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Network BD Ensure Corporate Secretary Services

Our Full Corporate Secretary Services comprises a named company secretary (visible at Companies House) and a dedicated account manager who will keep your statutory registers up to date, make changes to your company as directed, and prepare and file your annual confirmation statement.

This corporate secretary service is vital in giving you peace of mind that the company secretarial portions of your business are being handled properly, ensuring that your company records are maintained up to date and you remain compliant throughout the year.

The art of beginning and building a successful business incorporates picking the right corporate secretarial services accomplices to help Company Secretarial Services for the business. Prior to connecting any certified organization secretary in Bangladesh, it is significant that you go through your agenda for choosing the ideal individual as your Corporate Secretarial accomplice in Bangladesh while working together in Bangladesh. We give Company Secretary Services and Corporate Secretary Agent support that can address all your Company’s needs.

Corporate Secretary Services in Bangladesh

We Offer Qualified, Efficient, Effective Corporate Secretary

  • 1. Acting about as named Corporate secretary and director by our certified staff
  • 2. Safekeep organization normal seal, if any
  • 3. Keeping up with the Minutes and Register Books
  • 4. Refreshing of Change in Personal Particulars of Company Officers/Shareholders with BIDA
  • 5. Refreshing of Register of Register able Controller with BIDA
  • 6. Refreshing of Data Protection Officer with BIDA
  • 7. Drafting of standard directors goals and minutes (showed as free beneath)
  • 8. Advice on secretarial/legal/compliance/bookkeeping/Tax matters
  • Observing and guaranteeing consistence with pertinent lawful prerequisites, especially under the Companies Act and Income Tax Act. Standard consistence alert by means of email.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Submit yearly return and XBRL to BIDA when due

When incorporate an organization in Bangladesh, you are needed to appoint an organization secretary (Corporate Secretary Agent) inside a half year of fuse as per the Bangladesh Companies Act. NetworkBD offers Company Secretary Services and can give your organization an organization secretary (Corporate Secretary Agent). An organization secretary who upholds for the Company Secretarial Services should be a Bangladesh occupant who is a Bangladesh resident or super durable inhabitant, or holder of Bangladesh Employment Pass/Entre-Pass/Dependent Pass.

Our Successful Core Responsibilities On Corporate Secretary

We help our clients comply with the Corporations Act and other relevant legislation that applies to local and foreign companies, partnerships, and other business entities at Network BD.

We can act as company secretaries, attend board and shareholder meetings, produce and distribute minutes, and draft resolutions in addition to company formation, branch registration, business licenses, and compliance with the Companies Act.

Our company secretarial team is made up of trained lawyers who have been enrolled as Advocates of the High Court and can offer guidance on corporate transactions, Capital Markets Authority regulations, employment, and labor legislation, as well as business licenses and permits.

As well as observing and guaranteeing consistency with relevant legal necessities, a certified organization secretary in Bangladesh who supports the Company Secretarial Service also has the following liabilities:

1. Executive Meetings 


Co-planning the activity of the organization’s conventional dynamic and detailing apparatus; defining meeting plans with the administrator and/or the CEO; going to gatherings, requiring minutes; keeping up with minute books; guaranteeing duplicates of minutes and guaranteeing that right strategies are followed.

2. General Meetings 


Originating and getting inside and outer consent to all documentation for flow to Shareholders; co-planning the organization and going to of gatherings, requiring minutes and guaranteeing that right system are followed.

3. Organization Constitution 


Guaranteeing that the organization consents to its constitution and drafting/incorporating revisions as per right methodology.

4. Keeping up with Statutory Registers and Books: 


  1. Any progressions in the director(s) of an organization or specifics identifying with the director(s) 
  2. Changes to a directors name or private location 
  3. Removal from office as per the Bangladesh Companies Actor the constitution 
  4. Disqualification from holding office 
  5. Arrangements/abdications/passing 
  6. Yearly return 
  7. Change of organization name 
  8. Reception, change and denial of a constitution 
  9. Issue of offers 
  10. Any other changes that require refreshing with BIDA

5. Report and Accounts 


Organizing the distribution and dissemination of the organization’s yearly report, records and between time articulation, and the planning of the directors’ report.

6. Offer Registration 


Keeping up with the organization’s register of individuals, managing moves and different issue influencing shareholdings and managing inquiries and solicitations from Shareholders.

7. Shareholder Communication 


Communicating with the Shareholders (for example through fliers), installment of profits and premium, giving documentation in regards to rights issues and capitalization issues, general Shareholder relations and relations with institutional Shareholders and their venture insurance advisory groups.

8. Shareholder Monitoring 

Monitoring changes inside the register of individuals to recognize an obvious ‘stake-working’ in the organization’s offers by potential takeover bidders and making enquiries of beneficial ownership of holdings.

9. Share and Capital Issues, Transfers and Restructuring 


Execution of changes in the construction of the organization’s offer and advance capital and concocting, carrying out and overseeing directors’ and representatives’ offer support plans.

10. Acquisitions and Disposals 


Participating as a vital individual from the organization group set up to execute corporate acquisitions and removals, securing the organization’s advantages by guaranteeing the adequacy of all documentation and that due persistence divulgences empower appropriate business assessment preceding finishing of an transaction.

11. Corporate Governance 


Reviewing advancements in corporate administration and prompting and helping the directors concerning their obligations and obligations, consistence with their own commitments under organization law and, if appropriate, Stock Exchange necessities.

12. Non-Executive Directors 


Acting about as a channel for communication and data with non-director directors. 

13. Company Seal 


Guaranteeing the protected custody and legal utilization of the company seal whenever provided in the organization constitution.


How long does it take to set up this service?

The initial setup of the service, which involves appointing your new company secretary and generating the first set of statutory registers, normally takes 3 to 5 days.

How often do you provide my company registers?

Our customers, in our experience, do not want the administrative burden of maintaining a copy of their statutory business registers, thus we will store them for you at our offices. On request, your registries are available.

How do you file my confirmation statement?

We will contact you 30 days before to the filing date to confirm a summary of the required information regarding your company’s current status. Your confirmation statement will then be prepared and filed. The filing charge with Companies House is included in the price of this service.

Are there any compliance requirements?

All beneficial owners and directors involved with the company will be subjected to identity verification procedures.

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