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    Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Business Support Services

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    Hailed as one of the main one-stop Bangladesh corporate specialist organizations, NetworkBD Bangladesh gives start to finish Business Support Services to both foreign and local organizations in the country. We incorporate a few thousand Bangladesh organizations consistently where we also give on-going organization services to those organizations. The main part of our Bangladesh Business Support Services is we advance your business potential through a combination of one-stop solution administrations. NetworkBD,, the Bangladesh business support service provider full range of Bangladesh Business Support Services is as below.

    Get Our Exclusive 19 Business Support Services

    1. Bangladesh Company Incorporation Services

    However the company incorporation process of Bangladesh is moderately simple and clear, there are certain administrative prerequisites that we should agree with. Our organization consolidation administration permits you to partake in the advantages of problem free organization enlistment just as the expert administrations at a reasonable rate. At the end of the day, you can basically sit back to have your organization joined with certain Bangladesh company registration cost paid to NetworkBD, Bangladesh business support specialist providers. Apart from the charges, NetworkBD’s organization incorporation package is the most incredible in Bangladesh since we have planned a one of a kind and competitive company incorporation package to smooth out the interaction.

    2. Nominee Director Service

    Does your Bangladesh organization need a local director? Fret not, we have you covered. Our Nominee director services accompany practical expenses and ensured excellent administrations for business support. We endeavor to give the best nominee director services since we understand the significance of appointing a right and skillful individual to go about as your local director of your Bangladesh organization.

    3. Business License Application

    Business license application is one more part of organization support benefits that you can’t trifle with it. The permit to operate application relies upon which sort of business support you might want to have in Bangladesh. It is consistently important to get a permit/license when you register your business with the BIDA.

    4. Bank Accounting Opening

    Your organization needs a corporate bank accounting to maintain a business support in Bangladesh. At the point when you engage in NetworkBD to set up your Bangladesh organization, we will also assist you with opening the corporate bank account in Bangladesh and offer the vital corporate support administrations.

    5. Corporate Secretarial Services

    We give comprehensive Bangladesh business support administrations and friends secretary services to both local and foreigner organizations to help them in consenting to the different administrative necessities. For one’s purposes, we assist you with getting the perfect individual as your Corporate Secretary. For another, our expert group offers a coordinated corporate support of meet all parts of your business needs that include: 


    1. Strike Off Company 
    2. Liquidation in Bangladesh 
    3. Receivership and Judicial Management Services 
    4. Bangladesh Certificate of Incorporation 
    5. Bangladesh Customs Registration 
    6. Amalgamation Of Companies In Bangladesh And Its Taxation

    6. Immigration Services

    Our full range of immigration administrations and work visa preparing administrations envelops the application matters, yet with more worth added administrations. Our accomplished business support experts with great industry information offer Bangladesh organization support administrations including: 


    1. Going about as a contact individual with MOM, 
    2. Giving direction of various working pass accessible in Bangladesh: 

    2.1 Comparison of Work Pass, 

    2.2 Bangladesh Employment Pass 

    2.3 Bangladesh Entre-pass 

    2.4 Bangladesh Permanent Residence 

    2.5 Bangladesh Citizenship 

    1. Assisting work pass application, handling reestablishments, engaging just as following your application.

    7. Accounting Services

    In Bangladesh, all organizations are needed to keep up with legitimate accounting and bookkeeping records to remain consent to legal necessities as specified by BIDA. This involves a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Equity Statement. Our accounting group will keep up with your Book of Accounts in timely manner. You can enjoy peace of mind by leaving all your bookkeeping matters to us where our business support can help you in: 


    1. Accumulation Financial Statement 
    2. XBRL Financial Report 
    3. Accounting Service 
    4. Arrangement of Accounting System 
    5. Solidification Accounts

    8. Human Resource

    As the title recommends, human resource is one of the significant resources in an organization. We give full-range administrations in spaces of HR the board to meet the staff needs of your organization and to reinforce the executives limit. Our human asset administrations incorporate warning, organization and innovation answers for assist you with viably dealing with your HR while drawing in your workers in their prosperity and professions. Our expert business support services including the accompanying: 


    1. Payroll Service 
    2. Develop Your Company’s Employee Handbook 
    3. Drafting Employment Contracts 
    4. HR Recruitment Service 
    5. HR Grants Consulting Services 
    6. HR Performance Management Services 
    7. Payroll Cloud Software

    9. Taxation Services

    Tax collection is no doubt an extremely complex matter. Not every person has the vital ranges of abilities and aptitude in tax assessment. Our business support and tax collection expert will assist you to manage legal assessment filings, recognizing charge effective techniques just as remaining consistence with government tax assessment guidelines. Our selective tax collection administrations include: 


    1. Company Income Tax 
    2. Goods and Services Tax (GST) 
    3. GST ASK Audit 
    4. Personal Income Tax 
    5. Apply Certificate of Residence 
    6. E-Stamping 
    7. Transfer Pricing 
    8. TAX  Equalization 
    9. Withholding Tax Services

    10. Auditing Services

    As compliance oriented audit services provider, Our business support offer the complete audit services and affirmation services to all industry types by helping our customers in their organizations’ monetary audits. Aside from the monetary audit, we additionally complete statuary audit, rental audits, and charity audit as a feature of our auditing services in Bangladesh. Our auditing services include: 


