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  • 6. Bangladesh Permanent Residence
  • 7. Bangladesh Citizenship
  • 8. Bangladesh Online Visa Application
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Administrations of Immigration

Bangladesh has a solid Immigration for draw in abroad entrepreneur, financial backers, and exporter to list Bangladesh as its organization, base of creation, or just market. There is a major universe of business that can be investigate without pressure and bother in Bangladesh particularly since it is a country with a broad scope of business strategy, charge concession, and even awards. Due to set up a business in Bangladesh is a simple, speedy choice. Accordingly Bangladesh is the perfect spot for business and has the right neighborhood individuals to make your desire to make a fruitful organization work out as expected. Additionally, the stable political states of Bangladesh consistent make fun occasions for business to develop force fully! Such as draw in with NetworkBD gives Bangladesh Immigration administration. 


Bangladesh as a decent spot to set up your business is a reality; in any case, to migrate to Bangladesh stays an alternative. Although you can pick to migrate to this beautiful nation or to maintain your business from your home in one even more country without bringing down your organization probability of accomplish. Bangladesh clearly gives you the opportunity to live and also work the manner in which you are helpful at. 


As a pioneer individual from NetworkBD is effective associate with human resources improvement inside after that the Bangladesh labor force climate. Accordingly, NetworkBD is a Bangladesh’s driving movement benefits firm that holds a full permit from Bangladesh’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). We expert guide abroad business visionary or staff to a superior comprehension of Bangladesh migration guidelines, as well as give a target appraisal of their movement choices, offer guidance on the appropriate of various visa types for their expert foundation. Eventually we can assist you with the accompany administration: 

Choose Our 8 Unique & Easiest Immigration Services

1. Bangladesh Employment Pass (BEP)

Experts, chiefs, trained professionals, or administrative faculty who wish to work in Bangladesh should hold Bangladesh Employment Pass that is applied by their boss or business specialist for the benefit of the up and also comer. The Employment Pass is substantial for 1 or 2 years and sustainable as long as the pass holder stays working for a similar manager.

2. Bangladesh Entre-pass


Accordingly,  Bangladesh visa is necessary for any entry into the country. It is a permit that permits the traveller to visit friends and relatives, go on vacation, do business, This pass is substant for 1 year. The application interaction for Bangladesh Entre-pass is more intricate than that for the Bangladesh Employment Pass.

3. Customized Employment Pass

Employment Pass

Customize Employment Pass is plan fundamental for center and also senior abroad leaders who are autonomo of any business. At this time pass is legitimate for a very long time and non sustainable from that point. Although the pass holder is qualify for stay in Bangladesh for a time of a half year in the middle of tasks to look for other work openings.

4. Letter of Consent Application

At last letter of Immigration Consent Application is intend for qualify LTVP holders wed to a Bangladesh resident or extremely durable inhabitant and Dependent’s Pass holders who wish to work in Bangladesh. The LOC lapses simultaneously as DP.

5. Bangladesh Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence

Super durable Residence status gives various advantages due to its holders including admittance to the property, quality schooling or business, medical care administrations, and monetary advantages like advances. As well as the Enlistment Act, the children of the holder should serve two years in military help and every year in Operationally Ready National Service.

Simultaneously the Citizenship Law of Bangladesh allows for naturalization. Any adult of good character who is marry to a Bangladeshi and also has been lawfully resident in Bangladesh.

6. Bangladesh Citizenship

Bangladesh Citizenship

The Citizenship Law of Bangladesh allows for naturalization. Any adult of good character who is married to a Bangladeshi but has been legally resident in Bangladesh for five years is fluent in Bengali and intends to live in Bangladesh can apply for permanent residency. Due to accomplish this status, one should surrender their past ethnicity.

Dual citizenship and also nationality are illegal in Bangladesh. There are certain exceptions to this rule, since dual citizenship may be permitted in certain circumstances.

7. Bangladesh Online Visa Application

Bangladesh Online Visa Application is a visa that permits travelers to enter Bangladesh surely. It for the most part considers a greatest stay of 30 days altogether and might be either single, twofold or various section. NetworkBD’s administration furnishes you with the application structure just as an aide for the following stages of how to get your Bangladesh online visa. After that filling out the form, you should submit it by post or face to face (with an arrangement) at the closest Bangladesh Visa Application Center.


Who needs registration?

Only Indian and Pakistani citizens with 90-day or as long as visas are required to register.

Who are exempted from registration?

Accordingly immigration is section of an airport where government personnel verify the legal documentation of visitors. 
At this time procedure entails the examination of your passport, visa, and other supporting papers such as your hotel reservation 
and itinerary.

The following people will not be required to register:

  1. Holders of diplomatic passports, their spouses and also children.
  2. Foreign mission non diplomatic personnel.
  3. Officials from the government.
  4. Children under the age of sixteen.

How much late fee do I have to pay?

Late registration fees of foreign nationals are as below:

  1. Taka 2000/- (Two thousand) after expiry of 7 days on arrival.
  2. Taka 5000/- (Five thousand) after expiry of 15 days on arrival.

Do I have to submit travel document before leaving?

Yes, you must submit travel documentation to the registration office and also obtain a travel permit.

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