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    Genuine Way to Apply For Bangladesh Entrepass Without any Hassle!

    Genuine way to apply for Bangladesh Entrepass without any Hassle

    Get Benefited with Our Classified 8 Entrepass Services!

    • 1. One-to-one assessment and guidance on immigration-related issue in entrepass
    • 2. Arrangement of strategy as per RJSC requirements
    • 3. Documenting of Entre Pass application
    • 4. Following EntrePass application status while under handling
    • 5. Liaise with Direct RJSC official in control when essential
    • 6. Responding to RJSC’s request for extra data as necessary
    • 7. Arranging issuance of EntrePass upon in principle approval
    • 8. Recording of requests

    3 Key Considering Factors Of Bangladesh Entrepass

    • 1. Does the candidate meet anybody of the above passing rules?
    • 2. Is the candidate willing to spending for the first 12 months of the business?
    • 3. Is the candidate willing to recruit 3 local Bangladeshi (expert, manager or executive) inside the initial a year?

    Take Our 4 Company Setup Requirements

    • 1. One shareholder in addition to one resident director in addition to one organization secretary
    • 2. A local enlisted office address
    • 3. Must enlist a private limited organization with a base settled up capital.
    • 4. Own between 30% and 100% of the organization shares

    6 Procedure for Entrepass Application

    • 1. Perform preliminary assessment prior to commencement of Entrepass application and give individual exhortation base on your circumstance corresponding to movement matters
    • 2. Gather data and reports for accommodation
    • 3. Document the application to RJSC
    • 4. Liaise with official when necessary
    • 5. The processing time is around two months after accommodation
    • 6. We will arrangement the organization for you upon approval of the Entrepass.

    Renewal Entrepass Procedure In Bangladesh

    You should meet each of the accompanying models to renewal your Entrepass:  
    • 1. Organization should cause least complete local business spending per annul and recruit least number.
    • 2. Latest audited accounts 
    • 3. Central Provident Fund statement for the workers 
    • 4. Highest educational certificates of employees 
    • 5. Tenancy arrangements 
    • 6. Organization enrollment data from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority 
    • 7. Corporate bank statement for the beyond 90 days 
    • 8. Reference letters from clients and
    • 9. Ongoing invoices issued/contracts granted 

    Entrepass holders are qualified to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) in Bangladesh. There is no assigned waiting period. However, applicants are fitting to present the application following 2 years of business activity.

    FAQ For Bangladesh Entrepass Services

    How long does it take to process for EntrePass application?

    Drafting the business strategy and preparing the Entrepass application for  submitting takes roughly two weeks.
    The authority will evaluate your application and notify you of the results within about 8 weeks of you filing.

    Will you write a business plan for me as part of my EntrePass application?

    Yes, we will write business plan for you as part of our EntrePass  application filing service. 
    However, you must supply us with information about your potential business venture, as well as proof that you meet one of the innovation criteria.

    The corporation does not have me as a stakeholder. Is it possible for me to apply for EntrePass?

    No. You cannot apply for the Entrepreneur Pass if you are not a shareholder or own less than 30% of the company’s shares (EntrePass). However, presuming that you will be hired by the organization, you might apply for an Employment Pass.

    Can I apply for an EntrePass with longer validity period beyond one year?

    EntrePasses that are newly issued and renewed are valid for up to one year. If the applicant need a longer period, he or she must explain why, and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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