    1. Statuary Audit 
    2. Rental Audits 
    3. charity Audit

    11. Legal Services

    We all know that expert and experienced legal advisors understand the law better than us or our colleague or closest companion. However your ethical compass and capacity to reason intelligently matters, legal advisors know the law with regards to business and administrative necessities. Our business support offer legal types of assistance that include: 


    1. Trademark Registration 
    2. Wealth Management Services 
    3. Business Partnership Disputes Resolution 
    4. Legal Help in Personal Data Protection 
    5. Licensed property Services

    12. Business Advisory Services

    Our Business Advisory Services are intended to give strategic thinking  and guidance to clear the business viability and efficiencies of your organization. We assist customers with recognizing business openings, development techniques, and further develop business exhibitions. Our business support services include: 


    1. Valuation Service 
    2. Financial Due Diligence 
    3. Planning 
    4. IFRS Reporting 
    5. Forensic Investigations Service 
    6. Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) Grant Consulting for SMEs 
    7. Business available to be purchased 
    8. Business Transformation Consulting Services 
    9. SME Transformation Package 
    10. Business Continuity Advisory and Planning

    13. Virtual Office Services

    Virtual office administrations have been well known among worldwide financial backers for quite a long time. It is on the grounds that you need to have a residential location your enlisted address for your business in Bangladesh. Moreover, virtual office administration permits you to have the residential location well as admittance to numerous different advantages: 


    1. Telephone Forwarding 
    2. Call Answering 
    3. Fax Number 
    4. Meeting Room Support

    14. Stamp/Seal Makers Services

    What is the following stage after the organization incorporation measure? Having an organization stamp will be one of the subsequent stages to finish as it is a vital piece of maintaining a business. In case you are exploring for a portion of the stamp/seal producers administrations, we are here to help! Our business support and stamp/seal making services include the following: 


    1. Self Ink Stamp 
    2. Organization Seal

    15. IT and Design Services

    Advanced change, a popular expression that we will in general use to characterize our endeavors to execute new computerized components, or computerized directs in our business support with the reason to expand income and cost proficiency. The ascent of new computerized economy has made IT more fundamental and essential to business accomplishment than any time in recent memory. In case you are searching for IT and Design services, we have lots to offer: 


    1. Logo Design 
    2. Website Design 
    3. Domain/Hosting 
    4. IT Solution 
    5. IT Security Testing 
    6. Digital Risk Management Services

    16. Software Sale and Development

    Accounting software sale and development is fundamental for organizations, all things considered, and in any industry. The benefits incorporate quicker bookkeeping, less overhead expenses, and misstep free bookkeeping undertakings. However, choosing the right and proficient one can be a troublesome errand without proficient direction. Fret not; we assist you with short listing the best accounting software that you can consider for your organization:


    1. MYOB Accounting Software 
    2. Quickbooks Online 
    3. Xero Cloud Accounting Software in Bangladesh 
    4. QuickBooks Online vs Xero Cloud Accounting Software 
    5. Time management Software and Door Access System

    17. One-Stop Cloud Solution

    While one-stop cloud solution is by and large more versatile, dependable, and profoundly accessible, there are many components that you should consider before you pursue one, be it the advantages, or the dangers, or the cloud administration model. At NetworkBD, we will direct you through in your choice and help you to arrangement your cloud answers for your organization. We offer a large number of various cloud solution for meet your business needs: 


    1. Health Services Industry Solution 
    2. Legal Practices Solution 
    3. Property Management Solution 
    4. Medical services Practitioners Solution 
    5. Building, Construction and Trade Contractors Scheduling Software 
    6. Hotel Management System 
    7. Managed Field Service Business 
    8. Online Workshop Management System for Automotive 


    On top of the top of administrations that we have (as recorded above), we additionally give partner business support administrations, trust benefits just as organization arrangement in different cloud solution to additional commendation your business needs.

    18. Associate Business Services

    Our partner business administration’s cover many perspectives, from business name cards, leasing of administration workplaces to head banking, just to give some examples: 


    1. Business Name Cards 
    2. Leasing of Service Offices 
    3. Business Property 
    4. POS System Solution 
    5. Banking in Bangladesh

    19. Trust Services

    Trust is one of the significant estate planning tools along other home arranging benefits. Our trust administration is one of our business support that will assist you with arranging what ought to befall your riches and business after you died. We have qualified experts to assist you with drafting the trust to suit your particular circumstance just as current laws. We offer a full range of trust administrations: 


    1. Estate Planning 
    2. Will Writing Service 
    3. Trust Management Service 
    4. Trustee Services 
    5. Private Trust Setup

    FAQs For Bangladesh Business Support Services

    Where can I get information about foreign trade statistics and figures?

    For a broad overview of a country’s economic, political, and investment climate on a yearly basis.

    How many steps do I need to take to incorporate my company?

    The state in which you live or plan to incorporate your firm determines this or getting business support. We will give you 24/7 support just contact as soon as possible with us.

    How do I pay NetworkBD the monthly company secretarial fee?

    In Business support the monthly business secretarial fee is automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month by NetworkBD.

    If I change my mind about the company registration, can I get a refund through NetworkBD?

    If your company registration application has not yet been submitted to the RJSC, you may be eligible for a complete refund. If a problem happens, please contact us right away.

    Lets Open Up A Company In Bangladesh. NetworkBD Give You The Best Support