Notarisation,Apostille and Legalisation of Documents in Bangladesh

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    Before your official documentation can be acknowledged for utilizing abroad, it should go through the apostille and legalization interaction in Bangladesh. The apostille and legalization of documents in Bangladesh are only a portion of the many administrations presented here at NetworkBD. Our highly skilled team of professionals can assist you with determining the correct needs on Notarisation Apostille and Legalisation services, which may involve document translation for the host nation, physical or virtual notarial visits, and getting Apostille Certificates from a variety of authorities, organizations, and governmental agencies. On a large scale, we can also provide a simple document validation and certification service.

    Notarisation,Apostille and Legalisation of Documents in Bangladesh

    We Offer Apostille And Legalisation Services


    The Apostille and Legalisation of documents in Bangladesh includes the most common way of validating the archives at either a government office or an office. They should be situated in the nation where the report will be utilized, and the country where the notary public resides.


    Legalized reports are an official testament to the starting points of the archive. A report which is executed in Bangladesh and expected for use in another nation would need to be legitimized by the unfamiliar country’s government office inside Bangladesh. Additionally, an archive executed in a far-off country and planned for use in Bangladesh should be authorized by the Bangladesh government office situated inside that outside country.

    We Also Ensure Perfect  Apostille And legalisation Process

    Attested includes the demonstration of having a Notary Public validate your documents with either an Official Seal or their mark. In doing as such, they are validating or ensuring the due execution of the report in their quality. Attested reports in Bangladesh are applicable on the off chance that they expect to be utilized in different nations, and by and large not needed on the off chance that you just mean to utilize your documents in Bangladesh. 

    An apostille then again is a certificate verifying and confirming that the mark and mark of the individual who verified the archive are certified. Not all nations can give Apostilles. Just nations who have participated in the marking of the Hague Convention will actually want to do as such, and since Bangladesh isn’t essential for the Convention, in this way apostille can’t be given in Bangladesh.

    5 Exclusive And Successful Process Of Our Services

    A proper method is a procedure for confirming reports in Bangladesh. Initially, you need the original copies of the necessary documents (examined copies would do the trick at times)Along with a copy of your passport, a declaration form, and power of attorney if applicable. Appropriately, the course of Legalization, Attestation, apostille includes:

    • 1. The documents ought to have a legal translation whenever considered significant by the specialists other than the orignal.
    • 2. Acquisition of new Bangladesh gave documents or substitution, in case reports are obsolete/invalid for legitimization
    • 3. Get the notary attestation in Bangladesh. Moreover, instructive documents ought to be bore witness to by Ministry of Education in Bangladesh.
    • 4. Get the documents verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh or an Apostille
    • 5. Get them validated by the concerned government office or office.

    Prerequisites For Confirming Bangladesh Archives

    • 1. Original certificate(s) or Scanned Copies (sometimes)
    • 2. Valid Passport copy
    • 3. Declaration from
    • 4. Force of Attorney (whenever required)

    Attesting Personal Documents

    • 1. Legal Translation from Bangladesh (If fundamental)
    • 2. Notary in Bangladesh
    • 3. Service of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh or an Apostille
    • 4. International safe haven or department in Bangladesh

    Attesting Educational Documents

    • 1. Legal Translation from Bangladesh (If fundamental)
    • 2. Service of Education in Bangladesh
    • 3. Service of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh or an Apostille
    • 4. International safe haven or department in Bangladesh

    Attesting Commercial Documents

    • 1. Concerned position or Govt. division or Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh
    • 2. Service of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh or an Apostille
    • 3. International safe haven or department in Bangladesh

    Why Choose Us For  Getting Apostille and Legalisation Services?


    We can assist you in obtaining Apostille and Legalisation services for a number of papers. Degrees and diplomas birth, marriage, and death certificates powers of attorney passports police checks, and documentation from the courts, HMRC, or the Home Office are examples of personal documents. Constitutional documents, certificates of good standing, registers of officers’ agreements, and financial accounts are examples of corporate documents. The list could go on and on.

    FAQ For Apostille and Legalisation services

    How long does it take to get documents apostilled?

    In Bangladesh, getting a document apostilled at a legalization agency can be done on the same day. Depending on the country’s embassy or consulate, consular legalization takes longer. For further information on our apostille and legalization service in Bangladesh, we can provide you with an accurate timeframe.

    Why use Network BD to help apostille or legalise documents?

    “So, if you’re from out of the country and need to legalize/notarize documents issued in Bangladesh, I can’t recommend these folks enough.” They’re quick, helpful, and professional. Their service left a lasting impression on me. I’ve also discovered that they’re fairly priced.”

    Is The Apostille Guaranteed?

    We guarantee that any legitimate  document presented correctly will receive an apostille. If your document has not been properly signed, stamped, or certified, we will work with you to provide assistance or guidance so that we can legalize it. If we are unable to apostille your document for whatever reason, we will refund your apostille money.

    How much does it cost to obtain an Apostille?

    The cost of our regular service, which takes 5-8 working days to finish, is £78.00 per document. Our Premium service, which takes 1-3 working days to complete, costs £165.00 per document.

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