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    Most Trusted Personalized Employment Pass in Bangladesh For You!

    Trusted Personalized Employment Pass in Bangladesh For You

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    • 1. Assisting in completing  the self assessment tools with MOM
    • 2. Pre-application data and advice on Work Pass
    • 3. Recording of Work Pass application
    • 4. Tracking  Work Pass application status while under preparing
    • 5. Liaise with Direct MOM official in control when necessary
    • 6. Responding to MOM’s request for extra data as necessary
    • 7. Arranging issuance of Work Pass upon on a fundamental level endorsement
    • 8. Documenting of limit of 2 requests inside 90 days from the date of dismissal according to MOM’s guideline if there should be an occurrence of dismissal of Work Pass application

    The Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) visa was acquainted with give work adaptability to center and senior unfamiliar leaders working in Bangladesh. Holders of this Personalized Employment Pass are qualified for stay in Bangladesh for as long as a half year in the middle of occupations while looking for new business opportunities. In expansion, unfamiliar leaders with long periods of working experience are qualified for apply for this visa without first getting some work in Bangladesh. This Personalized Employment Pass visa is granted in view of the singular candidates merits. The Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) visa is comparable to a Employment Pass class yet with the following advantages:

    • 1. The Personalized Employment Pass is legal for as long as 3 years where the holders of this pass are not attached to any single one employer
    • 2. The Personalized Employment Pass holder doesn’t need to drop and once again apply for another visa each time he/she changes a new position
    • 3. The Personalized Employment Pass holder can take on work in any area or industry
    • 4. Holders of this Personalized Employment Pass are allowed to remain in Bangladesh for a time of a half year even without a task to permit them to assess business or work opportunities.

    The Personalized Employment Pass is also considered as a self-supported work visa as one doesn’t need a Bangladesh organization support to apply for this visa. Along these lines, this Personalized Employment Pass fills in as an ideal work visa for the individuals who have not acquired a bid for employment in Bangladesh and will discover appropriate work in Bangladesh.


     4 Strategies For Personalized Employment Pass 

    • 1. Application structure to be finished by candidates to demonstrate individual specifics and past work insight and give the following data:
    • 1.1 Clear scanned duplicate of most noteworthy instruction declarations
    • 1.2 Clear checked duplicate of passport’s specifics page
    • 1.3 Clear scanned duplicate of salary slips for the most recent 3 months
    • 1.4 Clear checked duplicate of most recent employment contracts/letters
    • 2. Submit the application to MOM and the Processing Time is 5 weeks.
    • 3. Upon approval, An In-Principle Approval letter will be sent to the candidate’s Bangladesh address
    • 4. You can visit Bangladesh for the employment of the work pass

    Kindly take that you are not permitted to arrangement your own organization and recruit yourself to work in Bangladesh. You are expected to work for a Company which you are not a shareholder of the Company


    Is it possible for someone with a Personalized Employment Pass to become a director?

    No, a director cannot be a bearer of a Personalized Employment Pass. PEP holders are not permitted to take roles in RJSC-registered businesses such as sole proprietor, partner, director, or shareholder. A PEP holder is also prohibited from owning a Bangladeshi firm or engaging in any type of entrepreneurial activity in Bangladesh.

    How long does it take to get a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)?

    The processing time for an employment pass is 5–8 weeks from the moment it is submitted. In some circumstances, such as the RJSC extra document request or the submission of an appeal, you will need an additional 3–5 weeks after submitting the additional documents or the appeal.

    How do I get my PEP (Personalized Employment Pass) renewed?

    It is not possible for you to renew your PEP. Instead, you must apply for an Employment Pass.

    Can I cancel my Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) before the 3 years are up?

    Yes, you have the option to cancel your PEP pass. The cancellation is permanent, however, because the PEP permit cannot be renewed. If you want to stay in Bangladesh longer, make sure you have a valid pass, such as an employment pass, work pass, or a dependent pass.

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