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    Get Reliable & Affordable Statutory Audit Services in Bangladesh

    Statutory audit in Bangladesh is a valid process that is utilized to acquire financial information reflected through the company’s financial statement like the Profit & Loss Account, Balance sheet, and Cash flow statement. As a result, statutory audit provides a realistic appraisal of the company’s mismanagement or fraud, if any, in order to prevent malpractices and provide an ethical and transparent corporate system.


    NetworkBD is a professionally managed staff with demonstrated knowledge in the field of financial accounting and management that has been offering quick, timely, and efficient guidance to a wide range of firms on difficult accounting procedures.

    Our Expertise On Statutory Audit Services

    statutory auditor services

    The NetworkBD Company specializes in Statutory Audit in the following areas:-


    1. Financial statement preparation:


    NetworkBD understands the importance of timely financial statements submitted in accordance with industry norms, laws, and regulations. The firm serves its clients by assisting them in the preparation of financial statements that reflect the client’s fair and transparent dealings in all commercial activities. For its clients, the organization assists in the preparation of financial statements such as Cash Flow Statement, Profit and Loss Account, and Balance Sheet.


    2. Review of the financial situation:


    It aids in recognizing the company’s financial accounting procedures and systems’ strengths and weaknesses. The flaws are addressed by proposing appropriate improvement strategies that maintain quality while adhering to industry accounting requirements.


    3. Concerns about taxes:


    NetworkBD Company assists businesses on a variety of difficulties relating to complex tax requirements that can have financial ramifications. The major goal is to reduce the company’s tax burden, allowing them to have more control over its financial status and performance as a stakeholder.

    Our Statutory Audit Management Ensure Some Additional Services

    Through professional practicing chartered accountants, the Firm provides audit services, including audits of financial statements of limited corporations, partnerships, and societies. We execute customer audits as required by Pakistani laws, or as unique tasks where an audit is not required.
    Audits are undertaken in strict conformity with the International audit approach’s code of conduct for audits, which includes international audit principles and generally accepted auditing practices (GAAP).


    Additional Auditing Services In addition to statutory audits, we also do management audits that include the following aspects of a business:


    1. Evaluating management’s accomplishments in relation to the organization’s goals and general planning, organizing, controlling, and evaluating systems.

    2. Auditing in accordance with the terms of a certain contract.

    3. Internal auditing and investigative auditing are two types of auditing.

    4. Audit of systems and operations, as well as due diligence.

    NetworkBD's Core Activities On Auditing

    NETWORKBD Consulting International statutory audit group’s principal objective is to give dependability and believability to the monetary reports that go to investors. They have been kept up not really settled the precision of work and arrange the general report to get an exact budget statement. 

    Also, a statutory inspector needs to report to the investors who are statutory the administering design of an association which is additionally done perseveringly by NETWORKBD statutory Auditor group. NETWORKBD statutory audit service’s group has consistently kept up with the business in any work. There are some underlying systems that a statutory auditor should need to follow which are not getting to know the customers, chief, or any worker of that specific association. 

    Why Choose NetworkBD?



    statutory audit groupWhen a statutory Auditor is accomplished in a specific field of business, he regularly needs to get familiar with the intricate details of a particular industry prior to leading an audit. Which makes it simpler for a statutory auditor to perceive issues? The statutory audit services group of NETWORKBD gives a free assessment to the investors on the reality and reasonableness of the budget summaries. Additionally, they give sensible confirmation to the investors and guarantee that advantages for the organization are boosted through the idea of functional enhancements for the board. This is known as statutory audit too.

    FAQs For  Statutory Audit Services in Bangladesh

    How do you go about doing a statutory audit?

    Every company and its directors must appoint an auditor within 30 days of the company’s registration date for this reason.

    How long is the mandate for Statutory Auditors?

    Statutory Auditors have a three-year mandate, which ends on the date of the Shareholders’ Meeting called to approve the financial statements for their office’s most recent financial year. Re-election of Statutory Auditors is possible.

    Who is qualified to perform a statutory audit?

    Only an independent chartered accountant, a chartered accountant firm, or a limited liability partnership firm (LLP) with the majority of partners practicing in India are qualified to serve as a company’s auditor, according to the legislation.

    Why is statutory audit important?

    Statutory auditors’ job is to certify financial statements, which means they give investors and shareholders an opinion on the accuracy of company’s financial statements. 
    The quality of statutory audit is relied upon by large number of people and organizations. 
    As result, by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of financial statements, statutory audit contributes to the orderly functioning of markets. 
    Its importance is evident in the fact that certain companies are required by law to undertake statutory audit.

    Increase The Authenticity & Reliability Of The Financial Statements With NetworkBD's Auditing