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    • 3. Strike Off Company
    • 4. Liquidation in Bangladesh
    • 5. Receivership and Judicial Management Services
    • 6. Get Yourself Right as your Corporate Section
    • 7. Bangladesh Customs Registration
    • 8. Documents in Bangladesh
    • 9. Company Search in Bangladesh
    • 10. Apostille Certificate and Legalization 
    • 11. Independent Director Services
    • 12. Mixture Of Companies In Bangladesh 
    Corporate Secretarial Service

    We Take Care of All Unfamiliar Procedures & Administrative


    Obviously our differential array of global entity management services includes a core pillar of our autonomous corporate secretarial expertise. As a result, we provide a global solution, whether you require our corporate secretarial services in India, Brazil, or anywhere else in the world. Due to professionals on the ground providing local support. Also we can cover sectors as diverse as capital markets, private equity, real estate, pharmaceuticals, energy, as well as technology, thanks to our unique global delivery approach, which is anchor by our revolutionary digital platforms.


    NetworkBD is a confide supplier of corporate secretarial services administrations in Bangladesh. Which implies we can furnish you with a certified organization secretary after that can deal with all secretarial issues of your organization. And as much as focus on subtleties relate to your organization’s regulatory undertakings. We happily offer the accompanying administrations that can guarantee the presence of your organization is influence quite a bit by and becomes something you can generally be glad for.

    We Ensure 11 Guaranteed Company Secretarial Services For Companies Growth

    1. Company Secretary Service


    A Business/company secretary give by corporate secretarial administrations in Bangladesh assumes a vital part in keeping up with the steady progression of secretarial and also regulatory undertakings of your organization. She guarantees after that the everyday tasks of your organization run as expect and are promptly answer to the leaders for assessment or quick dynamic. The legitimate report is incredible assistance for the leaders of the organization to predict future occasions and also expects them in an expert, exact way.


    The scope of secretarial and authoritative undertakings is wide and requires sharp eyes to detail and devotion, other than the qualifications in secretarial. Although our exceptionally qualified corporate secretarial services will help your organization through the accompanying issue.

    Our exceptionally qualify corporate secretarial services following:

    1. Normal seal protection 
    2. The Minutes and also Register Books upkeep 
    3. Drafting on standard chiefs minutes and goals 
    4. Consultancy on secretarial, legal, consistence, bookkeeping, and also duty matters

    5. The consistent screen of the organization’s consistence with pertinent legitimate necessities.
    6. Readiness of Annual General Meeting minutes
    7. Accommodation of Annual Return and also regulatory undertakings

    2. Corporate Secretary in Bangladesh

    Corporate Secretary in Bangladesh

    At the point when you draw in a certified specialist organization that gives you complete start to finish administrations, you ought to partake in every one of the superior administrations. However, we saw that some specialist co-ops are not giving clients certain significant administrations, for example, limitless sends checking, no day by day mail getting warning, no mail sending administrations bringing about burden to client when they need to self-gather the sends from the enrolled office, no fax administrations support, no enlisted address administrations and so forth The Bangladesh Companies Act requires each organization in Bangladesh to select at least one organization secretaries inside a half year of its joining.


    A company secretary should meet certain measures including being that he/she should be a characteristic individual who has his/her head or just spot of home in Bangladesh. Find the agenda for choosing the ideal individual as much as your Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangladesh at NetworkBD.

    3. Strike Off Company

    Strike Off Company

    Now and again, shutting your organization can be a even more cost effective decision. The organization striking off methodology can be just about as complicated as setting up another one. In this case, our organization gives you the right helps to go through the intricacy and tedious course of the striking off of your organization. Simultaneously you can connect with our organization striking off help which is planned fundamentally to help you to make each stride of the strike off methodology in true serenity.


    With us, you can zero in on more critical issue while we are working connected at the hip with the Company Registration in Bangladesh (CRB) and other applicable government organizations to strike off your organization legitimately. Overall our aptitude and experience will facilitate your course of meeting each condition you should meet as per Company Registration in Bangladesh (CRB). The whole cycle requires as long as five months. Take our corporate secretarial services earlier.

