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    FAQ For Especially Corporate Bank Account Services

    Checking and also savings accounts,. Loan and also mortgage services. As well as wealth management, issuing credit and debit cards. Also overdraft services are the top 5 banking services.

    How as long as does it take for my online account to be created?

    At last decisions on applications are frequent made on the spot. In rare situations, extra support documentation may be required before we can approve your application.

    If we require in addition information for our evaluation. Also we will send you an email with the details. Although you have 11 days after submit your application to give us your supplemental documentat if necessary.

    Within 5-7 business days of opening your account, also you should get your debit card and checks (if ordered). For a temporary debit card and/or checks, also come to a financial center.

    How can I make an initial deposit into an online account after that I recently opened?

    Online account

    If you already have an account with us, you can make your starting deposit by the time transfer funds from it. You can use a Visa or MasterCard debit card, a cheque, or a money order to transfer money from another bank.
    Accordingly your deposit request will be cancel if your account is not authorize for some reason.

    How many approver can approve fund transfers?

    Though multi level approvals are support by the system. As well as you can define how many approval are required to complete a transaction. Once the transaction has been accepted by the final approver, it will be processed.

    Is it possible for a firm to open a foreign currency account?

    Generally, a foreign currency account can be open by any company. (Only local currencies are available for Easy and also Super Business accounts.)

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