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    Get Unique & Effective Liquidation Services In Bangladesh

    NetworkBD is a true omnichannel liquidation services that was built from the ground up to address the modern needs of today’s businesses. NetworkBD was built from the ground up to deliver superior liquidation services to businesses across the retail product chain, from manufacturers to e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. We have a staff of highly skilled professionals who work on a variety of liquidations on a regular basis.


    Our one-of-a-kind strategy to asset liquidation services protects brands, keeps products out of the gray market, generates the highest rates of return in the industry at any volume, and does it promptly and efficiently.

    liquidation Company in Bangladesh

    7 Purposes Behind Liquidation Services

    1. Company has stopped all business exercises;
    2. Management deadlock;
    3. Oppression
    4. Corporate or monetary rebuilding of the gathering to which the Company has a place;
    5. Limit TAX liabilities or augment charge benefits for the gathering to which the Company has a place;
    6. Breach of legal arrangements, including offenses submitted;
    7. Company acting external its scope of activities by Liquidation Services.

    Methods of Liquidation Services For a Company


    Striking Off   


    Our experts can help you through the entire solvent liquidation process. We operate as liquidators for solvent companies on a regular basis, commencing and concluding liquidations in a timely and appropriate manner.

    Liquidation services of enterprises that are no longer needed by shareholders or the holding company can result in a number of advantages. These are some of them:

    1. Group simplification — to obtain a more cost-effective firm structure, dormant legal entities are eliminated
    2. Costs of auditing and accounting are reduced
    3. Time saved by management in producing financial data, tax reports, and yearly returns
    4. Recognizing and avoiding corporate memory loss, which is the loss or lack of knowledge transfer within an organization as a result of departing top executives
    5. Reducing the number of directorships that are held by individuals

    We Have Depth Knowledge On Investment Funds Liquidation


    NetworkBD brings together the talents of a seasoned liquidator with in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg investment funds business.

    The following are typical responsibilities of liquidators:

    1. Assets are realized
    2. Contracts are canceled, and obligations are identified
    3. Ensure that accounting records are kept up to date
    4. Fill out tax forms (VAT, subscription tax)
    5. Call a meeting of shareholders
    6. Prepare the liquidator’s report for the General Meeting
    7. Organize the liquidation services audit and reply to auditors’ questions

    Our Benefits Of Appointment As Liquidators Usually Comes

    1. Developing a precise liquidation strategy
    2. Better coordination of the various activities involved, including customer relationship management, accounting, legal, transfer agent, and depository bank
    3. Investors will be satisfied if the original schedule is adhered to.
    4. There is no squandering of managerial time

    Our appointment will provide you access to NetworkBD’s comprehensive knowledge, which ranges from tax issues to illiquid investment appraisal. So get in touch with us to get affordable liquidation services in Bangladesh.

    Liquidations In The Courts


    It is not always possible to keep a failing company afloat as a going concern. Liquidation services is a legal process that allows a corporation to be wound up in a controlled way by a liquidator appointed by the court.


    The liquidator is in charge of realizing assets for the benefit of creditors, shareholders, and other interested parties. Liquidators may also conduct lengthy investigations into bankrupt businesses, analyzing the behavior of the company’s directors and senior management to determine why it failed. In this regard, Deloitte collaborates closely with the legal profession.

    Compulsory Winding Up 


    The liquidation of an insolvent company is a process of collective enforcement of debts to help a general group of creditors. In spite of the fact that it’s anything but a course of execution since it isn’t to help a specific lender, it is all things considered similar to execution since its motivation is to uphold, the installment of the conceded or demonstrated obligations of the Company. Consequently, when a Company goes into liquidation, an interaction is started which, for all creditors, is like the cycle which is started, for one bank, by execution.

    Notice of Government Body


    A Company should inform the following bodies as a part of shutting down its business: 


    1. Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
    2. Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board 
    3. Relevant Licensing Authorities
    FAQ For Liquidation Services in Bangladesh

    How long does it take to liquidate a business?

    This is very reliant on the specific conditions in which the organization finds itself. From inception to end, a huge and sophisticated corporation may take years, but a small, basic company that chooses to go through a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation may just take a few months.

    How much does it cost to liquidate a business?

    Each instance is unique, based on the company’s overall debt and whether or not it has any valuable assets.

    Does liquidating a company affect my credit line?

    Yes, your credit report has been highlighted. You can still get financing, but it will be contingent on your financial situation.

    How long does it take to liquidate assets?

    There is no established schedule for liquidating assets, and it could take months or even a year for a liquidator to do so. The volume of assets, asset kind, and liquidity of the assets being sold off will all influence this.
    Using Our Liquidation Services, We Can Attend To All Your Needs