    4. Liquidation in Bangladesh

    Liquidation in Bangladesh

    Significantly liquidation is important for the business interaction that specific organizations should be prepare to take if certain conditions happen. Liquidation has various cycles from striking off despite the fact after that both offer similar standards. Eventually which is the organization stopping to exist. Accordingly liquidation is classified into 3 kinds in particular Members’ Voluntary Liquidation, Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation, and Court Winding Up. After that liquidation will bring about the control of the organization being given over to the outlet.


    Connect great corporate secretarial services provider administrations in Bangladesh, especially our liquidation administrations, whenever needed, to have a smooth liquidation measure.

    5. Judicial Management Services

    Judicial Management

    At this point beneficiaries are ordinarily select by the court as a ‘nonpartisan trustee’ or suggest by the moneylender as offend party. Explicit court language alludes to a ‘beneficiary’ as the hands and also eyes of the court. Subsequently, completing any fundamental activities to save the resources of the receivership request. Who can turn into the Judicial Manager? The Judicial Manager nominate should be a public bookkeeper and can’t be a reviewer of the organization.

    6. Bangladesh Certificate of Incorporation

    Bangladesh Certificate of Incorporation

    In Bangladesh, during the endorsement of joining will ordinarily be give by the Company Registration in Bangladesh (CRB) by means of an enotice of fuse which is will be create electronically. Eventually these e-notices don’t have any marks on them and will be message out to the officials of the organization and later the individual responsible for the fuse filings. Our corporate secretarial services is most important in this purposes.

    7. Bangladesh Customs Registration

    Customs Registration

    In the event that your organization is occupied with fare, import or trans-shipment exercises in Bangladesh, you are needed to enlist the organization with the Bangladesh Customs as a shipper, exporter, normal transporter and others (regardless of via land, air or ocean). This focal enrollment number is compulsory for Bangladesh organizations or also associations occupy with exchanging exercises.

    8. Companies Taxation

    Companies Taxation

    Mixture is the interaction whereby at least two organizations are consolidated. Other than moves of offers or potentially organizations, private Bangladesh consolidated organizations hoping to rebuild should remember the alternative of completing a blend compliant with the Companies Act.

    9. Company Search in Bangladesh

    Company Search

    Each business person should try to lead an organization search in Bangladesh to investigate the reasonableness of the business prior to moving forward. The data you should look out for incorporates the organization’s legitimate foundation and record specifically on the grounds that you need to try not to stall out with an organization that has an awful credit record. Due to corporate secretarial services will assist you to find a company in Bangladesh.


    10. Apostille Certificate and Legalization

    Apostille Certificate and Legalization

    Before your authority documentation can be acknowledged for utilize abroad, it should go through the apostille certificate and  legalization cycle in Bangladesh. The apostille certificate and also legalization of records in Bangladesh are only a portion of the many administrations presented here at NetworkBD. Even so each nation will have its own legitimization necessities to decide the legitimacy of records.

    11. Independent Director Services

    The achievement and eventual fate of your business rely upon a certain something: As well as how you pick the right administrations for your business. At this point aide clarifies why NetworkBD’s Independent Director Services is each business visionary’s top decision. Our corporate secretarial services also provide independent director services.


    FAQ For Corporate Secretarial Services in Bangladesh

    Can a sole director of company law also act as secretary?

    The Companies Ordinance clearly forbids a solitary director from also serving as secretary. Furthermore, the Companies Ordinance states that a private company cannot appoint a corporate secretary if the corporate secretary’s sole director is also the business’s only director.

    Why should I use NetworkBD for corporate secretarial services?

    NetworkBD is a cutting-edge online corporate service platform after that makes the process of forming a company and maintaining compliance for our clients a breeze. Our teams of highly experienced and certified experts deliver all services on the platform.

    Can I make payments online?

    For our services, we accept online payments. You can use your credit or debit card to make an online payment. Stripe, the premier payment provider, is integrated into our platform. Stripe uses the most advanced security technology available in the payments industry. All online payments are completed in real-time, and your credit card information is never stored in our databases.

    What security procedures do you employ to safeguard my online information?

    Access Reliable Affordable Corporate Secretarial Services With Ease