaudit may be scheduled as part of formal risk assessment process of funds audit, Athe request of an administrator or regent, or because potential flaws in particular area have been identified, such as by random spot-checking of transactions or whistle-blower complaint.

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