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    Depending on the kind business you might want to set up in Bangladesh, it is some of the time important to get business licenses or potentially grant when you register your business with the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA). BIDA’s automated system will show if one more supporting authority is needed to allow a license or grant during the application for name approval process. 


    For most business license application, for example, cash transformer license, business office license, food slow down license, IDA license and many others, the Company should have a executive local director who is a Bangladeshi or a Bangladesh P.R., the appointment of such director should have as of now been stopped with BIDA before the license application. 


    Also, most business license application records should be marked and put together by a local director individual/director consequently you should have such individual (either Bangladesh Citizen, Bangladesh PR, or business pass holder) to represent your organization and apply for the license. 


    Most organizations don’t need business licenses or allows to work yet there are small bunches that do as they are controlled by the supporting specialists like those in food organizations, business offices, non-public schools, travel services, liquor merchants, moneylenders, banks, childcare centers, and so on 


    The summary of the business license requirement to operate prerequisite are as per the following. As a general rule, it might take between about 14 days to 2 months to get a license to operate or permits depending on this 16 types:-

    1. Running a retail shop

    Business licenses requirement for retail shops shift contingent upon the idea of labor and products being sold. The three famous kinds of retail locations viz. general stores, drug stores and broadcast communications stores.

    2. Starting a development business

    There are a few permits, approvals and business licenses that are needed for setting up a development organization in Bangladesh. Likewise, one necessity to apply to the Ministry of Manpower for work licenses to employ foreign workers.

    3. Engaging in trading activities

    Starting a Trading Company in Bangladesh is needed to open a traditions record and we can do it for you. You can engage in a nearby cargo forwarder to mastermind the import and fare for your things and they will deal with the import/business license and allows, duties and charges, freight freedom systems, and merchandise stockpiling and so on for you. On the other hand, on the off chance that you have a neighborhood staff in Bangladesh, you can do it without anyone’s help and if it’s not too much trouble, refer to Freight Forwarders or Declaring Agents for the detail.

    4. Setting up a hotel

    There are a few business licenses and approvals to be secured to set up a hotel or borading in Bangladesh. Aside from the essential Hotel-Keeper’s License and approval from the Hotels Licensing Board, allows or licenses should be acquired for the accompanying kinds of exercises: lodging TVs, sorting out specially appointed amusement, playing protected music or recordings, running a spa, selling tobacco items, working a pool, and so on.

    5. Running a spa

    You need to apply Massage Establishment business licenses to offer back rub administrations, foot-reflexology administrations, nail trim medicines, spa showers or other comparative medicines as a component of your spa contributions.

    6. Starting a western clinical facility

    There are three fundamental kinds of business licenses to work a western clinical facility in Bangladesh – the Medical Clinic License which is a mandatory license as far as wellbeing might be concerned organizations; licenses for managing dangerous synthetic compounds, utilizing illuminating gear or for buying certain therapeutic items; and licenses and approvals to do operations, for example, like liposuction, abortion and sterilization.

    7. Setting up a employment agency

    All work offices in Bangladesh require an employment business license before starting business exercises.

    8. Building up a travel service

    A travel business license is needed to lead business as a Bangladesh travel planner.

    9. Setting up a financial administrations business

    Financial advisers should be authorized to complete certain controlled financial administrations exercises. There are two sorts of business licenses (for example Capital Markets Services License and Financial Advisers License)

    10. Starting a F&B business

    You should apply for a food shop business license to open a Restaurant in Bangladesh

    11. Starting a transportation business

    You need to apply business licenses to set up transportation business activities in Bangladesh. These incorporate enactment for: working vessels inside and outside Bangladesh, for group individuals to chip away at board the vessels, for managing perilous merchandise, for working certain communication equipment on board vessels, and so on.

    12. Running an event management company

    Event management companies that are occupied with getting sorted out different kinds of occasions should get at least one licenses relying on the occasion or action being coordinated. Instances of such licenses incorporate Arts Entertainment License, Copyright License, Public Entertainment business licenses, Trade Fair License, Animal Exhibition License, and so on.

    13. Setting up a real estate agency

    Given the rising significance of Bangladesh’s real estate industry, another legal board was as of late arrangement to all the more likely manage the business and increase proficient expectations in light of a legitimate concern for purchasers. The new structure has upgraded the business licenses of real estate, presented a necessary enlistment of realtors and set up new industry guidelines.

    14. Running a publishing business

    The Newspaper business license and Printing Press License are the two essential licenses that are needed for anybody wanting to begin a publishing business in Bangladesh.

    15. Starting a telecommunications business

    There are certain mandatory business licenses that one needs to acquire to arrangement an educational establishment in Bangladesh. Which includes Starting childcare places, kindergartens, academic schools and non-academic schools in Bangladesh. 


    The Online Business License Service (OBLS) is a help you can use to apply for your licenses and allows. From a single website, you can deal with different licenses and permits. You at this point don’t have to stand by in line or go from one office to another.

    16. Starting a private educational business

    There are a few legal necessities and business licenses to be gotten to build up a media transmission administrations related business in Bangladesh. The licensing prerequisites change contingent on the kind of media transmission administration being given. Each sort of business movement requires a mandatory license and may require at least one extra licenses.

    FAQ For Business License Application in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, how can you obtain a factory registration certificate?

    For its construction, establishment, or extension, licensing, or renewal, the Factory Authority must apply to the Factories and Establishments Inspection Department’s District Offices.

    How do you renew a business license?

    The renewal procedure is rather simple, and there is no need for an inspection. When the trade license needs to be renewed, the company must go to the Leading solutions.

    How Long Does It Take To Get An Import/Export License?

    It take maximum 7 – 10 Days

    How Long Concern Department Permission As Business Category Be Required?

    Depends On the Situatio. It Could Take Longer.

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