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    NetworkBD is a Bangladesh-based enterprise that offers professional incorporation, accounting, tax, immigration, and compliance services to small and medium-sized businesses. We have a dedicated team of experts in Bangladesh who can help you to ensure company search in Bangladesh.



    A company search in Bangladesh or BIDA business search is led for a very long time, among which is to confirm the legal status and validness of the business being referred to. Having a business in Bangladesh is an intense responsibility, and in this way, every business person should attempt to lead an organization search in Bangladesh to investigate the reasonableness of the business prior to moving forward. The data you should watch out for incorporates the organization’s legal foundation and The information you should keep an eye out for includes the companies legal background and credit history in particular because you need to avoid getting stuck with an organization that has a bad credit record. 



    An company search in Bangladesh or BIDA business search can be conducted either through the help of an outsider specialist provider or all alone through the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (BIDA’s) site. BIDA is given everybody will a free online catalog search, which is available to the general population, and you will actually want to direct an organization search in Bangladesh for a business element just by composing for the name of the company being referred to.

    Company Search in Bangladesh

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    At the point when you lead a company search in Bangladesh or BIDA business search on BIDA’s site, there will be a business profile of the organization accessible. This report is given as a PDF record, and it will contain all the essential data about the organization, including:

    • 1. The business element’s Unique Entity Number (UEN)
    • 2. Name of the business element
    • 3. Business activities
    • 4. Date of registration
    • 5. Data about the position of the entrepreneurs and shareholders.

    This data is particularly valuable on the off chance that you mean to purchase a business profile, which you can likewise do through BIDA’s site.

    4 Legal Process To Conduct A Company Search


    To lead your company search in Bangladesh through BIDA’s site, you would basically have to follow the means beneath:

    • 1. Sign onto BIDA’s site and free online registry stage.
    • 2. Key in the name of the organization you might want to look for
    • 3. Complete the CAPTCHA confirmation that is required
    • 4. You will then, at that point be given data relating to the organization

    Why Choose Us For Your Business Search In Bangladesh


    When leading your company search in Bangladesh, what you need to search for is the situation with the business substance. The “live” status indicates whether the organization is at a present dynamic and working or something else. Need to conduct a company search in Bangladesh but don’t know where to start? For additional information, please contact us or speak with one of our pleasant and knowledgeable staff members today. When it comes to everything related to company incorporation, Network BD is experienced, devoted, and the best in the business.

    FAQ For Company Search in Bangladesh

    What is the purpose of Network BD?

    NetworkBD is a company that provides corporate services. Since 2005, we have specialized in business creation and company incorporation in Bangladesh, and we have been delivering technology-driven company incorporation solutions to international companies. When you outsource to Network BD, you can rest confident that your outsourcing will be risk-free. Several international customers have decided to work with us because, in addition to delivering services, we endeavor to achieve our customers’ business objectives.

    What services do you offer?

    In Bangladesh, we provide a comprehensive variety of corporate services to private limited enterprises. Initial incorporation, continuous compliance, license approvals, payroll administration, bookkeeping, accounting, tax filings, immigration services, and other associated services are among the services provided.

    How can I get a good estimate of my initial and ongoing costs if I use your service?

    We have set fees that are among the most cost-effective in the Bangladesh corporate services industry. Our fees are clear, reasonable, and unbundled; you only pay for what you require. There will be no hidden fees or surprises because all charges will be disclosed up front. Using our cost estimator, you can analyze our service pricing and determine your recurring annual costs.

    Do I have to visit your office to set up my company?

    No office visit is required for any of our services because they may all be delivered over the platform. We are, however, always delighted to meet you in person. So, if you’re in Singapore and want to meet our staff in person, please stop by our office. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on holidays. We recommend that you arrange your visit ahead of time.

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