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FAQ For Letter of Consent Application

How do I apply for a Letter of Consent (LOC)?

After your spouse has gotten a Dependent Pass, he or she must obtain a Letter of Consent from their future employer in order to work legally in Bangladesh.

The process is completed online through the Employment Pass online account of the Dependent Pass holder’s future employer, and the RJSC issues an outcome in around 3-5 weeks.

Is it possible for a Dependent's Pass holder to work in Bangladesh?

Yes! dependent pass holder can work in Bangladesh. Ihis or her prospective employer provides Letter of Consent.


Can I apply for Dependant’s Pass for my parents?

Parents are not eligible for a Dependant’s Pass, however they may be eligible for a Long Term Visit Pass.

Can holders of a Dependant's Pass who own a business/firm/LLP apply for a Letter of Consent?

A Letter of Consent is not available to a Dependant’s Pass holder who holds a crucial position in any company. If they want to work for the company and be paid, the Dependant’s Pass holder must appoint someone else to run it instead. Dependant’s Pass holders who are directors or shareholders in a RJSC registered firm are not eligible for a LOC.

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